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  1. Reading Maison is emotional torture, and even self harm in some spots. That's not to say it is bad. Far from it! Takahashi wanted to make her readers suffer. Viz released a new printing of Ranma a couple years ago. They retranslated the earlier volumes, but left the latter ones intact, so there are still some inconsistencies. Like one chapter Ryoga will say "Bakusai Tenketsu" and "Breaking Point Technique" in another. Ranma is still great fun. That's what I love about it. It's just pure fun. Though I still stand by my point that Akane doesn't deserve him. Ranma had plenty of "Am I the #$*!" moments, but Akane hardly ever did. Ukyo was really the only one that had her #$*! together and seemed to genuinely care for him. One of my favorite one-shot stories is in volume... 35, I think? The Conspiracy of Jellyfish Beach.
  2. Last night my girlfriend and I ate at Mod Pizza. We sat at the window and outside there was a couple in their fifties. Heavy set. Wife was wearing a lot of makeup with super bleached hair. Husband was fat, smoking cigars, and wearing a Tommy Bahama shirt. You know the type. The husband leaned back in his chair. It snapped in two and he fell on his ass. We happened to be looking over when this happened and the wife saw us. My girlfriend froze in fear. I tried my best not to laugh. He was rather upset. His ego was bruised pretty bad, but no injuries outside of that. The dude came in to complain, which I'm sure was tough for the staff. What are they supposed to say? "Sorry you were too fat for the chair." He went back outside, got another chair, and gave us a lovely sight to dine to by displaying copious amounts of butt crack. I asked my girlfriend if she had any change or a pencil to drop down and she said no. Pretty sure she was lying to me, though. When they finished eating they came back in and asked to speak to the manager. She was working and cleaning, so they had to wait a while. They didn't want to wait. Like, what did they expect to happen? She can't unbreak the chair. I wanted to see how it ended. My girlfriend did not. Think I might go back and see how it turned out.
  3. There's a local group I joined on Facebook just to troll it. It would post local happenings, deals, and such. The first post I saw was Sonic having their 99 cent corn dog day. I responded with the best thing Lindsay Ellis has ever made. Posted that and thought, "Well, that's it for me!" Yet somehow... I wasn't banned! In the following months she would continue to post Sonic's monthly deal and I would respond with the gif. It's been about a year and she makes a disproportionate amount of Sonic and James Coney Island posts. I'm being baited and I'm more than happy to take it.
  4. Now that I'm not in so much of a rush to get out the door, this is a wonderful find. Thanks for adding now TWO missing pieces of the puzzle.
  5. About that. When Heroes came out. No, the Shrine hasn't been touched in a while. It's not motivation, that's for sure. I loved the design I was working on. I absolutely adore the menu Mimas made for me! It's perfect! I feel terrible about it. There's only so much I can do. I want to have a quality site, but there's so much to gather just to hit all the basics for one game. I've only got so much time. When I'm not building up my business I'm working on my 150 page graphic novel. That's taking fo'eva, because I only get an hour or two each day to work on it. So in order to return it has to be something pretty major or a paying gig. I would LOVE to do more interviews! The Plus Alpha interview is one of my all-time favorite things I've ever done. I truly believe every DQ fan should read it. While DQ is made by hundreds of people, they're all people with their own individual stories. I want to hear those stories! And I don't want it in some standard blog or news site template. Podcasts and videos are great, but I want something people can sit down, explore, and really take in. Like pouring over all those old Nintendo Power articles. It's kind of become a lost art.
  6. You're right. Twitter is evil. No joke. I tell everyone to delete Twitter and live a happier life. It has destroyed so many people's lives. The amount of ignorance and hate it spreads - I can't take it. Yeah, you do need to know. Stay away from those kids. Or cough on them. Strengthen that immune system! Instagram is cool. Pretty much no hate or drama. When all the craziness started, it started suggesting a ton of far left accounts. Blocked all of them. Then it started showing me a ton of far right accounts. I blocked those too. So it admitted defeat and went back to suggesting inking and cat videos.
  7. Glad you mentioned this. It's something I've kinda/sorta wanted to address. Those experiences all stemmed from bad communication and corporate clog. I've long since deleted my experiences with them. It was over two staff changes ago and there's no point to keep perpetuating it. I may not have agreed with the majority of their decisions, but the way the staff was laid off due to projections was completely unfair. Better communication to the fans about what was happening definitely would've eased tensions, but things are much better now.
  8. I follow a raccoon picture and meme page on Facebook. They've gone full "REEE Trump!!" A. Raccoon. Page!
  9. Loomer is going to be a glorious shitshow. Remember when she sent all those thirst tweets to dudes? Pepperidge Farm remembers. That's what I'm talking about. Stay informed, but don't fixate on it. Be more involved with your family, friends, and community. There are people who post #$*! like, "#$*! TRUMP! PLEASE DIE!" These people would still be experiencing their same problems regardless. TDS isn't anything new. People did it with Obama, Bush, and such. Like say Trump DOES come after you with coof, do you want to be remembered for your Twitter rage? That's pretty much where I'm at. Get upset about the stuff that's worth getting upset about, but discern when he's just blowing hot air or trolling.
  10. Kinda. A couple weeks ago I saw a comment that said, "My aunt died of covid and I'm blaming Trump." Sad that it happened, but I'm pretty sure Trump didn't cause that. I mean, it's possible, but not probable. Of all the things I have to do on any given day, there are better things to spend my energy on than being mad at the dumb president on Twitter or Facebook.
