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    Halo, CoD, SC2, RPGs, gaming in general. I also am married for 2 years now. Still love to hang out with friends when i have the time. Also play some sports, soccer being my favorite and the one Im best at. I went to school to be a software engineer and also for IT computer support specialist.
  1. Yeaaaaa looks like shes staying dead boys and girls.
  2. Last week people! Make sure to get those votes in by sunday!
  3. hmm i am a programmer but have touched with php at all yet but i can look into it.. cant be that hard to learn and do. No promises though, thats a much bigger commitment:P I would definitely need to see more than 10 people interested
  4. well im giving the poll until the 20th... I'd hope to see more than 2 votes!? Either way plz let me know what u think.
  5. *biiiiiggg yaaaawwwwnnn* wow body hopping isnt as fun as it used to be.... Thank you woodus... still the great admin i remember.
  6. Here is a link to the description of the arena: http://www.woodus.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=2869 Also here is the link to vote for whether or not to bring it back after your done reading: http://www.woodus.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=23557&pid=339531&st=0&&do=findComment&comment=339531 Mimas, the biggest difference is that with the arena you actually level your player and PvP is involved. Also you buy and purchase weapons, armor, pets, items, etc with gold u get from adventures and fights. If you chose, in the arena you can level your character through pvp rather than doing adventures. Adventures can be made by people that dont even have characters in the arena if they so chose. Adventure writers are basically dungeon masters that run the game just like in the old pen and paper rpgs. TL:DR - The arena is DW/DQ in a text based format basically with pvp thrown into the mix. The stories/adventures that you may go on will never be the same. O and 'dieing' doesn't mean game over
  7. ty both of you. Yea I still love DW and all but didnt care that DW was becoming none existent and going towards DQ. That and with the next gen consoles and nothing coming out for the 360... just kept me flying further and further away. Ive played every DW there is and beat all of them (most multiple times of course) . I have been trying to go and find some old text low graphic browser games i used to play and so far both died while or after i left them. I just hoped the arena came back again:D
  8. Hello all! Im back after a veeerrry long absence. I was Dragon Warrior Lover 2k4 back in the day and really the main reason i have come back is to take a shot at reviving the good old arena once and for all. I started a poll in the arena section to see if there is enough interest. So get over there and vote!
  9. Well guys I was one of the lucky ones who was actually able to take part in the original arena myself and would love to take revive it again. Since i see that there were hints at it throughout the years, I'd like to take my stab at it if the community is still interested. BTW, my name back then was Dragon Warrior Lover 2000(changed the 2000 to 2k4 in 2004) I think a good number to make worth reviving it for would be around 10 people to get it started. After its started im sure more will come once its active.
  10. Well to stay updated i would like to change my name to Dragon Warrior lover 2k4!
  11. THat didn't sound like it was a joke Necrosaro!
  12. Thats ok! Thanks! What do you guys think???
  13. Woodus did you get the email i sent you about the avatar? I would love to have it as mine!
  14. Thanks! I do like the pic Magnus but i think one of Sagemaster's is better! Hopefully you can see it when and if it becomes my avatar!
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