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  1. Well, you had good run. Time to cut your losses, get as much money for him as you can, and move on.
  2. Probably because they needed a quick and easy art asset. ETA: I think Ortega also eventually becomes an option in the monster arena. Yes? No?
  3. Here's the original fight in both 8 and 16 bits. And here's the US version.
  4. When I saw the "better than nothing" quote in the credits I died laughing.
  5. Properly applied, that's how long a good varnish should last.
  6. Funny how this topic was bumped. I wanted to record a little anecdote for the podcast, but might as well post it here. I was making my way through the series. Finally getting to watch the entire thing! I'd made it to the end. Watched episode 40 on Friday. Watched episode 41 on Saturday. I'd cooked my dinner and was going to sit down and watch the final episode. Waited 30 years for this. This series was the reason why I started putting DQ stuff on dem innanets. Selected the episode and... Video was removed due to copyright claim from Toei Animation.
  7. There's a slot for a card on the top of your Switch. Place the game card in there, turn the Switch on, and enjoy!
  8. When normies go to a convention or Renaissance festival.
  9. By the way, check out some more of Fountains of Wayne. They're a really good band that sadly got hit by the One-Hit-Wonder Syndrome, even though they had hit singles years prior.
  10. Streaming did help. Plus I'll do little videos for Snapchat or Instagram stories. Might've forgotten to mention, during that second run through DW II, it was when I was in 7th grade. It was one of those weekends when school was out, but it wasn't Christmas yet. As John Mayer would say, one of those kind of mornings that last all afternoon. Just stuck inside the gloom. Just cold enough to not want to go outside. Nothing really going on, so I played DW II and really explored the map. Figured out the most efficient ways to get from point A to point B.
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