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  1. There are plenty of people streaming Dragon Quest games on Twitch.
  2. There was that old 4koma manga where Brey tried to teach Alena how to use IceBolt. It ended up with her simply kicking the monster while shouting out "IceBolt!".
  3. NESCardinality performed a 1:42:23 speedrun of Dragon Warrior III (glitchless), setting a new world record speedrun for the game's glitchless category. Uses a design flaw in the game that causes the RNG to freeze, so instead of random numbers, it returns incrementing numbers. Saving the game unfreezes the RNG seed, and resets it to the save game's checksum. Changing Message Speed on another file in a specific way will re-freeze the RNG seed. Movement needs to follow the path exactly, sometimes with no pauses, delays, or bumps. In order to prevent an incoming battle, he uses Healing, he
  4. Going purely by game mechanics, Sword of Lethargy in DW4 NES. It puts Necrosaro to sleep, making the final boss fight trivial.
  5. I was watching a streamer livestream a blind playthrough of Dragon Warrior IV, then somehow manage to accidentally get out of bounds in Necrosaro's Palace. First, Hero and Ragnar (1st and 4th party slot) got defeated in battle. Then tries to run out of the room, and meets a clay doll after this step here: Alena gets defeated in battle, and a badly equipped Taloon (still equipped with Abacus) ends up being the sole survivor of the long battle. Wat? Why is Taloon out of the room here? Moves south and revives the party, then hi-tails it on out of there, while out of bound
  6. Would you like me to try to create a code for this? Edit: Just made a new game genie code for this! AANUNXGA - When you talk to the registration guy, he will always prompt to delete party members.
  7. Avoiding the battles early on is the easy part. The game shares the RNG (random number generator) seed with the save file checksum, so whenever you save the game or load a saved game, it will overwrite the RNG with the save game's checksum. However, there are certain saved game checksums that will freeze the RNG and cause it to always spit out the same number. You can get one of those checksums with a certain combination of Name and Message Speed. One such name is TUT (message speed Fast). The runner uses a different name that also freezes the RNG. Saving the game generates a new chec
  8. Here's a video of Speedrunner NESCardinality beating NES Dragon Warrior II in about 3 hours, setting the world record time. Not a TAS, no save states or re-recording here. Watch him perfectly manipulate the game, fighting only Metal Babbles and killing every one of them. https://www.speedrun.com/run/nz16207m
  9. Check your other characters who aren't in the party. You can't delete characters who have items, so you can't get rid of unique items that way.
  10. The thread for the TAS submission can be found here: http://tasvideos.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=17658 The author left a bunch of comments in excruciating technical detail of what's going on here. There are several major bugs in the game being exploited here. Bug 1: Ability to walk around with an entirely dead party Normally, having a party being entirely dead or numb immediately causes you to lose. This is usually checked in many different places, such as when you take damage in battle, become numb in battle, take damage from swamp tiles, etc. However, there are two places they forgot to
  11. Great to see Santorum on the list. Savage, you've done well.
  12. Sounds like your browser may have pulled a really really old version of this page from cache. I've seen it happen before.
  13. I think using FCEUXD's debugger is much more fun, because you get the thrill of closing in on finding the exact sequence of instructions responsible for the game to behave that way, then you get to change one instruction, and you got your Game Genie Code there! Seriously... How people made Game Genie codes before the existence of FCEUXD is a mystery to me.
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