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  1. Look for just breed by enix. Those sprites are in the 8 bit nes style
  2. If you want to add these and the 16 bit ones I posted, I'm sure it will make someone happy. I cant be the only one that has been looking for these. Took me getting the ds version emulated to get a clear image.
  3. And I have returned with the 16 bit tile sets. Also no thanks or reference required if any are used. Maybe just check out the game when I finally announce it.
  4. Here is a sprite sheet for anyone wanting these sprites. I plan on submitting the 16 bit versions here in a day or two.
  5. has no status.

  6. Someday when I get myself resettled in Seattle I will try to get a computer for hosting. With the current state of byond though, I don't really feel like going out of my way. Most games are full of people trying to pick fights, poor game planning, and lag. DWHD2 was an attempt to change how byond works, and the people didn't want to give up their lazy game designing ways. For the next 3 days after this post DWHD2 is downloadable to play on your own, but after that my account expires that holds the files and I can't afford to reinstate it.
  7. Yes the game is down. I no longer have a host to run the game.
  8. This game is growing and growing. I have gathered many many resources while working on this game. I have pretty much every dw4 sprite in the game and many from the first 3 games. Probably 99% of all dw4 sprites. The graphics are in byond icon format, but if someone is willing to convert them for use in other programs I will hand them over for doing so, otherwise if someone wants graphics and whatever I may have to help them with their games, let me know.
  9. Well now you can download a demo of the game if you don't wish to play it online. You can get it here at http://www.byond.com/members/Dpheonix7/files/DWHD2Demo.zip. It's only playable to level 26 with about six hours of game play. The full game is much longer, but at the moment is kept just to the main online server. You do have to download and install the newest version of byond and make an account, but the demo is played offline.
  10. Nope, haven't vanished. Still working away on the game and I drop by the den pretty much every few days if not every day.
  11. I play on a laptop. I had to set up macros using byond's settings.
  12. I see my pic didn't show up. Guess bad format?
  13. Been some changes to the website at http://dragonwarriorherosdestiny.bravehost.com/. Should show a little more of what the game has to offer. Here is a shot from battle. Update for game progress: I am currently working on the bonus dungeon for the game and it's taking the game beyond what normal Dragon Warrior/Quests usually go. The game has lots of content already with even more coming. The bonus dungeon should provide a decent challenge when it is completely finished.
  14. Well for an update on progress. Game is look very sharp. Only a few bugs to worry about and then I'm working on a bonus dungeon for those that have reached the end and want more to do. Here is some highlights of newly added stuff. -Sound is alot more DW like with little sound effects like the bump when hitting walls or the bloop when opening chests. -Merc system got improvements with allowing new mercs and/or monsters to be gotten in full groups and extras go to the wagons. Slowly making this feature alot like the wagon in DW4. -Added boomerangs and whips with their functions like in lat
  15. Thanks for the link, though do the fact most players on byond don't turn the sound on and the fact my laptop seems to overheat easy if I run sound on byond that may be a later project. I do know more sound effects are needed. Some updates on past posts. The game's challenge went up some in the latter half do to new skills and side quests in the first half. Mainly with this post I want to donate the game to all the Dragon Warrior / Dragon Quest fans out there. Thank you for supporting the series all these years so Enix and Square-Enix has been keeping them coming out.
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