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  1. I don't know where you are in the game, so I won't spoil anything. I don't think I've used any of my seeds either. That said, just for fun I stuck Ashlynn in battle by herself. She's taken no damage and wiped out the entire party of monsters in one round. She had a little trouble with the next battle, but she killed em all in 4 rounds. I'm at the end of the game and she's at Level 58. Depending on how you play, she can be quite powerful. But so can Nevan and Milayou(Milly). I've been through 5 battles, and she's not been killed. I had the reserve heal after most of the battles, but you'd proba
  2. I saved a file dating to 2015-07-08 13:57:25.591763721. I think I encountered it a time or two. It seemed persistent, but cleared up a few hours later, so I assumed it was fixed. <html><head><title>Request Rejected</title></head><body>The requested URL was rejected. If you think this is an error, please contact the webmaster. <br><br>Your support ID is: 12175959518553670698</body></html>
  3. If it really does pan out and we do get it: Else: :( :( Time will tell. Here's hoping!
  4. I like the column theory( :thumbsup: ), but I'll stick with Noric because he looks like he's strong as steel.
  5. I vote for Noric. My logic being it's a variant of cursive. Looking at the strokes, while it's not exactly how I write my N's it's nowhere near how I write my D's. (There's two differences between my N's and theirs. I use a loop at the top and the N would be connected to the rest of the word.) I can see how one could see it as a corrupted print D, and it could very well be.
  6. Googlebot ignores robots.txt? Yeah, what you said would be the better solution. I guess my main point was that there was that there doesn't have to be one single version. I thought CSS3 had some media options that might be able to be used, but I'm not sure how Google looks at that. I'll admit that I haven't been keeping up with the latest Google developments.
  7. http://m.woodus.com/den/home.php -> http://desktop.woodus.com/den/home.php http://desktop.woodus.com/robots.txt User-agent: * Disallow: / http://d.woodus.com/den/home.php http://d.woodus.com/robots.txt User-agent: * Disallow: / http://woodus.com/desktop/den/home.php http://woodus.com/robots.txt User-agent: * Disallow: /desktop/
  8. Try some programming competitions: Browse Top Coder and see if anything is up your alley. Real companies/government entities(NASA ) have programers compete to solve their problems. http://www.topcoder.com/asteroids/tracker/ https://community.topcoder.com/longcontest/?module=ViewProblemStatement&rd=16166&pm=13491 Code Chef is more towards the theoretical side, so it's probably not what you're looking for.
  9. Yes, always use the in game save. Like Fur said, post the save state, and see if there's anything he can do. If it is a glitch with the save states, you could use the Debug Menu and get yourself back to a similar state. If you do decide to go the debug route:
  10. Yawn stupidly longer than a Slowpoke (Yes, yes) After yawning you might fall asleep Then do the (Look, look) bunny dance http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pok%C3%A9mon_Ondo
  11. Hey... Maybe he's onto something.... Maybe if I rant and rave about games I could get 10k a month... What's that? I'd be booed off stage and not get even a penny? It's a racket I tell ya!
  12. Further derailment: I've never read anything by Robert Burns, but Chaucer's really difficult to read. We read the Canterbury Tales in my English class using Middle English. While it was interesting to try to read it, I was getting nowhere in the story.After reading a line about four or five times I could mostly understand it. After the professor told us what we had to have read, I gave up all hope of trying to read it in Middle English and opted for a modern English version I found online. As everyone probably guessed I'm with Neil_ on this one. Seeing as how I didn't with Chaucer,
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    Confirmed! Thanks!
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    Images of the amalgamated, conglomerated, or disparate types.
  15. I had no problem creating a status update. Weird. Edit: I can't reply to status updates. It seems whatever is going on has to do with the ajax/server interaction. Stuff using the normal post method seems to be fine, but something isn't happening with the javascript and server. I'm not really up on AJAX, but my guess is that something's gone awry with the server and it's not responding like it's suppose to.
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      Ha! So.... I can reply to comments now, but no one else can. ^^ How about that? (Or can they?)

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    Huh. No crashes for me. It does take a little while, but usually within 5-15 seconds I get the error. I've tried this with two different browsers. Well, thanks for letting me know! I saw an edited post by Yangus in his A Dragon Quest Christmas Carol topic, which seemed to indicate he was having trouble posting, but he didn't give any details. My guess is the server is having issues.
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    I tried to upload an image just now, but I got this error message: I cleared my cache and tried again several times. Anyone else affected? Also, the quick editor seems not to be working. The full editor seems fine though...
  19. One last thing and I'll let it drop. http://www.gppro.com/support_enmotion_troubleshooting_overview.aspx enMotion® Automated Towel Dispenser DISPENSER TROUBLESHOOTING PROBLEM The dispenser automatically dispenses towels without any hand motion. SOLUTION Check dispenser location/environment: Temperature, humidity extremes Located near malfunctioning ballast/fluorescent lights, neon sign, power conduit, a large motor or electrical mechanism Static ground clip is not making contact with the wall 2-way radios in use nearby If any of the above exists, investigate the pote
  20. Well words are one way of conveying information, but they aren't the only way. Browsing the internet, buying books, watching movies and shows all reveal information about you. If people are watching, while they might not know exactly how you think, they can take an educated guess. I think more often than not they can get a pretty accurate picture. Assuming that the camera, computer/viewing equipment, and information transfer systems haven't been compromised, then yes cameras don't lie. Well, I'm thinking more electrical than mechanical. You said it wasn't attached to the building's power sup
  21. I admit to only skimming ignasia's post, but from what I've read what I'm about to say is completely different. I guess I'd be the "more scientific minded" type. So here's some theories ranging from worrisome to pranks: Jamiras843, a nightmare enthusiast was profiled by a con artist. The con somehow learned that he is a nightmare enthusiast, and deliberately set about to spook him in an attempt to make him leave. Once he was gone, he might have disabled the alarm system (or had someone else disable it from the outside) and set about his work. Employee A likes to play pranks. Employee A deci
  22. http://japanese.about.com/b/2011/09/03/which-script-to-learn-first-hiragana-katakana-or-kanji.htm For various flashcard decks: http://ankisrs.net/ Dictionaries: Tagaini Jisho is a free, open-source Japanese dictionary and kanji lookup tool that is available for Windows, MacOS X and Linux and aims at becoming your Japanese study assistant. http://www.tagaini.net Kiten is another Japanese Reference Tool http://edu.kde.org/kiten http://www.kanjijapanese.com/en/dictionary-japanese-english http://www.tanoshiijapanese.com/dictionary/stroke_order_details.cfm?entry_id=56472
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