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  1. Look for just breed by enix. Those sprites are in the 8 bit nes style
  2. If you want to add these and the 16 bit ones I posted, I'm sure it will make someone happy. I cant be the only one that has been looking for these. Took me getting the ds version emulated to get a clear image.
  3. And I have returned with the 16 bit tile sets. Also no thanks or reference required if any are used. Maybe just check out the game when I finally announce it.
  4. Here is a sprite sheet for anyone wanting these sprites. I plan on submitting the 16 bit versions here in a day or two.
  5. has no status.

  6. Ok first off, haven't played far into six and I just can not get my hands on seven. Had this problem with three when I was younger. My favorite would be three. It's simple. Easy to pick up. Started the most well known saga in dw/dq. Has the coolest villian, Zoma. III, Epic story IV, Loved the chapter idea. Would be one if it wasn't for the AI system. I want to control my people. V, Great idea getting monsters to join. Great challenging last battle. II. I probably love this game more then most people. It's hard. It has tons of history with my being mad at it . I never cried out so loud after beating a game, even castlevania for nes. VIII. 3d, voice acting. Still has the old school feel with the new school look. I, Classic, but more boring with what we have now. Kinda stopped this one after two was released. VI and VII can't be on my list due to the fact I haven't seen enough of these two. Remakes get bumped down a few notches from thier nes versions. The remakes may added some nice features, but I don't think the games should be easier. With that said, Im going to go wack some slimes.
  7. Working on Dragon Warrior 2. Just got the princess and heading back north to get the silver key.
  8. *Ignore, possesed computer likes to double post*
  9. Pain, I see pain in your future. Ya, I can see how one Malroth is fun, two an annoyance, 3 pain.
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