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  1. Dragon Warrior IV. Dragon Warrior VII. I've been playing VII for about 90 hours and I'm about to hit level 30.... Yeah, I move at a sluggish pace. And Guilty Gear X2.
  2. Doh! I meant if there was a translated version of the SNES Remake of Dragon Quest 3. I already have the ROM's for V and VI. (EDIT) Heh, nevermind. I found the thread that gives the link for the translastion patch.
  3. Has anyone else played the SNES remake of Dragon Quest 3? Cause thats my pick. I've finished the Game Boy Color remake a few years ago, but when I discovered the ROM for the remake, I fell in love with it all over again. Probably the best part about the SNES remake, in my humble opinion, is the outstanding music. I wonder if there is a translated version like 5 and 6? Even if there isn't, I'd definetely recommend it to anyone who loved DW3.
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