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  1. 1. Do you see the Zenithian trilogy get the DQ11 treatment a.k.a prequel or sequel? I mean, it's always kind of... there. And VI was pretty much the prequel. I just never found the lore of that series as compelling as the rest, It's just kinda a place you go. 2. Which DQ is the most popular in Japan? Is it 3 or 5? It's sort of apples to oranges. III was what made the series a household name. V struck a chord with it's evolved storytelling. 3. With DQ 11 gaining more traction than the previous titles, do you think the spin-off games would be more popular in the West from now on? Aren
  2. Both names are fine. Erdrick was cool because of the first DW localization - taking the source material and building on that. Having Roto/Loto in the GBC games was great for the time. Fans were discovering the differences between the US and Japan, they wanted to see more of that, and it was smaller to give the localization staff less of a character limit headache. Erdrick coming back is also a nice carry over from the original localization and modern localization allows for the expanded space and storytelling.
  3. It's just a name that as the series progressed grew into a title and a revered person in its history.
  4. How did I miss this thread? This is great stuff! If you're looking for official art, just let me know and I may have a link.
  5. Any possible long term side effects is why I'm waiting. I trust certain medical professionals and I will listen to personal experiences. I don't trust drug companies. Everyone I know that's had it recovered in a reasonable timetable. One guy I know that got it and I thought would be really bad off since he's a heavy smoker felt terrible for a day and was fine.
  6. The vaccine is something people have become so black and white on. Wanting to wait to take a new drug that was expedited doesn't make someone anti-vax. It's good to be cautious of what you put in your body. There are so many drug advertisements whose side effects take up most of the ad time. Most of the time the side effects sound worse than the condition. That's why it's good to do your research and talk to people who've taken it. Personally, I've got a strong aversion to blood thinners due to the effects every single person I knew had that took them. Doesn't mean I don't believe in medi
  7. There's a huge mental health epidemic now and it's really been concerning. I know people whose mental health is shot to all hell. They don't leave their house anymore because goony beard men and cat ladies on Twitter tell them everyone will kill them if they step outside. They now lead extremely sedentary lifestyles, putting them at risk for even more health problems. Keeping balance has been tough, because you're fighting pure hysterical emotion. There's a lot of jealousy from people who are letting fear control their actions. Seeing them seethe at people living their lives, doing e
  8. Oh, I got the full context of quite a bit of his stuff. It's pretty terrible and not in your typical arrogant, hypocritical gaming press/ResetEra hysterics kind of way.
  9. He's been canceled by mainstream gaming press, so I doubt there's gonna be any. Best we can hope for are snide Twitter posts.
  10. Was it in this thread where I said he'll say he'd get it an have a miraculous recovery? In two weeks he'll be fine and say it was through a vaccine trial and the drugs he previously stated would help. I'll post that one YouTube video of Cooler, Facebook will lose their #$*!, and I'll have a sensible chuckle.
  11. Person I booted a while back posted nothing but weed crap and passive-aggressive trash like, "I hate men!" "White people are terrible and deserve to die!" (When she's white.) "Give me your money!" Now she's saying, "This pandemic has really proved that people only care about themselves." I don't say this often, but, "...Bruh."
  12. This is something that's been on my mind lately. It's a part of larger conversation about what's been happening in the creative fields I work in. The rerelease of Persona 5 rewrote a scene where a couple of gay men were creeping on your characters. There was a lot of outrage over this scene in the usual corners. Really didn't see the need for it, because I'm an adult and I understand that one character is not representative of an entire gender or sexuality as a whole. This lead to a lot of localization staff openly discussing puffing up their role in the process, altering the text to suit
  13. Reading Maison is emotional torture, and even self harm in some spots. That's not to say it is bad. Far from it! Takahashi wanted to make her readers suffer. Viz released a new printing of Ranma a couple years ago. They retranslated the earlier volumes, but left the latter ones intact, so there are still some inconsistencies. Like one chapter Ryoga will say "Bakusai Tenketsu" and "Breaking Point Technique" in another. Ranma is still great fun. That's what I love about it. It's just pure fun. Though I still stand by my point that Akane doesn't deserve him. Ranma had plenty of "Am I the #$*
  14. Last night my girlfriend and I ate at Mod Pizza. We sat at the window and outside there was a couple in their fifties. Heavy set. Wife was wearing a lot of makeup with super bleached hair. Husband was fat, smoking cigars, and wearing a Tommy Bahama shirt. You know the type. The husband leaned back in his chair. It snapped in two and he fell on his ass. We happened to be looking over when this happened and the wife saw us. My girlfriend froze in fear. I tried my best not to laugh. He was rather upset. His ego was bruised pretty bad, but no injuries outside of that. The dude came in to comp
  15. There's a local group I joined on Facebook just to troll it. It would post local happenings, deals, and such. The first post I saw was Sonic having their 99 cent corn dog day. I responded with the best thing Lindsay Ellis has ever made. Posted that and thought, "Well, that's it for me!" Yet somehow... I wasn't banned! In the following months she would continue to post Sonic's monthly deal and I would respond with the gif. It's been about a year and she makes a disproportionate amount of Sonic and James Coney Island posts. I'm being baited and I'm more than happy to take it.
  16. Now that I'm not in so much of a rush to get out the door, this is a wonderful find. Thanks for adding now TWO missing pieces of the puzzle.
  17. About that. When Heroes came out. No, the Shrine hasn't been touched in a while. It's not motivation, that's for sure. I loved the design I was working on. I absolutely adore the menu Mimas made for me! It's perfect! I feel terrible about it. There's only so much I can do. I want to have a quality site, but there's so much to gather just to hit all the basics for one game. I've only got so much time. When I'm not building up my business I'm working on my 150 page graphic novel. That's taking fo'eva, because I only get an hour or two each day to work on it. So in order to return it has to
  18. You're right. Twitter is evil. No joke. I tell everyone to delete Twitter and live a happier life. It has destroyed so many people's lives. The amount of ignorance and hate it spreads - I can't take it. Yeah, you do need to know. Stay away from those kids. Or cough on them. Strengthen that immune system! Instagram is cool. Pretty much no hate or drama. When all the craziness started, it started suggesting a ton of far left accounts. Blocked all of them. Then it started showing me a ton of far right accounts. I blocked those too. So it admitted defeat and went back to suggesting in
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