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  1. Lucky! Mine hasn't even shipped yet. Square Enix shop did not let me down!
  2. Here is my entry: https://twitter.com/sackchief/status/1035949638682071041 I'm kind of in the same predicament as HeavyQ. I literally just moved to a tiny apartment in a new city a few weeks ago and I had to leave my whole DQ collection with my parents lol, so these are pics I already had on my phone otherwise if I had known, I'd show off all the magazine clippings and Nintendo Power posters I've collected. Hope this is acceptable.
  3. Reddit is trash. On topic, this game is a huge pain to import. How would you even pay for membership without yen?
  4. Looks like those mods removed it. This place is better to talk anyway. Does the PS4 version even region block? I know I had to use a VPN to play the PC version, but PS4 games are region free right?
  5. Its a series tradition. It’d be like taking cardboard boxes out of Metal Gear. I’d also argue it’s stylistic. I pretty much see bunny girls as being the DQ universe equivalent of a waitress so they’re being consistent. Also in a medieval fantasy world you can’t expect sleazy stuff to not be operating in the background of the cities.
  6. So I actually made my new ranking of the first ten games in a little video format. I also try to point out which version of each game is the best.
  7. I'm definitely not going to get a lightspeed badge now that school started lol.
  8. Kotaku says it’s the best in the series. That’s a bold claim.
  9. IGN’s review actually complains about bunny girls and puff puffs lmaoooo. He says “what do bunny girls add to the Dragon Quest experience?” What a moron.
  10. Well, I picked the wrong time to move to Philly. Every goddamn Wal Mart in my area doesn’t even pick up the phone. I’m so pissed.
  11. So much Yangus stanning. You guys know he has no eyebrows right?
  12. The resemblance is uncanny. Even the little cave where they hid the boat is there.
  13. Who is the best? My favorite is Torneko. He is a very hardworking man and so badass.
  14. DQI - Wasn’t born DQII - Wasn’t born DQIII - Wasn’t horn DQIV - Wasn’t born DQV - Wasn’t born (yeesh) DQVI - Was a baby DQVII - Didn’t discover DQ yet DQVIII - At a game shop day one to buy it, thank you Shonen Jump demo disc for getting me sold on the series I tracked down the GB remakes after cementing a love for 8 (like many) and only managed to get my hands on the NES games and DQVII at pawn shops and thrift stores when I became old enough to drive around. The only DQ launches I’ve been able to witness since becoming a fanboy are DQVIII and IX and also the remakes. And this is pretty mu
  15. You’re not wrong lol. Technically the only DQ game where a gender swap at the beginning would simply not work is DQV because the narrative calls for a male protag. I don’t think it’s done intentionally though.
  16. This happens in a lot of games tbh. They try to give the characters more European sounding names to fit the tone better.
  17. I'd be interested in helping complete it too. I honestly think it's one of the best SFC RPGs and it should really be done. I'm guessing we can use parts of the DS script as a guideline as it's likely similar too.
  18. I wonder if pre loading will be available for this site. That would be nice.
  19. I'm surprised it never happened. Game is so old by now.
  20. Bought, thanks for the heads up. Can't believe I'm doing PS4 and Steam.
  21. I thought it might be cool if we could import new character models into DQXI when it comes out. Like we could import models from the Heroes games and other titles. It would be cool to play the game as the Konosuba characters. Maybe we could work on this?
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