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  1. Ok thanks, i have done the wmc, but the battle friends and strangers segment is again divided into several parts....
  2. Sorry for starting so many posts but now as my team is done im going to start wifi battling. Thing is, i Dont know how to. I Dont read japanese so getting through the menu is a little difficult. Just a simple guide of wich option to choose would help alot.
  3. In my dqmj2 PRO im trying to make an ace of spades, dragons den tells me i need to synth a diamagon ace with any monster. I tried synthing diamagon ace with a torai wanda and pretty much everything i got in my pen but it wont get me an ace of spades... So what do i really need to synth...
  4. how do you get him. i heard you can get him from some sort of egg in new world.. is this true?
  5. Oh and i Wonder About one thing, how do you get barbarus in dqmj2 PRO? Is it still wifi only? Cause i have read that you get it from some sort of egg in pro...
  6. Dem dragons, i luv dem dragons. Zenith is my favourite, to bad he aint the powerful dragon he should be
  7. I hope so too, this is the first time i have battled with legit monsters. I have battled before, but those were with bad bad hacks so the monsters were bad bad monsters...
  8. Wow, thanks for all the help! I think im going with zoma with the skillset: Uber healer Uber helpful Uber hp boost I will focus more on battling with monsters i like from now on Even though they are not too good (looking at you zenith dragon)
  9. ok so here is the deal. i made a dragovian lord with a crappy skillset on my dqm2j pro, its skills are as following: anti metal champion battle road master dragovian lord im aware that it could have a way better skillset, but my question is. is this usable in wifi? what are good teammates for this dragovian lord and what skillsets should they have? i would appreciate any kind of help.
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