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  1. Bravely Default and Final Fantasy getting in before Dragon Quest would confirm that Square Enix hates the franchise.
  2. The guy who covered DQXI for Kotaku is Tim Rogers who was a freelancer. He's actually a decent guy as far as I can tell and he seems to be a DQ diehard. Kotaku sucks, but I'm okay with him.
  3. Jared Petty is an okay reviewer. That comment about bunny girls was just ugggggh.
  4. Jared Petty's criticism of the bunny girls was alarming enough especially since he has been talking to Yuji Horii for the past few months. Horii-sensei loves the West, you all know that. He's been coming over here for autographing sessions, so I don't think Western media has no effect at all on the series.
  5. Yeah, I actually feel the same way. I always liked how the western Dragon Quest community was small and we all know each other. Like I see the same people on different forums, on small DQ YouTube channels, on DQ's Twitter. Its nice what we have as long as they sell enough to make new games.
  6. You know if this happens we're going to get bombarded with normies in here who only care about DQ because of Smash. I already see people on Twitter complaining and asking for Crono even though DQ is much more iconic and classic.
  7. Ramia and the orbs you need to gather heavily hint at it. Erdrick’s token is supposedly designed after Ramia.
  8. Take your time, we're all looking forward to the final product. I'm planning a new run of the original trilogy, but I'm gonna wait for your release before starting.
  9. Was considering it myself. Wouldn’t be hard after finishing the game.
  10. I don’t completely agree with the theory. I think it’s very clear that DQI takes place after the true ending. I’m thinking there’s three timelines. One with no Luminary and a post apocalyptic world. One with two Luminaries that defeat Calasmos together and prevent DQXI’s events from happening. And the true ending which leads to the Erdrick trilogy. I can do a write up later.
  11. At least they think it’s a lot. That’s all that matters.
  12. @Choppasmith how is the progress going? Gotta say, you pulled through with DWI. It’s great. Are the other games coming along all right?
  13. Look at that attention to detail. They basically pulled the same dialogue from the iOS port.
  14. Okay I’ve checked with him and it is still happening. For reference the person I’m talking to is on the OOM team, so this is a trustworthy source.
  15. I’ll double check with my guy. I actually just read the gbatemp thread and it doesn’t look good lol.
  16. It’s real. I can confirm. I’ve talked to some trustworthy people and it’s happening. That’s all I know.
  17. Honestly, screw those games. DQXI is masterfully crafted. It’s getting my vote.
  18. THIS IS INCREDIBLE. Exactly the kind of project I wanted to see. Oh man, if we could get IV-VI done the same way that would be so cool. But for now, I'm really excited to try out I-III on NES and SFC.
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