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  1. I'm all about the Materials! Mimic, Roboster and Balzac Although a special exception is made for DracoLord2
  2. I gave this a try on my phone(Galaxy S2), and it ran like absolute dirt. It took an hour to get through the first set of cutscenes. I don't think I liked the script all that much either.
  3. I bought this a while ago on a whim because hey it's dragon quest, and played through it to the end and thought it was pretty good, although the graphics were really badly scaled but besides that it seemed to play alright. I don't wanna pay more than £10 for a game on the store because i don't know whether or not i'll have another compatible android device when/if i get a replacement. Sad to hear that the casino is rigged in DQ4Mobile though. That's pretty much the only thing I enjoy doing in DW4.
  4. loves Dragon Quest III :3

  5. I've been playing Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow, I've already beaten the game, but i'm playing to LV99. My game clock says 25hours, 18mins I'm Level 89 now....
  6. Here's my custom avatar... Is it suitable??
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