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  1. I'm thinking the restriction is the same one that prevented the heroes from meeting in DQH and the Fortune Street games. I'm thinking due to the timeline differences it wouldn't even make sense canonically for the heroes to meet up and fight together. That's probably what they were getting at.
  2. As far as I can tell, it says that you did not win the prize and that you should try again tomorrow. They sent it out a million times to everyone.
  3. I’m completely behind this. PuffPuff and DQFM are great, but having a podcast run by series veterans would be amazing as well. I would really like to see you start a new podcast, it’d be fantastic I’m sure. I’d be sure to help promote it best I can if you go through with it.
  4. You’re right, that is another mystery. This is definitely the work of Enix America. I’m sure Sugiyama had no hand in it. Would be great if we could figure this out too.
  5. Yeah the Dragon Warrior I and II artist is still a mystery. This is all we know. His signature.
  6. Hey guys. I noticed a really old topic here on the den where folks were trying to find out who the artist behind the Dragon Warrior NES cover art was. This info was elusive for a while, but I finally managed to track him down. His name is Chris Hopkins, he’s a painter from Washington who has done a lot of interesting work over the years. He did the theme art for three separate Super Bowls and the main poster for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom among many other projects. I talked to him about his work and the DQ games he did art for. He said in a previous conversation that he only di
  7. The franchise is goddamn superpower in Japan. [emoji123][emoji123][emoji123] That’s my boiii.
  8. I totally expected Mordegon to be a demon like most DQ villains, so when you find out he was actually human and Erdwin’s best friend I was a bit mindblown. I don’t really like Calasmos all that much though, but the foreshadowing leading up to Calasmos was brilliant. The game tricked you into thinking the “Dark One” was Mordegon when it actually wasn’t. The only hint is the painting in Arboria of Calasmos.
  9. Man, the amount of times today I've seen people say "DQ without Toriyama isn't DQ" is astounding. The movie still has traces of his art throughout and DQ is much more than Toriyama these guys aren't realizing. The first seven games were mostly pixelated. He only did concept art that the monsters and world would end up being based off of. Look at the Sabrecat, the Killing Machines and the Slime in the trailer and tell me they don't look exactly like the ones Toriyama drew. I'm really glad the characters don't have manga faces, but its still retaining Toriyama's art.
  10. I wish I had the time. I'll definitely test out DWII and DWIII though when that gets started.
  11. I'm going to get a DQXI Edition of Lost Time and a Bring Arts Luminary figure.
  12. Welp two for two. I can officially say that I have won EVERY DQ contest now lol.
  13. Yeah there should be a service that does it. There's a camera shop nearby my place that converts pretty much every type of video tape to DVD. I had them do a bunch of family films. See if you can find something like that around you.
  14. Thats actually pretty cool. Do you remember which commercial it was? Because if you have the original tape, then it must be pretty high quality.
  15. Here's what it says on gofundme's website. We could probably set it at 1400 and just keep collecting if the bid increases by then.
  16. Yeah, everyone gets a copy of the rom. I pitched the idea on Twitter and people were interested in chipping in. DQ fans are out there.
  17. Finally we can play this thing without needing to use a mobile VPN.
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