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  1. Look at their commercials. That's exactly who they've been shooting for in the past couple of years.
  2. If you wanna touch him, go right ahead!
  3. It started faltering some before that. All the good, original writers moved to Parks and Recreation. The new crew didn't stick to the series bible and started mucking up the continuity. Pam being good at volleyball, and Pam failing out of art school when she was good artist. Since Pam was my favorite character I really hated how they ruined her. Andy and Erin was a rehash and not good. The merger and Kathy Bates wasn't good. Wasn't a big fan of Gabe, but I do love Zach Woods in Silicon Valley. Nellie was the worst, though I thought her character was redeemed some in the final season. Robert California was pretty much James Spader playing James Spader and every episode revolved around his bullshit. There were some good things. Dwight and Jim's relationship evolved. (Kelly's birthday in particular.) Dwight became a stronger character. Nate was also fun. Had no idea the final season was so sought after on Bluray. Is it rare? The discs are well worth picking up. Each episode has an episode's worth or more of deleted scenes. Plus all the outtakes and interviews you don't get on Netflix. Not thrilled with everyone starting their own streaming service. It's greedy and is cutting up the user base too much!
  5. Gameplay is interrupted every five minutes by a goony beard man who lectures you about feminism.
  6. When you finish watching the video, one of the suggestions is a Looper video and the thumbnail is from a movie about two kids that die in a concentration camp. Very uplifting. Anyway, I was sifting through Ichimura's Twitter the other day and found this pic. Really like how Sancho and Ludman look. The look of this movie is really surprising. Japanese tend to stay restrictively on model. For example - when a wide-eyed character closes its eyes they make the pupils ^ ^ instead of the whole eyes. Drives me nerts. This movie remains faithful to the source while doing its own thing. Everyone is very detailed and expressive. I love how crazed, squishy, and spindly Gema is. I wonder how they're going to fit the entire story in. Since Abel is wielding the Heavenly Sword, maybe the kids were cut or will show up at the very end. Maybe Gema will be the main antagonist and not Ibuul or Mildrath. Maybe defeating Buon will be what grants the marriage. It'll be fun to see how much they can fit in 90 minutes or so.
  7. Weird Al was in town last night. Originally I was just going to listen while I walked around the park outside. My girlfriend volunteers at the concession stand, so I went around to the front gate to wave, make a face, etc. As I was waiting for a lull in the crowd, a security guard came up and asked what I was doing. (This happens quite often to me.) I told her and she said, "Why don't you tell her yourself." and she gave me a ticket! So I got to see Weird Al with the symphony for free. Great seat, too! I've always wanted to see Weird Al, but he's eluded me for years. It was a great show. He played for 90 minutes. Wish it could've been longer, but I'm really happy with what he played. Moral of the story? Stalking your girlfriend at work pays off!
  8. That's what the Dragon Quest Facebook group did. Haven't looked in there for a loooong time. Turned it off seeing it on my feed because everyone kept posting their DQ IX party.
  9. Yeah, that sounds super fun. I'm way better on the mic than I used to be...well, I was anyway. iTunes I'm not sure about, but you can pretty much toss anything up on Spotify.
  10. Saw this on the foursome channel. Perfectly sums up why I stick with the DQ fans.
  11. It's been moved, but unfortunately I now have to ban you for misspelling my name.
  12. It's audience members and presenters. Why do you think Ikumi Nakamura got such a positive response? She's someone who's great at her job, personable, and genuinely enthusiastic about the project she worked on. A far cry from random interchangeable dude with tattoo sleeves who think they're being edgy and current by saying "#$*!" a bunch. Ubisoft's conference awkwardly ended with some esports even with guy who was all, "Yeeeeeeh we got T-Pain and Lil Yachty, so let's. Do. Dis. Shiiiiiiiiii-TAH!"
  13. Not sure what thread to put this comment in, but yeah, kudos to Square Enix for not acting completely trashy in their press conference. (What I saw of it anyway.) They're not out to get a headline. They're out to go as lowbrow as possible. Oy vey, Ubisoft!
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