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  1. Last week I found a French site with some outstanding Joker 2 assets. Unfortunately, while at their original size, they were all saved in the lowest JPEG compression, destroying the image quality. Would anyone know where I could get a hold of the asset pack? Gamespress doesn't have it.

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    2. Dwaine


      Wouldn't work for something like this. I'm looking for the files from the press kit Nintendo of Europe or France (IS there a Nintendo of France) distributed. Is there a press site? Were they personally sent? Etc.

    3. Woodus


      Boy I bet I don't have them, you always have a better knack for finding that stuff than I do.


    4. Dwaine


      It was a totally random stumble across. I'd been watching Gamespress to see when they'd upload the European assets, but it's been nothing outside of the initial screen shots.

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