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  1. Hmm. Yesterday I played Legend of Zelda 1 (probably 1 year total) and a game called Crystalis ( about half an hour now).
  2. Recently I have been playing D&D: Shadow over Mystara for MAME. IT IS FREAKING AWSOME!!! A classic RPG combined with classic beat-em-up combined with MAME is the best combination of stuff. So far I have spent about 50 fictional quarters to beat the game.
  3. Now for some reason I'm obsessed with Romance of the Three Kingdoms 1 for the NES. It's so complicated but fun.
  4. Hmmm. Super Mario RPG and Tales of Phantasia for SNES; DWM2 and DW3 for GBC, Sword of Mana, Zelda 1, and Kingdom Hearts:COM for GBA. Umm yeah. But not all at once.
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