  11. The creator of the Bop It! follows me on Instagram.
  12. Quiet, you! I have teachers that are clients. Adults aren't much better. For all the mask touting, most people don't wear them right. Are you washing the cloth ones every day? No, of course not. Too many people wear the same blue n95 mask over and over and it shows! Y'all're gross. Even though I live in Texas, I really don't see that many far right types. In fact, I see more pro Trump and gun stuff in Washington and Oregon! But I was at the grocery store last weekend and discovered a treasure. It was a gentleman of considerable length and girth. He was wearing a shirt with a Trump logo on the front and an Infowars logo on the back. His mask? A full plastic face mask of a very angry Alex Jones. I hit the self-checkout. He did not. I imagine he makes a lot of Facebook posts about self-checkouts. Ran outside to see if I could get a creeper pic. By the time I saw him he'd already taken his mask off, but he drove a raised El Camino form the 70's! I can't be mad! This man was definitely unique! Afterwards I fired up the Google Machine to find the mask. Sure enough, the Infowars store sells them for $9.95. I don't want to give that awful man money, but if you buy one you get four free! With a deal like that I can't afford not to!
  13. I don't like the whole "masks are a sham," but I don't like the whole, "WEAR A #$*!ING MASK REEEEEEEE!!" nonsense either. And I don't like how people are posting pictures of random strangers on their social media and going out of their way to attack them. On Friday I was sketching at Starbucks when this happened. Two groups of people came in - none were regulars. One was a couple in their late 40s/early 50s who didn't have masks. They opened and held the door for the other group, so they didn't see the sign on the door. They came in and the manager promptly told them masks were required. They didn't have any. He said that was OK, handed them a menu, and asked for them to wait outside. They obliged. He went outside, took their order, and brought it to them. After they left the manager came behind me and took a picture of their car. It really struck me as odd. If it was to report them, the state ordinance wasn't going to go into effect for another two hours. Or worse, post their license plate on social media, opening these people up to all kinds of trouble. There have been many stories from retail workers about customers fighting back against masks. This wasn't one of those stories. The couple was extremely polite and respected the store's policy. There wasn't a single furrowed brow or bad word uttered. Literally the ideal situation. I hope I'm wrong. What's the point of "saving lives" when you've made the world a hostile place?
  14. PR people being sleazy? The DEVIL, you say?!
  15. Last week I spent the afternoon with a friend and later that evening she texted me to say an extended family member had just been hospitalized with the waifu virus. So we waited a few days to see if we'd develop symptoms. We were fine, as was her family, but we still decided to get tested just in case. There have been a bunch of clinics and such that have been converted to testing centers. The one we went to was highly recommended and I was really impressed with the service. Super clean, efficient, and all the employees were very professional and kind. The test wasn't that bad. The doctor stuck a swab up my nose counted to five, then stuck the other end in the other nostril and counted again. We got the antibody test, too. We didn't have appointments, but that was actually good, because the non-appointment area wasn't near as crowded. We were in and out in about half an hour, and most of that time was just waiting in line. The tests only took a few minutes and the results were texted to us in about an hour. Thankfully nobody around us seemed sick either, so they were probably folks who needed a test for work and such.
  16. While Abel was the first DQ anime, Dai was the first DQ manga. It appeared in Shonen Jump and ran for several volumes. Like many Jump comics, it was eventually made into an anime. Dai was broadcast in French and Spanish as "Fly." Quite a few non US and Japanese folks were introduced to DQ that way. Dai is mostly Jump property. Enix created the Gangan Comics and most of the DQ mangas were published under that label. Dai is a perfectly cromulent series, but it just doesn't feel like DQ to me. Y'know, as unique and varied as Toriyama can be, I wonder if he's purposely doing these sort of designs specifically to play to the Jump crowd.
  17. Watched the trailer and thought, "What in the ever-loving crap is a "strash" So I looked it up. Strash: Strash is the most awesome diggity dank nuggs from Humboldt. It is also anything that is awesome and super sic.
  18. 欠 を 食べる - Pronounced "ketsu wo taberu." This is an essential greeting in conversational Japanese. If you learn nothing else, learn this. You'll get nowhere without it.
  19. Yes, and here's the interview with Enix's former producer. Huge props to Heidi for landing this interview! He works for Microsoft now. It was a...preorder bonus? Yes? No?
  20. It's one of those things where everything was a go, but their developer decided to split. Literally and figuratively. Thanks a ton for this. I remember Tom playing around with it back in the day. He said there's an option for the debug menu, but there's no button to map it to. Also, the demo still has "miniheal" instead of "heal." One of my goals for the new Shrine was to fill in those holes. I've been so incredibly busy and sometimes it can be tough to track all these folks down. Sometimes you contact folks and have no idea if your message made it or if it got caught by a spam filter. I feel terrible about it. The DS version was localized while the game was in development. They started doing this with VIII. The other languages were also in there, if I remember correctly. VII and IV were localized after the games were released in Japan. This was when Enix viewed international markets as afterthoughts. Heartbeat sort of split. The coding side was Genius Sonority. Manabu Yamana founded it, and was a key programmer since the beginning of DQ. If I'm correct, he formed his own studio after leaving Chun Soft and began development on VI. Artepiazza was the graphic design side.
  21. Haha, not a problem! Coding can be pretty user specific. A coder has to learn how things were built, organized, and why. So a programmer would've had to learn Heartbeat's code then figure out how to insert an English script within the code's character limit. That takes a whole lot of time and money, which Enix just didn't have. Had Heartbeat not disbanded, they probably would've used the same method they did for DW VII since it's built off the same engine. Then again, it was their framework and would've known how to do that efficiently. They had everything ready to go until they dropped out, so I don't think any real translation work had even started.
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