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  1. I just ordered that one on eBay lol. Its the one with DQV hero and Bianca on the cover. Can't wait to see it.
  2. I might actually watch this later, thanks. I've been looking for a good DQVI LP (mostly the DS version). This looks good though.
  3. That looks like a really cool book! I haven't heard of that yet. Can you tell us what was in it?
  4. Actually I got the DQVIII demo from an issue of the North American Shonen Jump magazine. I hadn't even heard of DQ until I got that disc (great beginnings I know). It was Fall 2005, a few months before DQVIII's release and there were interviews with Horii in the magazine. In regards to all the history I mentioned, I'm trying my best to document all of the missing DQ stuff I can possibly find. I've got a folder on my harddrive called DQArchive. I'm looking to find manga scans, books, betas, art work, commercials, TV Spots, press conferences, interviews with Horii and staff, pictures of Horii and Sugiyama, fanart, magazine scans, game guides, rom hacks, and more. Its a slow process. One thing I've realized is that there is a lot of official DQ art that is exclusive to Japanese game guides, but that would require buying them and importing them from Japan, plus scanning. If anyone has some it'd be helpful. Wow so DQVI was translated... I had no idea about that. That would be a treasure to have, especially since the fan translation isn't exactly perfect.
  5. Yeah there's definitely holes in DQ's recorded history online. So much stuff we don't know and have access to its honestly sad considering how other fanbases have almost ever little scrap of information on their games accounted for. The DQ wiki needs a big overhaul honestly. While I haven't found anything DQIV related, I have managed to track down a beta/prototype for Dragon Warrior VII PS1. https://hiddenpalace.org/Dragon_Warrior_VII_(Sep_14,_2001_prototype) I have not tested it yet, but it released September 2001. I can't imagine it being too different, but its worth taking a look at, maybe I'll burn it to a disc later.
  6. Got a link or picture? Its this. They're like Dragon Quest visual histories. They catalogue all of the merchandise from this era. Thats actually really great! Which year is your book from?
  7. https://drive.google.com/open?id=144pKk9B_Zxa1TAyJ4OXW4_akAD1q2rt4 Here is the updated folder with the Dragon Quest VIII demo disc I ripped myself. Nobody else on the internet has done this. The demo has a bunch of differences to the final game.
  8. Oh Liam I'm glad you brought up that beta file thing. I can't seem to get the NES beta to work on my console. There may be something wrong with the file. The prototype works fine though. Also I'll share my dump of the DQVIII beta with the Den, I think I've hoarded it long enough. @Dwaine @Liamland
  9. In Dragon Quest XI a bard in Sniffelheim sings the Led Zeppelin song, the Immigrant Song.
  10. Hey guys, so I recently found out about these books and was looking to getting them scanned for the internet. Do any of you guys own them? Would be cool to check them out.
  11. Hey guys, I was wondering if there's someone who's actively archiving all of the events in DQ of the Stars. I mainly mean all of the conversations between Cyril and the characters. I just think this might be important to save images of all the dialogue since they're timed events. Like for example, I had no idea Psaro's last name was Banesword, so its things like this that seem worthy of maybe storing here on the den. Has anyone been actively screencapping/recording?
  12. Makes me wonder if there's any other cool things hidden in the games.
  13. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone here knows how to rip hidden game sprites from GameBoy titles, because I've found this on the Spriters resource under Enemies in Dragon Warrior I+II for GameBoy. I mean its all the typical baddies except I noticed a few things. For starters, it looks like there's a head animation for the Green Dragon in the files and aditionally I see sprites for some sort of car, a Penguin, Pikachu and what looks like a Gundam. This brings up a lot of questions and I would like to look into the game's files myself to verify their existence if anyone knows how to. Thanks.
  14. Hey guys, I'm trying to compile some references to DQ in other video games, was wondering if you guys had any you could share. Here's a pretty recent one:
  15. DQ1 - GameBoy DQ2 - GameBoy DQ3 - GameBoy Color DQ4 - Mobile DQ5 - DS DQ6 - DS DQ7 - PS1 DQ8 - 3DS DQ9 - DS DQX - PC DQXI - Switch
  16. I also like the fact that there's a boat this time around. They've really done a good job so far of bringing up the nostalgia from DQII from the story to even the soundtrack.
  17. Oh wow, so each hero is going to have a different voice actor. Thats neat.
  18. I like the story so far a lot. I really like the whole island castaway sort of thing they're going for. Definitely looking forward to the full game.
  19. DQXII. Its gotta be DQXII. They finished DQXI two years ago, which means we could get a new announcement in a few years for the next game. This is exciting.
  20. I'm thinking the restriction is the same one that prevented the heroes from meeting in DQH and the Fortune Street games. I'm thinking due to the timeline differences it wouldn't even make sense canonically for the heroes to meet up and fight together. That's probably what they were getting at.
  21. As far as I can tell, it says that you did not win the prize and that you should try again tomorrow. They sent it out a million times to everyone.
  22. I’m completely behind this. PuffPuff and DQFM are great, but having a podcast run by series veterans would be amazing as well. I would really like to see you start a new podcast, it’d be fantastic I’m sure. I’d be sure to help promote it best I can if you go through with it.
  23. You’re right, that is another mystery. This is definitely the work of Enix America. I’m sure Sugiyama had no hand in it. Would be great if we could figure this out too.
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