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  1. I also like the fact that there's a boat this time around. They've really done a good job so far of bringing up the nostalgia from DQII from the story to even the soundtrack.
  2. Oh wow, so each hero is going to have a different voice actor. Thats neat.
  3. I like the story so far a lot. I really like the whole island castaway sort of thing they're going for. Definitely looking forward to the full game.
  4. DQXII. Its gotta be DQXII. They finished DQXI two years ago, which means we could get a new announcement in a few years for the next game. This is exciting.
  5. I'm thinking the restriction is the same one that prevented the heroes from meeting in DQH and the Fortune Street games. I'm thinking due to the timeline differences it wouldn't even make sense canonically for the heroes to meet up and fight together. That's probably what they were getting at.
  6. As far as I can tell, it says that you did not win the prize and that you should try again tomorrow. They sent it out a million times to everyone.
  7. I’m completely behind this. PuffPuff and DQFM are great, but having a podcast run by series veterans would be amazing as well. I would really like to see you start a new podcast, it’d be fantastic I’m sure. I’d be sure to help promote it best I can if you go through with it.
  8. You’re right, that is another mystery. This is definitely the work of Enix America. I’m sure Sugiyama had no hand in it. Would be great if we could figure this out too.
  9. Yeah the Dragon Warrior I and II artist is still a mystery. This is all we know. His signature.
  10. Hey guys. I noticed a really old topic here on the den where folks were trying to find out who the artist behind the Dragon Warrior NES cover art was. This info was elusive for a while, but I finally managed to track him down. His name is Chris Hopkins, he’s a painter from Washington who has done a lot of interesting work over the years. He did the theme art for three separate Super Bowls and the main poster for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom among many other projects. I talked to him about his work and the DQ games he did art for. He said in a previous conversation that he only did the art for DW3 and DW4, so we still don’t know who did the art for the first two games. He was given instructions by a Japanese man from Enix along with a translator and they gave him samples of Toriyama’s work to base his paintings off of. Please check my full interview with him out, I worked very hard on it.
  11. The franchise is goddamn superpower in Japan. [emoji123][emoji123][emoji123] That’s my boiii.
  12. I totally expected Mordegon to be a demon like most DQ villains, so when you find out he was actually human and Erdwin’s best friend I was a bit mindblown. I don’t really like Calasmos all that much though, but the foreshadowing leading up to Calasmos was brilliant. The game tricked you into thinking the “Dark One” was Mordegon when it actually wasn’t. The only hint is the painting in Arboria of Calasmos.
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