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  1. The touch screen controls drive me bonkers too. For the narrow passages and rotating floors, I've found it best to lightly tap.
  2. Richard Honeywood lead the initial team with VIII and most people in that group have worked on it since. Shloc Ltd. does most of the work these days. Did you need a specific team for a specific game?
  3. I was the same way. Got to the final boss and quit. Not because it was going to be a hard battle, just a tedious one.
  4. Had a glorious time during the Bidoof Breakout. Got not one, but three 100% Bidoofs. They're named MaximumDoof, Bid Doofus, and Doofalicious. Caught one shiny, my girlfriend caught one that she traded to me and turned three stars and lucky, and I got a third from a friend. They are named Bid 'Doofin', Sparkledoof, and DonaldB.Doof. I don't really care about shinies unless I like the color scheme or it has good stats. Got a shiny Dieno during GoFest. Already have a 98%. I've got a friend who takes shiny hunting too seriously, so I messed with him by sending a screen shot and said, "Stats were trash, so I transferred it." He lost his mind. It was great. I was hoping to get a shiny Snorlax just so I could turn up my sound and transfer the one next to it.
  5. Even though you try to avoid emulation, you might want to give the first Slime Morimori on the GBA a try before you drop that much cash on Rocket Slime. It's a great game. (I actually like the first one better.) As for V, it really depends on if you're that set on playing it on your DS. You can get the exact same game with higher resolution models on smartphones for a tiny fraction of the secondary market price.
  6. You should read All-Star Superman then.
  7. Well this is just fantastic! Thanks so much for all the hard work! This is something fans had to just kinda work around for... wow, close to 20 years. Now everyone can enjoy the game the way ChrisRPG intended.
  8. The mask mandate here ended back in March. Everyone started losing their minds. I said probably not much was going to change and... it didn't. Since then it's more or less back to normal. Case numbers keep dropping. Some people can't let it go and see that actual reality is different from Facebook/Twitter reality. My state is not without its problems, but I'm grateful to live here. Other people seem to be as well, because I've seen license plates from nearly all 50 states around town! The only ones I haven't seen are North and South Dakota, Kentucky, North and South Carolina, Wyoming, Iowa, Nebraska, and all of New England with the exception of New York and New Jersey. About one in 25 cars is a California plate. Lots of Michigan and New York too. The home and remodeling market has exploded.
  9. It's interesting. I like how the perspective changes to the classic DQ style as the monsters are attacking, but the animation needs to be smoother.
  10. Absolutely not. You're wasting paper and ink when Amazon could be wasting precious gas. If you're remote, you could always order several and pick them up at a drop location.
  11. Beep. Boop. All I've got so far. If I find anything else, I'll let you know.
  12. ...No. Actually, I'll post it later this afternoon when I've more time to dig it up.
  13. Hm, don't really have anything on the Japanese end, but I've got a couple Katsuya Terada pics from DW I.
  14. Last month I spent some time in the French Quarter in New Orleans. Those people didn't ease back into social stuff and apparently haven't for a long time. I survived, so you should be good! There are people I know that are fully vaccinated, yet they still think going outside and having a basic interaction will give them covid and die. So they'll make these woe-is-me posts, "Oh, remember when we used to do things?" Bruh, the only thing preventing you from doing anything is you!
  15. Searching for "ドラゴンクエスト" and the appropriate roman numeral followed by OST will make tracking down your treasure easier. If anyone else catches an error, please feel free to correct me! The box set for V is the original that features the game and symphonic suites. There are also brass and electone versions of the soundtrack, but the box set you posted I believe is the one you're looking for. III also has the original and symphonic on the album. III SFC has separate albums of the original and symphonic suites. This is the original. The symphonic suite is red. There's also a blue cover, but I can't recall which that one is.
  16. They do exist for V and both versions of III. They're long out of print, but you should be able to easily find them on the secondary market.
  17. Surprised you're just now getting Rayquaza. They were all over the place for the longest time. Caught two yesterday in passing, but the stats weren't better than what I already had. My search for a 100% Bidoof continues. I've got many good Bidoofs. Four 96 and a 98%er. When I get that 100%er, it will be powered up to its maximum Bidoofness.
  18. They became ArtePiazza and Genius Sonrority. ArtePiazza has all the design talent. Genius Sonrority is Manabu Yamana's company and they made the Pokémon Colosseum games.
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