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  1. Twas fixed yesterday. Thanks for the heads-up. And yes, I am the real deal. XD
  2. Weak! You must keep it closed!
  3. It has been a great 2+ years here at Slime Knights. All of you have worked so hard for the Dragon Quest cause. The final tallies are here. After adding up all your MMs, I took a look at the Top 100 Career MMs earners. I was amazed. The dedication is astounding! Following are the top 100 MM earners of Slime Knights. I congratulate all of you for your hard work and endurance. Thanks for making Slime Knights a success! Rank Username Career MMs Level Member Since 1 RPGGAMER79 1,949,291 Metal Bubble Slime 8/16/2005 2 HYPERCOYOTE 1,370,500 Dark Slime 9/21/2007
  4. So so so. We're halfway through our closing week, and there's a lot going on. I urge you to make these last moments count! While we may be going our separate ways, I would like to give something to the members who have stayed with Slime Knights until its final hours. I call this something "The Silent Hope". Order it from the Supplies section, and you'll be given a piece of Dragon Quest flair to keep... hidden. You will receive one envelope with one monster card from the Japanese Dragon Quest Official Card Game by Enix released back in 2000. The point? As a Slime Knight, I would like yo
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