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  1. I decided last week to take a break from my quest (to get every class and skill for every character) on DW7. (I figured if I was going to buy the game, then I might as well max out all the features the game has to offer...) So I decided to pick up Super Mario RPG and The Legend of Zelda- A link to the Past. The Legend of Zelda only took three days to finish, and I'm still playing Super Mario RPG. After this I will either continue with DW7 or play FF1 again. Once DW1/2 and Taloon's Great Adventure arrive from Japan, I'll drop everything and turn my attention to them.
  2. Well, since I have only played Dragon Warrior 7 and I love it! I would have to say that I think the best Dragon Warrior game in the series is Dragon Warrior 7. However, I'm currently trying to get my hands on other Dragon Warrior games as well....
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