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  1. https://www.woodus.com/forums/topic/38370-dq-monsters-1-2-psx-monster-sprites/
  2. Yes, sadly it seemed to be a waste of a stream, only reminiscing about the making of dq9 and some odd stats about it.
  3. I heard something about this today, maybe its wishful thinking there will be a dq9 remake announcement during this stream. It will be on youtube July 11 8am EST. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbthgD48Cuo
  4. Sure, someone might have to move around the sprites to fit rpgmaker's format though.
  5. I'm not entirely sure how you transferred the two monsters from an early dqm cell phone game to the PSX but they were Zoma's Devil (a mini zoma) and Aieyabou a yellow Watabou holding a cell phone. The characters from dq4 and dq7 I just left in the sprite sheet, they are not in the dqm1&2psx.
  6. I think the only two monsters that are missing are the two cell phone monsters.
  7. I'd say 100% chance of dqh2 being released in the west. It is a koei game and they bring over all their warriors-type games.
  8. Well PSO2 has native ps3 controller support, thanks for the answers.
  9. I think Koei is the reason why we will be seeing a PC port of DQH, nothing to do with Square. Koei has been releasing PC ports of most of their games lately. Only that Zelda musou game won't get a PC for obvious reasons. I just hope its a port of the ps4 version and not he ps3 one.
  10. What is this BS that you are required to login with Facebook or a Different service to play this game?
  11. Not sure if it is the quality of the video but are the 3d models used in the 3ds look like the low-poly count quality they used in dq9? I do like the novel feature of choosing to see 2d/3d. I'm glad they decided to go with the PS4, as it has the highest chance of being brought over to the west. I hope they don't make 11 half-online only though (ORPG).
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