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  1. I want to see Heroes III soon with the DQXI cast. Hopefully DQXII before 2021, that would be great. Really what I want to see right now are localizations for Builders 2, Rivals, and the new Fortune Street. And I want to see a localization for the 3DS version of DQXI.
  2. I know that too well. I think I ripped through like dozens of RPGs when I was in middle school. Now? I'd be lucky to finish one a year.
  3. Hey guys, so I’m working on a little project and I wanted to see the artwork for the “Rusty Sword” from DQIX for reference, but I left my copy with my parents so I don’t have it. Could someone who owns the book please take a quick picture of it and upload it?
  4. In case you guys want to see the prize. I just received it recently.
  5. Things like no dungeon maps and monsters being quicker on the field.
  6. Draconian doesn’t appeal to me. It goes too overboard without being a legit hard mode.
  7. It looks like PS1 games are played through a PSP emulator and that doesn’t support screenshots. Sad.
  8. Use the Vita’s screencapping function to keep us updated.
  9. OMG. The post game is like another whole game packed in one. Like this’ll take another dozen hours easily.
  10. I think I beat the game with the lowest level Luminary out of anyone lol.
  11. The thing about a translation vs a localization is that a localization is usually well written while a translation is usually very dry and devoid of any kind of emotion in the writing. Plus it could be inaccurate. I will still never forget how in the SNES translation for DQIII, the guard in the Mini Medal King's lair is his "husband" while in the official translation he just guards him as if he was a king. There's really nothing wrong with using the official translation and I'd much rather have that than whatever the translators are going to come up with.
  12. From what I can tell, it doesn't look like they're just ripping the official translation from the Steam version and injecting it into the 3DS one. The guy in the thread says, for example, that they're calling Gemma "Emma" instead in this one. I'm not so keen on that tbh, would rather they just dump the official translation and names.
  13. It’s a rumor because only one user there claims it. He’s not actually part of the project, just a playtester. He could be lying, hope not though.
  14. As long as their identities aren't known, they can't get a C&D letter.
  15. I saw it mentioned in this thread over on GBAtemp. https://gbatemp.net/threads/how-realistic-is-a-full-translation-patch-for-dragon-quest-xi-using-the-ps4-script.517169/page-3 A user is apparently in talks with a group doing this secretly under the radar so they don't get a C&D from Square Enix, which I think is a very good idea. Supposedly a good chunk of the intro is translated, but I imagine it will take at least a year for this project to be done and public.
  16. No dungeon maps, enemies on overworld are faster at chasing you, no autosave.
  17. How easy is it to unpack the .DAT file? Do I need a special program?
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