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  1. I'd love this, yeah. Also its about time for a female villain. Given in most of the games you can't choose gender, why not a non-optional female hero?
  2. I want a new non-Joker DQM, hopefully something like DQM and DQM2. Whatever it is, i want it to look as good as Yokai Watch 4. Also some updates on DQB2, we havent heard anything in the last couple months. The game looks even better than the first one, i cannot wait.
  3. Now that you guys bring up Healix, doesnt the japanese DQ twitter account use a healslime as its mascot? Maybe Healix can get back @Michi i was joking precisely due to that article and some gaming outlets mentioning that story on their DQXI preview articles, haha. I was fully expecting the questions to be for the producers, director and the three main creators. Would be nice to be able to ask Sugiyama and Toriyama their favorite games in the series.
  4. Can someone ask them if the law preventing them from releasing the games on workdays is real? I really want to know Jokes aside, i hope they pick nice and varied questions. Enough with the same questions we get everytime someone interviews Horii.
  5. In 5 you're not the hero despite there being one, in 7 you're just a guy with the water mark but not a hero (you become a hero eventually, though), in 8 you're just a guy with good curse-preventing genes, and in 9 you're an angel. No idea about 10, but we haven't had a "chosen one" in a while. Curious about how we might get DQ1, since there are no spells of restorations in our versions and you needed the one you got by clearing the postgame in the Japanese version. Maybe we just won't get it, or not for free.
  6. Probably deserves a new thread but SE is releasing the Bring Arts figure of the DQXI Hero in NA (and probably EU too) in November, comes in two different version: regular and metal slime. The only difference is the slime it includes is blue or metalic.
  7. Wow, i was only aware of the bugs introduced in the western release. Thats quite a lot, very interesting read. I wouldn't call the dlc tablets buggy though, they're unfinished and rushed, but not buggy imo.
  8. Yeah, they shouldn't have said anything about it during the NX days, it was waaay to early. I read this as they want to make it the same experience as on PS4 but they encountered more bugs and issues than expected and ironing that out is gonna take some time. Afaik, besides DQ2 and the mobile ports (they seem to work perfectly or be a bugfest depending on the phone), there is not unpolished mainline game, no? That said, i hope this version will include new features to make up for the long wait + for being a PS4 downgrade. Hoping for some of the 3DS-only stuff (namely the DQ1-10 worlds), dua
  9. The rest of the interview is not that bad but man, this sucks. The games are good, but the producers and people in charge are not. Super disappointed this bs keeps happening. Uchikawa didn't need to make it sound like nobody cared for the DS/3DS/mobile games, he could just have said they want to offer something like DQ8 back in the PS2 era or just say the 3ds is not a profitable system for them nowadays. We get it, it never really had a chance of happening anyway. But there's no need to downplay the current -already small- fandom. Keep doing this and you'll reduce it to nothing. Definite
  10. I preordered for 145€. And in Spain we're getting the 30th anniversary artbook and the Emblem of Roto manga two days after the release of XI... Damn, i will be so broke in early september. Im with those saying they'd like a plushie thrown in, but i don't want yet another slime; i want one of those new white ghost characters. The Japanese version only had one picture of XI: the Hero. I think it's safe to assume the english release will contain the same content as the japanese one, so the artbook in the LE should be quite nice in that regard
  11. If we assume it's supposed to be DQB2, then it's strange because where is the Switch version? If it IS DQ2, there are more questions: why only DQ2 is listed? Is it a physical release? Does this mean we're also getting 1 and 3 too? Does this mean XI is getting an Xbox port (given 1-3 were released in Japan shortly after XI, and this is part of that trilogy)? Man, this is quite strange.
  12. I kind of feel that too, but not about the puns and names. I absolutely hate that they are changing the classic menus with that amateurish UI. In a perfect world, they'd give us the option to toggle between UIs.
  13. SE wanted to skip both 3DS remakes too, but we got both thanks to fan petitions. Sure, they didn't set the charts on fire, but at least we got them! Won't hurt to at least try. Edit: Offtipic but oh boy, i'm still not getting used to all the changes the forums got while i was gone but i sure love them.
  14. Signed your petition a few days ago, saw it on fb. Anyway, the same people you mention also made this image, trying to ignite a campaign similar to the one that got us DQVII and VIII on the same platform: Hopefully between the petition and this we can get it, or at least get SE to acknowledge we want this version.
  15. Not necessarily. They are brought from different places and times, so, if they wanted, they could mix people from different points in time without problem (like they already do if we count the people from IV, V and VI). They already have a few "canon" names. In IX and in Itadaki Street they chose "Cookie" and "Pudding", but they could use any of them, I suppose. They may stay away from using any of the characters that do not have a single, official name in their own games, like any of the heroes, or even the kids from V, and they were given names in the remakes (Rex and Tabitha). Do
  16. As much as i love Debora i don't see her having any chance. Even her dad has been in the DQH games, but i don't recall any mention to her. Kind of frustrating since she's one of the best DQ characters, but not likely imo. I'd say Harry has better chances (he's my second favorite character from that game), or even Sancho. The kids seem highly unlikely to me, since the brides popped up in DQH before getting married in DQV, so all the DQV characters should be from gen 2. Borya should totally be there. He's the only DQIV character (besides Solo/Sofia) who is not in the Heroes games yet (Ragnar
  17. I only have a few complains: 1- The cursor memory is weird. Its non-existent in the field menus but works wonders in the battle menus. 2- The items getting directly to the bag. Spcially annoying at the beginning, when you need the characters to have herbs and you have to go thorugh the non-cursory memory menus. 3- No items pictures in the bag (they're in the Battle Records, though). Why do they keep changing the menus when localizing the games? Aside from these points, i enjoyed this remake a lot more than the original.
  18. Got this one recently. I want those in SQEX's japanese store. Do they ship internationally? Edit: Nvm.
  19. Mine is VhFZSeRhK. I made it on the Vita version, but bet it'll look pretty on a PS4.
  20. What is a "Takometto"? The thing in which you make colored blocks? There's one on the Terra Incognita mode, near the flag, but you can make more in a Mason’s workstation (only in free mode). Btw, if that Ashlynn pic you mean is this one (its in the spoiler below) it was made by myself lol
  21. Made this: The Summon spell is "VhFZSeRhk", if anyone wants to summon it. Posted on Twitter and mentioned Mr Fujimoto (@rucachan on Twitter, DQ producer). Edit: He liked the tweet.
  22. Get some bunny meat. Build the second kitchen device (i belive its called something like "brick barbecue" in english). Then proceed to make her a burger (there are two kinds, she wants the basic one). If you want the platinum trophy, yeah. If not, continue to Rimuldar. Completing challenges unlocks some recipes in Free Build Mode, iirc. Anyway, save before you leave the chapter, might be useful for completing the challenges later without having to redo all the chapter.
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