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  1. What's funny though is that Patty's Drindl or whatever it's called shows way more cleavage than any of the bikinis but it still works with the Wear-With-All award.
  2. Dai no Daibouken has been finished and Monsters+, Emblem of Roto and Warriors of Eden have all been dropped by their respective groups. So as far as I can tell there are no DQ mangas being translated any more.
  3. I was going to say this was way too easy, I recognized almost all of them right away, but that last one was just pure evil. That exact same sound is in almost all of the main games and every remix of those... Just curious, but do we get partial credit for only missing part of each song? I hope so because there were several where I knew the song but couldn't tell which remake it was from or couldn't remember where in the game it played. Anyways, great contest. I've kinda been ignoring contests recently because weren't very interesting, but this one was a lot of fun.
  4. Long time no speak to. Anything new?

  5. Wow, and I was just thinking to myself a few days ago that I should see if I could find any RAWs for some of the DQ mangas. Awesome topic!
  6. Heh, after looking through this topic now I feel bad I beat it on my third try.
  7. Aww, Ragnar's such a nice guy.
  8. Aww, I saw there was a new post here and got all excited that there was an update... Now I'm sad.
  9. Tummai... You are my favorite person on the entire interwebs. Keep up the awesome work, I can't wait to read more.
  10. So when you finish with the DQ4 books is there any chance of you moving on to novels from the other games? This is easily the most interesting topic I've read in a while and I'd love to read more, especially from DQ3 or 5, when you're done.
  11. So is 96x96 the new size limit?
  12. Dude...if you got your screen name where i think you did, YOU ROCK!

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