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  1. That would be the coolest project. The sprites and script from the mobile ports and the dungeons of the GBC port. Dragon Quest III: Definitive Edition.
  2. I think DQXI could have used a prestige system now that I think about it. Like every character should be able to upgrade to a tree of classes that are at least somewhat related (ex: Veronica can become an arch mage, but can’t become a Warrior etc.)
  3. Oh that place looks cool. Much better than GameStop which has nothing but ThinkGeek junk. Also you have a plushie of Bo? From Rocketslime? I've never seen that before!
  4. What game store was selling that?? I didn't even know stores sell DQ merch.
  5. One thing I realized is that bosses in the game actually have some sort of secret hidden ability that lets them regenerate health every round apparently. This basically prevents low level players from getting lucky and beating a boss they aren't supposed to beat yet. The boss I was talking about has 300 HP, but he regenerates 100 every turn, so the only way to kill it is to do more than 100 damage every round or you'll be there forever. This basically means you have to brute force your way through the boss fights which I'm not a huge fan of tbh.
  6. Dude, I'm a little bit ahead of you right now and there's this boss that just wont die lol. Its so frustrating. Let us know when you get to the next area.
  7. Thank you. It is definitely a treasure I will always cherish. Being a kid in elementary school discovering DQVIII all those years ago, I never thought I'd be winning contests and getting stuff signed by the creator himself. So this is really cool and a big deal for a DQ diehard.
  8. Repro carts work, but unless you’re dead set on collecting, I would highly recommend the Everdrive from Krikzz. https://krikzz.com/store/home/13-super-everdrive-v2.html You can load up the new romhack Choppasmith is working on that’ll have the official translation from the mobile port in it.
  9. They just announced it here: Prize is a Slime plushie and a poster signed by Yuji Horii. There was eight winners total. I think I’m the only Den member who won? Either way, REPRESENTING.
  10. I’m playing the mobile version currently. It’s such a fun game for something that releases so long ago. Like it is actually better than 90% of what releases these days.
  11. Just wondering what everyone’s thoughts are. Obviously DQ has experimented with this kind of gameplay in the past with varying success and DQ III, VI, VII and IX all tackle it slightly differently. What would you take from each of them and other games and what would you leave?
  12. The graphics of mobile and SNES are identical. The only difference is the sprites of all the party members have been updated to look more like the DS remakes. And they look much better.
  13. If you ask me, the ultimate version of the game is SNES version with mobile script and the mobile sprites modded in. I’m still looking at ways to pull off the latter, but if done it’ll be superior to the PS4 version of the game.
  14. If you google “Dragon Quest Arctic Adventure”, this thread is the first result.
  15. I installed it and made a little guide showing how I did it. Its super simple and it sounds great tbh.
  16. DQVIII Hero is definitely Eight. There’s lots of evidence plus Theatrhythm confirms it.
  17. Hey, I was wondering how the progress is going overall. Really interested in both your game and the DQIII tilesets.
  18. If you notice, I actually did ask Joseph Yamine about the posters. He says he ordered them from Enix which I have never heard of myself and that would make them the only clean high resolution box art images of the games that exist for the public if true. I suggested he scan them because that would be really valuable to the community.
  19. This video shows how rampant its gotten. If a publication ever compares anything to Dark Souls again, I will never take them seriously.
  20. They really don't all have names. Pretty sure the philosophy behind the original game's design is to let you choose the name so that you can identify with the protagonist, probably why they bar you from naming DQIII's protagonist Erdrick even though that is his name.
  21. DQI: Doesn’t have one DQII: Doesn’t have one DQIII: Technically he’s Erdrick, but you aren’t allowed to name him that. DQIV: Male is Solo, Female is Sofia DQV: Madason (son of Mada) DQVI: Doesn’t have one DQVII: Arus DQVIII: Eight. That’s his name you are given if you played the original demo disc for DQVIII. DQIX: I think it’s Nine, but I don’t have proof DQXI: Canon name is Eleven, it was shown in gameplay previews.
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