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  1. No kidding. I'm over 15 years past. Just realized that the kid of one of the girls who dropped out due to pregnancy would be over 18 now, meaning a former classmate might be a grandmother. I am officially feeling old.
  2. FF4's major deus ex machina plot line has always bothered me. Finding a giant mechanical whale that takes you to go get a previously unmentioned crystal on the moon... Maybe I missed the setup there and it all makes sense if you talk to a few random NPCs somewhere... It was just totally random and jarring relative to the established world and in game lore.
  3. DQ2 - a certain special item cape (being vague to avoid spoilers) has a text overlap issue because it's equipable but not sellable. DQ5 - text overrun on the monster capture button (also, text should probably be "send ahead" since you are opting to send it to the monster daycare center)
  4. I know this is the unpopular opinions thread, and I'll agree that the second half of DQV is kinda lame, but the first chapter is easily my favorite in the entire series and likely colors my opinion of the whole game. How can you not love traveling with your dad, going ghost hunting, all while fending off farting rodents and dancing veggies?
  5. I am in my mid thirties and I am one of those who think it could magically appear (assuming a magical dual release with mobile ). Even two decades in the fan translation scene hasn't dulled my enthusiasm.
  6. On of the guys who did some of the translation work on DQ5 SFC recently mentioned he might be interested in doing some translation work again. I'll shoot him a message today and see if he might want to lend a hand. I'd recommend submitting a help wanted ad at RHDN and taking some proof of concept screenshots or photos to post a thread on the personal projects sub forum to show you have done the technical work needed to insert a translated script. There are a fair number of translators on that site, and a few of them are fans of the series, so you may get some interest by announcing your projects existence.
  7. I can't tell you how disalusioned I was 15 years ago when I took a music/art appreciation course in college and heard a lot of pieces that sounded like DQ music from a few hundred years ago. But then I realized there is a lot of borrowed themes and progressions in ALL music. One needn't look further than those YouTube videos like .
  8. Linearity is my secondary biggest complaint about 8 honestly (Jessica being first). The raised continents are just stupid.
  9. I loved FFMQ. It was my go to sick day game in high school. Could beat it in a day and it had an awesome soundtrack.
  10. A few confessions. I was happy to get rid of Keifer and wish I could have done so sooner. Kid was annoying. DQ3>DQ4 Chapter 1 and 3 are the only part of DQ4 worth playing. The way DQ8 handles Jessica makes me cringe. DQ2 (especially the original) might just be my second favorite DQ.
  11. My dream of a DQ themed mini golf game is still alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. DQ themed (mini) golf game. Hands down obvious answer, I win.
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