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  1. Can anyone tell me whether Taloon's shop in DW4/DQ4 had a name? Was there ever a name referenced for it, or was it just a generic shop? Thanks!
  2. I am a little confused by this. If I have the save editor, why would I need 2 copies of the game? Can't I just edit my saved game and reload it?
  3. That is exactly what I needed to know. Thank you! It sounds like I definitely want to put a few hours in prior to May 20 to unlock the DLC quests. As for the daily shop goods, do you think there is any chance Square Enix will just make everything available before Wifi goes offline or is there a limit to the number of items the shop can display?
  4. I'm currently working my way through the DS Dragon Quest games, but I haven't made it to DQIX yet. Is there anything I should do now to get access to the DLC content, or will it not even matter once they turn off the wifi service? Is it a one-time authentication for DLC or does it need to connect to the wifi each time it is accessed?
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