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  1. I know man, one second you have Seth Green as a spokesperson and the next your franchise is nonexistent.
  2. A cool thing about Dragon Quest in the West is that they made some really good commercials for some of the games. And they're funny too. Here are some of my favorites. If theres any other good ones, please share. Dragon Quest VIII commercial Dragon Quest IX commercial featuring Seth Green
  3. 15 bucks for each of the Erdrick games isn't worth it at all. I can play those for free. If it was DQ7, maybe I'd buy it.
  4. http://www.siliconera.com/2013/11/20/dragon-quest-fans-heres-glimmer-hope-localized-games/ SE filed a trademark for these two titles. Could this mean we might finally get a new game? The two names do sound very Dragon Questy with the alliterations and "of the" in the title. And that one title "Luminaries of the Legendary Line" sounds like it might have something to do with the Zenithian Trilogy. What do you think?
  5. Yeah forget the Miracle Sword, get a Thorn Whip for 208 mini medals. lol
  6. Lol, a lot of fun stuff happened. Right outside there were two guys showibg off their remote controlled life size R2-D2s, one was from the movie and the other was a steampunk one. Sometimes when I saw a hot girl I randomly opened my arms for a hug and they usually went for it. There were a lot of good cosplayers that I took pictures with. The figures on display were pretty cool, especially the MGS Raiden one. I ended up buying a Saiyan scouted from Dragon Ball Z, a burger king Pokéball with the 23 K gold trading card and a small figurine of Chie from Persona 4. I also saw Stan Lee in pe
  7. So I went to New York Comic Con today with one of my intentions to get some DQ stuff. I ended up finding Dragon Warrior 1 NES for ten bucks and I got it, but there was a lot of marker written on the back. Then I went to this one booth where I spotted DQ7 for 30 bucks and my heart skipped a beat... until I realized it was the Japanese version. They also had DQ5 and 6 for the Japanese SNES, both 30. Didn't get any of those. Finally I found the first edition of DQ VIII for 30 bucks, but I passed because I already have three copies of it. So in the end it was a bit of a dissapointing trip f
  8. Ugh, that portrait view is horrible. The frame rate doesn't necessarily bug me because I'm sure it'll run better on the iPad, but seriously make this game landscape. This is quite sacrilegious to the great Dragon Quest VIII.
  9. I'm actually very pleased by this news because I haven't been able to play DQ8 in years due to no longer having my PS2 and I never got around to DQ7. You guys shouldn't react so negatively about this. At least it shows that SE acknowledges the existence of the series and might breathe life back into it one day. Any Dragon Quest is good Dragon Quest to me.
  10. The day this game comes out in America is the day I get a 2DS. Otherwise, I'll just stick to the Vita and play P4G...
  11. Just a suggestion, but maybe you should include some of the she slimes from the Rocketslime series for the lulz.
  12. So this game called Dragon Fantasy Book 1 and 2 is on the PSN store. Supposedly it's all a big homage to Dragon Quest and the graphic style is extremely similar to the NES titles with an optional Final Fantasy style graphics. Has anyone played it? Can anyone recommend it because I am interested.
  13. My Goddess, what is wrong with Nintendo? All of this nitpicking censorship in a game who's predecessor had dancing bunny girls with full pantyshots.
  14. Alright, sounds good guys. I'm even more excited to play DQ7 now!
  15. Let me start by saying DQ7 is the only game in the series that I haven't played. Yes, I've heard so much about how amazing it is and all that but it's so rare that I couldn't get a chance to try it. Now I've decided to play it by either getting it for the PS1 on amazon for 100 bucks or waiting for the 3DS version and finally getting a 3DS. I just have a question for those who played both. Ar there any significant differences between the two versions? Any cut content or things like that? I read an interview with Hori saying it would be a bit easier, and that's a little discomforting.
  16. If we're talking non main characters you have to give Ashlynn some credit. She was the only DQ6 character I didnt hate. Whenever I went to a town I always made everyone but her stay in the wagon because they're all annoying as hell.
  17. If only stupid Sqeenix gave as much effort to push DQ in the west like this. I would love an American Luida's bar.
  18. Yeah, I like Arus too. Quite the badass little kid.
  19. So in this thread we discuss our favorite heroes. My two favorites are either Eight or Madason. I like Eight because he has funny expressions and he's a skinny guy like me. I like Madason because he's freaking epic. Who is your favorite hero and why?
  20. For a second I thought you got the original issue. That would have been cool. Great find either way.
  21. So I'm doing that quest for Amos in the DS version of VI and I just met the talking plant, but I can't find the seeds of reason anywhere on the ground. Does anyone know the exact location?
  22. It's between VIII and V. VIII wins in the amount of content and major graphical improvements as well as the awesome voice acting. V wins in telling a really great story with memorable characters.
  23. I first got introduced to the series when I got my November 05 issue of Shonen Jump with the DQVIII demo. After buying 8 I became hooked to the series. Since then I've bought the remakes for DS, DQ9 and Rocketslime. I also played through the Erdrick saga via emulator (shhh...).
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