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  1. In OBS, make sure the game screen fills up the entire window while recording. You can drag the window around and adjust it to your liking. You should use the "Game Capture" window to select the application you're using.
  2. Yeah everyone gets their money back if we don't meet the goal. The auction also ends in 5 days. If you do it, I'll make sure it gets around.
  3. I always try to encourage DQ content creators, but oh boy you have some work to do lol. How did you mess it up so badly? Fix the screen next episode and the quality will be MUCH better. Other than that, you want to cut out extra fluff like grinding and stuff. I have my own DQ1 LP series and there's a lot of grinding in this game. Also maybe try 20 minute episodes.
  4. I love how we're so used to DQ never showing up to these things that we didn't expect it and they just dropped a megaton and completely surprised us this time.
  5. Coming August 2nd. Going to be based on the masterpiece DQV. I am so hyped. https://dq-movie.com/
  6. Oh man it’s gonna happen tomorrow maybe. I just hope the Sora fanboys don’t get too annoying. I don’t want SE to look at those crybabies and rethink bringing DQ to the West. Should be a big day.
  7. I’ll get the restorations done when I can find some time lol. For now, this is the most high res version of the box art we have ever seen so far.
  8. That is so damn fake. Its clear whoever shopped that doesn't know jack about DQ. There is no way they'd use his old design given that Erdrick has a rebooted design that they would more likely use to incorporate into DQXI. Also why would he be next to the Plant? Wouldn't Joker be next to the plant since he's the first DLC character? Clearly someone grabbed the first picture of Erdrick they found and made that render. He doesn't even have the Sword of Light, that's his signature weapon lmao. He would not use a cutlass if he got in. My intelligence is insulted.
  9. That's actually a cool idea. We could make a custom label for Dragon Quest Re Quest NES cart too.
  10. Just want to confirm real quick, are any of you guys going to bid for the item? Because if not, I'm going to let my Twitter followers know about it so at least somebody in the community gets it. Just wanted to give the Den a first heads up. Its best if we don't trample over each other trying to get it.
  11. Yeah 4chan loves Erdrick for some reason. I saved a bunch of memes from there lmao.
  12. Those folks seem a bit more mature about it. You should see the YT comments on any vid about Erdrick though lol.
  13. Yeah, I tweeted that out and it went semi viral. I gotta say, there's a lot of bad takes. The Smash community is one of the most toxic fanbases I have ever seen in a video game. I almost don't want Erdrick in the game because of how nasty these guys might be. This forum might even get brigaded by angry fanboys. Like really? You want Sora from Kingdom Hearts instead of a Dragon Quest character who literally changed the entire gaming industry? I wonder how old most of these guys are.
  14. If one of you guys get it, you'll be a legend among men. This is like the real life Erdrick's Token except only cooler. It'll give you powers.
  15. Reminds me a bit of this old fan theory.
  16. I saw that. That is some damn cool trivia and I'm amazed nobody brought it up until now, including me. Nimzo's final form just looks like a mutated version of Murdaw straight up. It looks nothing like Nimzo lmao. The horns, the cheeks, the way the body is shaped, the feet, even the little flaps on his side. How did I not see this lmao. Thats freaking crazy.
  17. I've been actively trying to spread some awareness about what Sony is doing, I think censorship is abhorrent, but I honestly I leave it at informing people about the changes and encouraging them to take their money elsewhere.
  18. Twitter has shown me how bad fanboys can be lol. If you look at any of Bandai Namco's tweets about Ace Combat 7 there's dozens of comments like "we don't care about this" and "where is Jump Force"? I saw AC7's director actually apologize to someone on Twitter for the Jump Force thing like wtf. Its so dumb.
  19. Yeah I'm seeing a ton of so called "gamers" who don't know jack about JRPGs, hating on Dragon Quest all of a sudden and hoping Brave is Sora, despite the fact that the word "Yuusha" is completely synonymous with Erdrick and directly translates to Brave and the guy who leaked Isabelle says Erdrick is in. It is just delusional to think that Sora is going to be in the game. In Japan, Erdrick is easily the most iconic RPG protagonist. Erdrick and Dragon Quest absolutely dwarfs Kingdom Hearts and Sora, but I still see ignorant comments on my channel of people hating on DQ, despite the fact that
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