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  1. Slaying the dragonlord

    1. Saigan


      Kick his butt!


    2. Mou-rie-SHOU-rie
  2. I actually managed to beat Corvus quite easily and without a healer, i just kept attacking with falcon slash with a few characters(with uber falcon blade) and after not that many turns BAM Corvus was dead. Although my party members did take quite a lot of damage.(by the way i have a healer now)
  3. I got into the franchise quite late when DQ 9 came out then i bought vi remake and so on
  4. I have owned the game for a few years now and I have proof i just need to make 7 more post on topics (i think) to get a signature and put the pic of my cartridge on
  5. I definately think that the first 3 games should be remade for the 3ds or wii or wiiU, well there is a anniversary disc that holds all three games thats for the wii, but its in Japanese and for most of us don't understand Japanese yet alone speak it.And it would also take a long time if the games were remade in to 3d or HD in a dragon quest 8 or 9 style. Another reason it would take long is because dragon quest 7 remake is coming out soon for 3ds (I think it is unknown if it is coming to UK or America yet) as well as DQ 10 on the wii and wiiU.
  6. You should try to beat grottos including legacy bosses and also try to find every monster and defeat it.Also have you done the DLC quests? i have not tried them yet though. And also try to get every item and all of the equipment except for the fact you can't get the rusty gear again if you have alchemised it into a piece of the Erdrick/roto set. (Rusty piece +9 glass frit+ 1 orchalcum
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