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  1. Last month I spent some time in the French Quarter in New Orleans. Those people didn't ease back into social stuff and apparently haven't for a long time. I survived, so you should be good! There are people I know that are fully vaccinated, yet they still think going outside and having a basic interaction will give them covid and die. So they'll make these woe-is-me posts, "Oh, remember when we used to do things?" Bruh, the only thing preventing you from doing anything is you!
  2. Searching for "ドラゴンクエスト" and the appropriate roman numeral followed by OST will make tracking down your treasure easier. If anyone else catches an error, please feel free to correct me! The box set for V is the original that features the game and symphonic suites. There are also brass and electone versions of the soundtrack, but the box set you posted I believe is the one you're looking for. III also has the original and symphonic on the album. III SFC has separate albums of the original and symphonic suites. This is the original. The symphonic suite is red. There's also a blue co
  3. They do exist for V and both versions of III. They're long out of print, but you should be able to easily find them on the secondary market.
  4. Surprised you're just now getting Rayquaza. They were all over the place for the longest time. Caught two yesterday in passing, but the stats weren't better than what I already had. My search for a 100% Bidoof continues. I've got many good Bidoofs. Four 96 and a 98%er. When I get that 100%er, it will be powered up to its maximum Bidoofness.
  5. They became ArtePiazza and Genius Sonrority. ArtePiazza has all the design talent. Genius Sonrority is Manabu Yamana's company and they made the Pokémon Colosseum games.
  6. That I don't know. It's possible they had the framework and were like, "Here, take care of the backend and make sure it's stable." I never encountered any bugs either, but I did hear of a couple. They may have fixed the bad ones when inserting the English script.
  7. ArtePiazza used Matrix Software for the programming end of DQ V. It's similar to how Nintendo uses TOSE for some of their games.
  8. Yep! The other colors look like straight up CMYK process colors. This is gonna sound weird what with me being old and all, but when it comes to pre-digital printing, I always refer back to this old Reading Rainbow episode. Jump was probably printed like a newspaper, which was a pretty similar process. I used to do that and we'd get the content, cut everything out, do the layout, and hold it down with hot wax. Today you just email the printer a PDF. Now if you'll excuse me, it's time to take my medication and lie down before Matlock comes on.
  9. My guess would be the red and yellow were the spot colors used in that issue and the new version is the original without Jump's additional text in the margins.
  10. Glad to see this was a video from James and not the gaggle of idiots that have taken over his channel. He (They? What happened to his wife?) make pretty good videos, but there's something about that name that makes my eye twitch.
  11. Even the Square Enix staff at the time said the guy who took over the Enix forums was "kind of an idiot." Things are good now and that's because there are strong advocates for the series in every regional office. It took too long to get here, but I'm glad it's happening.
  12. DW was their flagship series, so I'm sure we would have. I'll have to go back and check some old stuff, but I don't recall off the top of my head if they knew much in regards to V. They did know about VIII. Most of the early games were coded by Chun Soft, headed by Koichi Nakamura who was a colleague of Horii's. They both entered the programming contest for Enix. One of the programmers that worked with them was Manabu Yamana. Yamana rose to eventually form Heartbeat. They took over coding with VI while Chun Soft pursued other interests - mostly Mystery Dungeon games. After VII they took a brea
  13. Well, good news. We haven't done the interview yet, so thanks for the input! I may be able to answer one thing. I don't think they knew about V at the time. VIII was in development, but V's developer, ArtePiazza was formed because of the Heart Beat split. That split was their own decision. It wasn't because of VIII.
  14. 1. Do you see the Zenithian trilogy get the DQ11 treatment a.k.a prequel or sequel? I mean, it's always kind of... there. And VI was pretty much the prequel. I just never found the lore of that series as compelling as the rest, It's just kinda a place you go. 2. Which DQ is the most popular in Japan? Is it 3 or 5? It's sort of apples to oranges. III was what made the series a household name. V struck a chord with it's evolved storytelling. 3. With DQ 11 gaining more traction than the previous titles, do you think the spin-off games would be more popular in the West from now on? Aren
  15. Both names are fine. Erdrick was cool because of the first DW localization - taking the source material and building on that. Having Roto/Loto in the GBC games was great for the time. Fans were discovering the differences between the US and Japan, they wanted to see more of that, and it was smaller to give the localization staff less of a character limit headache. Erdrick coming back is also a nice carry over from the original localization and modern localization allows for the expanded space and storytelling.
  16. It's just a name that as the series progressed grew into a title and a revered person in its history.
  17. How did I miss this thread? This is great stuff! If you're looking for official art, just let me know and I may have a link.
  18. Any possible long term side effects is why I'm waiting. I trust certain medical professionals and I will listen to personal experiences. I don't trust drug companies. Everyone I know that's had it recovered in a reasonable timetable. One guy I know that got it and I thought would be really bad off since he's a heavy smoker felt terrible for a day and was fine.
  19. The vaccine is something people have become so black and white on. Wanting to wait to take a new drug that was expedited doesn't make someone anti-vax. It's good to be cautious of what you put in your body. There are so many drug advertisements whose side effects take up most of the ad time. Most of the time the side effects sound worse than the condition. That's why it's good to do your research and talk to people who've taken it. Personally, I've got a strong aversion to blood thinners due to the effects every single person I knew had that took them. Doesn't mean I don't believe in medi
  20. There's a huge mental health epidemic now and it's really been concerning. I know people whose mental health is shot to all hell. They don't leave their house anymore because goony beard men and cat ladies on Twitter tell them everyone will kill them if they step outside. They now lead extremely sedentary lifestyles, putting them at risk for even more health problems. Keeping balance has been tough, because you're fighting pure hysterical emotion. There's a lot of jealousy from people who are letting fear control their actions. Seeing them seethe at people living their lives, doing e
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