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  1. Sometimes I'll watch a Meyer video or two. I have him to thank for introducing me to Space Bandits and No One Left to Fight, which are great. That's actually one redeemable thing about Meyer. He's not afraid to praise an author he doesn't like personally. Sitterson really dug himself into a hole, but he came back with a fun book that has stellar art that's selling out. (It obviously started out as Dragon Ball fan fiction, but that doesn't make it any less fun.) I actually follow the artist for Space Bandits on Instagram, but he only posts his convention commissions in bursts. Independent content IS sustainable if an audience is built with good, consistent work. Someone like Tennapel understands this. Meyer seems to have an actual business plan. Practically everything else sounds very similar to the Image boom. Lots of creators, lots of money, but they all crashed and burned before they had enough content for one trade. It sounds easy enough to be tempting. Align yourself with these people and your project is funded and then some. I just don't want to build my audience like that. Don't wanna be part of a movement or labeled. I want everyone who wants to read a fun story and likes cool artwork to check it out. I don't feel entitled to my audience's money. The only Kickstarters and Indiegogos I'll back are from trusted creators or projects where the book just needs printing/distribution.
  2. The reason why ANN's bad job is so important is they were the ones to really kick it off. People followed those bad leads instead of properly researching and vetting the sources. Then there was the Tumblr (was it?) where people could just submit accusations anonymously. It kept going down from there. Muddied waters like that lessen the seriousness and impact of real claims. If someone's crying for help, that cry can't be muffled by gossip and lulz. And I absolutely think Sabat needs to be looked into, but I doubt it will be a fair investigation. His claws are too deep in Funimation for him to get the boot. And that's a shame, because I've never liked his Piccolo and Vegeta. They sound practically alike anyway! EVS is a YouTube personality now. Straight up. Tennapel is destroying him with two 9x12 books this year. I can't hate Meyer for creating the books he wants to read. Some of the things he's said actually did have an effect. Marvel's staff has significantly toned down the polarizing political content and customer attacking. Things seem to be generally going well for independent creators. It's a good time to be one, but at what cost and is it sustainable? I just want to work on my books. I don't have enough time to do YouTube steams, pick a click, get others to fund my stuff, and so on.
  3. Marchi shouldn't have been included. Her role in the suit has been more popular than any of her acting roles. There's still going to be a ruling on Rial/Toye and Funimation. Given the mountain of evidence that came from their own mouths, there should be a ruling against them, even if damages aren't awarded. I think it goes beyond that. People started smelling a dogpile. The original article did not vet their source. They used pictures without permission. Some of the people in the pictures came out and said nothing nefarious was happening. As things snowballed the claims started becoming less and less credible. More crazy things started happening from the "right" side of things. The attacks, fake swattings, backstabbing, etc. People in general are starting to tire of the cancel culture / Trial By Twitter. People are starting to get tired of biased, poorly researched articles that are easily refuted. So they're going to rally towards someone they see as the true victim. Like I said, nobody in this situation is innocent, but it never would've gotten to this point had everything been kept off Twitter. Comparing it to what's happening with comics is kind of apples to oranges. Twitter is that thing that makes them both fruit, though! Mark Waid did that #$*!. He knows it. He bragged about doing it. That's why he's using stalling tactics to try and burn through Meyer's money. If the facts are on his side, he needs to go to court and stand by his words. He won't, though, because the depositions made him look worse. If he hadn't done that, Meyer would've just been putting out an occasional book at a small publisher. Instead it just made him more popular.
  4. Marchi and Toye went beyond speaking out. They were spending every day #$*! flinging and attacking. There probably wouldn’t have even been a lawsuit if it weren’t for them.
  5. True, but the other side had their lawyers who were also acting horribly. The taunting and gloating is all so ugly. It doesn't strike me as the actions of people who are trying to protect others. All this has done is feed their egos.
  6. Haven't seen the latest news and don't have time at the moment, but it is a dumpster fire. What actually made me angry was the deposition of Rial's fiancé. For months this guy made endless Twitter posts and when it came time to testify he smugly sat there and repeatedly said, "I don't recall." If you think someone is a danger to others, stand by your words. What Huber said is likely the most accurate. Vic has an ego and has done some things, but he's popular. There was a click with the other actors and he didn't fit in with that. Nobody in this situation comes out looking good. I'm sure these adults still acting childish on Twitter now. It's sad because Funimation made some great dubs. (Though I've never liked Dragon Ball's dubs goin' back to '97!) So many people are tarnished because of this.
  7. These are ports of the mobile versions. They released them on PS4 when XI was new. Sadly, being a phone port, III won't have monster animations.
  8. Good. I'm glad the game doesn't have this feature. You deserve to suffer.
  9. If you play it just right it syncs up. Not just with the hero, but with the trumpet guy too.
  10. III doesn't have the monster animations, which prevents it from being the definitive version. It's based off of an old phone port that couldn't handle it then, but since the animations were present in the GBC version, for them to not have gone back and added in those sprites is cheap and lazy.
  11. You're welcome to visit any time. Just uh...call first.
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