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  1. Suikoden Tactics. This game is very good but also very time consuming, which under the circumstances is a bad thing. Need to finish it before DQ8! I believe I'm nearly 20 hours in.
  2. Then it probably wouldn't do much good to ask if you used Jiang Wei in the final battle.
  3. The european version seems to be glitch free, but no changes otherwise.
  4. Well I play the real game in a real SNES no roms need. I never did that just heard as for bugs I was just muessing around and all my chars jump to high lvs like omg how it real happen I may never known. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That's kinda the idea, I own the game but in this case I actually do need to play the rom to see what it's like without all of the bugs and glitches.
  5. Well, right now I'm playing Lufia 2, and both Atelier Iris and Riviera just came in the mail. Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 is on the way.
  6. Big fan of Grandia I and II here. I'm pretty sure III was announced as coming here, though I can't say when.
  7. I'm playing the european ROM because I own the american cart. Bought it when it came out for 80 dollars. The really good SNES games became so expensive at the end...
  8. I'm currently at the end of Secret of Mana, really want to beat it soon so I can play the european version of Lufia 2 without the bugs.
  9. I'd say my favorite is V... with IV very close and III not far behind that. I enjoy the I and II remakes more now than I did the NES games as a kid, and VI and VII became a little tiring with all of the different skills that had the same effect. VI was a lot shorter than VII at least.
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