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  1. That's a bad translation with tie-ins between Erdrick and the Dragon Lord made up. Here is a translation of the actual DQ1 manual (taken from Dustin's DQ Shrine): Of course, Radatome = Tantegel, Laura = Gwaelin, Roto = Erdrick, and King Dragon = Dragon Lord. Keep in mind that the story in the manual says something contradictory to the game, that the Dragon Lord is a man. When he transforms into a dragon, it says "The Dragon Lord shows his true form!" So what's in the manual is probably just meant to be the general understanding of the Dragon Lord, and not the full story. I thi
  2. Semi-spoilers to follow. My favorite is V by far. I mean, in what other game do you start as a little boy and grow up to have kids of your own? It's absolutely incredible. 7 was big, but it just didn't have that level of interest. 3 is the runner-up. I remember playing it as a little kid and finding out that I was Erdrick... amazing. 4 might actually be tied though.
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