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  1. It's because that #$*! Carol Baskin is hiding the facts.
  2. The more moral authority biddies I see on NextDoor the more I think letting seniors die for the economy is a good idea.
  3. I know; I was really looking forward to New Warriors.
  4. To update on chasing people dressed as Joker... Now people are taking their health more seriously. That's perfectly reasonable and I can respect that. However... This morning I encountered a lady at the grocery store. Mid 50s. She had gloves and wipes. She was wiping down everything in her cart, her cart every time she touched it, and every piece of produce on the shelf. I picked up some bananas and began to walk past her keeping a reasonable distance. She squeaked at me. Squeaked. Then she did this little hand push gesture. Kind of like Kidz Bop Karen, but towards me instead of up and down. So I made a little more space, started walking, and she squeaked again. "N! N! N-no! NO!" Then she pushed her cart towards me!" I calmly said, "You are being silly." Chances are this lady was a germaphobe before this. I wish I could give her a big hug.
  5. Stuff like this makes dumb people dumber and more reactionary. I hate how the news stations wind people up. It's similar to how they report on hurricanes. Rather than pausing until their source updates, they lure people in by repeating the same information and speculate. Get your info, take your precautions, get your updates, and move on with your life. That being said... I'm gonna dress up as Joaquin Phoenix Joker, yell, "I've gots the coronavirus! And you're all gettin' licked!", then chase the runners to Cotton Eyed Joe. Look, if people are going to panic, I'm gonna make 'em earn it.
  6. I used a Memor32, which is a memory card you can load with firmware that acts as a soft mod. Although, I believe it's long outdated.
  7. Went to see The Invisible Man yesterday. Super fun movie. Just all around well done. So go see it. It's well worth your time.
  8. Is this supposed to be good or bad? Can't say I'm really surprised given the legacy franchise DQ is. Given the botched development and essentially having to start the game over, I'm shocked FFXIV survived. DQ X seems to be colorful, creative, and has something that could appeal to anyone, so is that why there's some confusion to the discrepancy in the demographics?
  9. This morning I went to a diner. They had a jukebox. When I saw it had Tom Jones, I knew what I had to do.
  10. They're using my DQ Shrine font! That was MY font!!
  11. I may have mentioned this in the conversation after the recording, but this was a great reaction from sad Reylos on The Rise of Skywalker ending. The reposter added a joke (you'll know when). That would be fun...if I ever saw the ending.
  12. Emblem of Roto uses Arus for its main character. I've never seen Arus used in V, though he started being referred to as Abel around the PS2 era.
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