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  1. What's funny though is that Patty's Drindl or whatever it's called shows way more cleavage than any of the bikinis but it still works with the Wear-With-All award.
  2. Long time no speak to. Anything new?

  3. Aww, Ragnar's such a nice guy.
  4. Aww, I saw there was a new post here and got all excited that there was an update... Now I'm sad.
  5. Tummai... You are my favorite person on the entire interwebs. Keep up the awesome work, I can't wait to read more.
  6. So when you finish with the DQ4 books is there any chance of you moving on to novels from the other games? This is easily the most interesting topic I've read in a while and I'd love to read more, especially from DQ3 or 5, when you're done.
  7. So is 96x96 the new size limit?
  8. Dude...if you got your screen name where i think you did, YOU ROCK!

  9. Take heart KS in that those of us who did open it are greatly in the minority. It seems so far it's only me, sadistic soldier and someone who didn't even have a choice in the matter. As for myself, I have no regrets. The card itself turned out to be rather underwhelming so I'm sure the rest of you will get more satisfaction from keeping it closed, but with me the curiosity would have eaten me alive. Even if I had tried to hide it like some of you, the mere fact that I was trying to avoid it would make it stick in my mind. So I decided to save myself a bunch of worrying about whether or not I
  10. I just went through the monster list and it looks like mine is the Iron Turtle from DQ6.
  11. I got mine today as well, and I opened it up but I don't really recognize the monster... If I get a chance later I'll scan it and post a picture of it here.
  12. Hah! I remember when you first showed us that lego slime. That was nicely done.

  13. Yeah, you guys are a bit late... Even if you did finish some missions King Slime wouldn't bother awarding the points considering the site closes tonight...
  14. Wow, they've only been up for about an hour and already over 1/3rd of them are gone. Makes me glad I happened to be up in time to nab one tonight, as I'm sure they'll be gone by the time I get up tomorrow. I doubt I'll actually keep it in the envelope though... Seems kinda pointless when I was really never enough of a member of the SK community to get nostalgic about it.
  15. I'm sorry it took me so long to reply, but I have been extremely busy all week. But as for your request, I just downloaded several sound collections awhile back, and now that I've gone through them it seems I do have what you are looking for. It will take me a bit to extract it from the rest of the file, but I will post it here when I'm finished. Alrighty then, here they are. This one is from the Symphonic Suite, so it's higher quality, but if you are using the original midi style music it probably wont fit in very well. This one I believe was recorded from the game itself so it's lower qu
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