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  1. There is always someone that will pay. This is why those people on Ebay overcharge.
  2. Because as I told you before, I have seen other video game series that I like and people start making accusations against another site, and next thing you know that other site just gives up and we are stuck with only 1 website. You were the one getting upset about watermarking with that 1Up site, I was pointing out that you also watermark stuff too. You were complaining about Giant Bomb stealing boxes or something from people too. What do you expect them to buy the game and scan the box when there is already an image of that box on the internet? That would be a waste of money. I suggested it when I saw that people were going to start trouble. I am not sure if they are going to follow that suggestion though. See on this link here, it says If you have the image sprites of these characters to be added to this page, please email them http://www.realmofdarkness.net/dq/games/gbc/dw2/characters I remember there used to be a lot more pages with those kind of request there because I used to email some of the missing stuff. A bunch of people are just automatically accusing that site of taking the content without asking, but for all we know it was emailed in by people like me who thought they were just helping out.
  3. I sent them a warning email that you guys were on the prowl. The response I got was that some of those text files were sent by the original author, but they did not remember which ones so they pulled them all off for the time being. As far as I can tell, that site is not much different than this site. Dragon's Den is a bunch of stuff from other people too. I happen to like both sites. I like that Realm of Darkness covers current news on DQ more than most other sites, and often before the other sites. I like that Woodus has a forum where you can discuss this news. I thought I was helping both sites out by submitting content that was missing from each. If you are going to demand your DS maps be removed from there, you guys might want to remove the sprites that I submitted to the Den for 2 of the SNES Dragon Quest games, and for 2 of the GBC Dragon Quest games that I took from Realm of Darkness. For you to say you are "certain" they are not the original source of those sprites I submitted here is something that Dwayne guy would say. I suggested to that site that they no longer accept submissions from other people. That is the type of behavior I was talking about that I see all the time on sites for other video game series. Everyone turns against each site one by one until they are the only website left standing. Then they have no competition, so they can get lazy and update once a year if they want to. Anyway congrats on trying to ruin every other DQ site out there, who are you guys going to go after next? There are a few other DQ sites I visit, so I better keep quiet before you turn everyone against them too.
  4. Who is removing their name from the artwork? I assumed Dwayne was just saying that in general. I hope he was not saying that Giant Bomb does that kind of stuff, because they do not.
  5. I know what I am talking about. What I was trying to say was, I do not have a problem with sites like Giant Bomb or Creative Uncut. I have found stuff on those sites for all kinds of games that I have never seen before. I don't understand why people keep going after certain sites. If you make artwork, just put your name on it and be proud that it gets distributed. Then people will start searching for your name more because they keep seeing your art. If your art is on a small site that no one visits, then no one will ever know how good you really are.
  6. I am just trying to point out that he has done the same stuff that he accuses others of. Again I am not saying that there is anything wrong with taking DQ Art from another site. But he is bashing those sites when he has done the same thing in the past. If he didn't talk bad about other sites I would not have said anything. He has bashed Giant Bomb many times before, but he said the people at Creative Uncut or whatever are hard workers. Doesn't Creative Uncut do the same thing that Giant Bomb does?
  7. Why not? You do the same thing? You slap that huge watermark on all of your art. I know you said you scan the art yourself, but you also have taken DQ artwork from other sites in the past and put your logo on it. Game Spot and 1UP are actual website names, that would be like calling your site Google. Terms like shrine, fan site, fan page, home page are all generic phrases. Like I said. there are tons of sites called Zelda Shrine. This is exactly what I see on other video game fan sites. Everyone at that site says they are the best and tries to find negative things to say about every other site that covers the same game series. You always automatically claim every website that has DQ material has stolen all of it from either you or the Den. You act like you are the God of Dragon Quest or something. It is just a video game series that only a small percentage of the world outside of Japan knows about. How do you really know that the DQ-HQ site has taken all of its art from you? There are other sources besides you and the Den. Anyway the Den itself has taken stuff from other sites and does not always credit. I don't see a problem with that either, but when someone looks like they may have taken something from here, you are the first to sound off on it.
  8. Yes I remember the dreaded Pyramid. Once you go into the basement there is a monster at every step you take.
  9. That is ridiculous. I am sick of those people overcharging for DQ stuff.
  10. Before everyone starts playing judge, jury, and executioner has anyone even thought that maybe that site is not even aware there is an issue? There are all kinds of people accusing Realm of Darkness of being a copy and paste site, but how could you copy and paste something like this? http://www.realmofdarkness.net/dq/games/snes/dq3/tips That takes time to do, you have to number everything, put in the color changes, put in the links, etc. Not to mention play the game so you know what you are typing is correct. Then you say the entire site has no original content, but what about this? http://www.realmofdarkness.net/dq/games/nes/dw/scene You are telling me that is not original content for that site? As for a video game fan site calling itself a "shrine" I cant believe that people are upset about that. How many sites are called Zelda Shrine, or Final Fantasy Shrine? Seriously, the word shrine is a general term. Have you ever heard of that DQ site called Slime Shrine? I notice on sites for other video games series that I visit, they often start bashing other sites that cover the same game series. It is like they want to be the only website in town. That's what this post is turning into, people are already saying "oh you better not visit that site" and I have seen that same behavior on other video game sites. I like coming to the Den, but if this was the only DQ site that existed I would get sick of it. I am glad there are other sites that cover DQ. King Zenith, I apologize but I may have been the one who submitted your DQ9 maps to Realm of Darkness. I know I sent them some maps for a DS game last year that I got off this site, but I cant remember if it was DQ9 or DQ5. I will stop submitting material from site to site, I haven't done that for awhile anyway. But I did submit sprites for several games to this site that I took off of Realm of Darkness. So technically the Den has stuff from their site as well.
  11. You really think the next monster game will use the Joker title? I figure with a new system they will get a new name.
  12. I know what you are talking about with that DQ-HQ site now, it has been spamming this website a lot lately. Maybe Zoma created the Realm of Darkness site, like the "Dark World" from DQ3.
  13. That sucks, the original file no longer works. I would have liked to have seen which names Nintendo deemed "inappropriate"
  14. It is an older DQ website, I remember it from a long time ago and it used to only be for Dragon Warrior NES games. I sort of forgotten about that site until recently when it started covering the newer games. Anyway it's been mentioned here lately by myself and others because that site has been covering Terry's Wonderland and DQX like crazy. Another person on this website always accuses every other DQ site, and sites like Giant Bomb from ripping off this site, however I do not think that is always true. There are a lot of other sites that cover Dragon Quest out there, and I don't see a problem with there being something different. That Realm of Darkness site does have original content though, you just have to look around. I don't see what the big deal is, technically Dragon's Den is the same thing. It is comprised of DQ stuff taken from multiple sources. I am glad that there are other DQ sites out there, it is better for the series and for the fans. What were you talking about with that site being called Dragon Quest Shrine though? Most video game sites use the name "fan site" or "shrine" so I don't think it was intending to copy this site's name. Oh and just an FYI, if you recall I submitted sprites to this site for some of the DQ SNES and some of the DQ GBC games awhile back, and I got them from Realm of Darkness site so they aren't ripped off from this site. And what is DQ-HQ? I haven't heard of that one.
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