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  1. That sucks, the original file no longer works. I would have liked to have seen which names Nintendo deemed "inappropriate"
  2. No it is not mine, I was just linking to the news story about the cameos for this game.
  3. I don't know anything about that game yet, I was just posting a link to this news story that I just found on another DQ site. And what are you talking about posting DQ artwork? I haven't posted any DQ fan art anywhere. I thought you were the one who has the DQ artwork on your site.
  4. I just found a story on monster cameo appearances that will be in this game. It will have Adult Terry from DQ6 paired with a Dhuran, plus a few other cameos. http://www.realmofdarkness.net/dq/ The info is on the update that is dated 04/16/2012
  5. Here is what I own: NES: Dragon Warrior (w/ Maps, Instructions, Strategy Guide, and Explorer's Handbook) Dragon Warrior 2 (w/ Maps, Instructions, and Secrets Unveiled Guide) Dragon Warrior 3 (w/ Maps and Explorer's Handbook) Dragon Warrior 4 (w/ Explorer's Handbook) Game Boy Color: Dragon Warrior 1 & 2 (w/ Instructions and Strategy Guide) Dragon Warrior 3 (w/ Instructions and Strategy Guide) Dragon Warrior Monsters (w/ Instructions and Strategy Guide) Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Tara's Adventure (w/ Instructions and Strategy Guide) Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Cobi's Journey
  6. On the NES you can control all your regular characters in battle if you have a Game Genie, the code is YYEXVTGE. When I first played DW4 on NES, I went through the first 4 chapters and liked the game, but when I got to chapter 5 and saw that I couldn't control the characters I stopped playing. But then I found the Game Genie code and finished it on the NES. I think that was dumb that you couldn't control them in chapter 5 because you could control the other "regular" characters in chapters 2 and 4.
  7. I may have to add another sad moment for me. Last night I started on Chapter 5 for Dragon Quest IV on the DS, and it was real sad to see Eliza morph into my character and then sacrifice herself. She even asked me to remember her. Then the village was all burned, I dont remember it being that sad on the NES version.
  8. I have every U.S. game they made except for that game on the Wii. I have been behind on playing them, however after playing DQ9 recently, and now playing part 4 on the DS reminded me how much I love this series. I should have DQ4 finished and started on DQ5 around the time DQ6 comes out, so I will be behind by only 1 game. I really would like to start on the spin off games after I play 5 and 6, however I also want to replay DW7 and DQ8 since I loved those games.
  9. I played them in this order: Dragon Warrior - NES Dragon Warrior 2 - NES Dragon Warrior 3 - NES Dragon Warrior - GBC Dragon Warrior 2 - GBC Dragon Warrior 3 - GBC Dragon Warrior 4 - NES Dragon Warrior 7 Dragon Quest 8 Dragon Quest 9 Dragon Quest 4 - DS (currently playing) Will play Dragon Quest 5 after I finish 4, and then 6 for the DS right around the time it comes out. I have all the Dragon Warrior/Quest Monster games including Rocket Slime but have yet to play any of them.
  10. Dragon Warrior 7, when that robot was taking care of that inventor that built him, and the man died. The robot had no idea he was dead. It kept making his soup everyday and was saying maybe something was wrong with the soup because the man (who at that point was a skeleton) would not eat it. This was in the "past" town, and when you went there in the present the robot was frozen still, it had long since stopped working.
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