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  1. You can go and read the documents at Romhacking.net to learn about hacking. There is no scripting involved, in the translation scene a script is the japanese dialogue all in one readable/editable file. Some of the Japanese script is transated, I could give you that and you could find a translato to finish it up. A translator is not just someone who knows the language, you need someone who uses the language often and has for a long while for accurate translations. Hacking ROM is just getting in there, knowing hexadecimal, knowing offset values, knowing how to get RAM dumps from your emulator, k
  2. Well... I never said that if the English version came out that it would for sure never happen. We've just stayed working on DQ3r, Glory of Heracles 3 and DQ5r until we figure out whats up with DQIVr... At the very least, I'll get into the English DS and change them spell names, me personally all by myself haha. As for PSX, its still possible either way, just we're looking at options.
  3. (Looks like I've been outta the public for tooooooo long) Well, yeah there is a translation project. It's a project in my team however it's getting zero progress, we are working on other titles atm and have no plans in the near future. Things change however, so don't let me discourage you. If you are willing to change my mind, feel free to start up hackin it yourself, I'll even give you the so far translated script so that you can put it in yourself. Otherwise, wait tight and hold out.
  4. I played it through the whole thing once, I'm not doing it again unless theres something new to see, is there anything new?
  5. Well I dunno, I went to the hub entry and there doesn't seem to be any "join" link, so I'm taking it that it's not online rite now, I'll check back later.
  6. Yeah like I've already said, I'm okay with that. If you do need a moderator, I'll give it my best. As for the code I'll keep working with what I have of my own systems, I'm getting... somewhere... and slowly.
  7. Well... I guess I could still try my own thing with this, even though I'll more than likely end up nowhere towards anything close to what you guy have come up with. It would be really nice to have my own programming language, that way I'd already know it lol. Well, I mean I know the DM language, I just don't know how to get it to do things that would be DW-like. The first person to figure this out must've been a genius, and like I said I'm so limited in my resources its not even funny. There is so little on DW systems.
  8. I got back into looking at the DM code for BYOND game programming a little bit the past few days. It can be pretty painful at times, especially since there isn't any tutorials on DW-type battle systems or any topics in the forums about such. Either that or I haven't come across any. I tried to do a little programming myself, so far I have Worldsay working and I have a view maps and stuff, I doubt we'll go anywhere with it since we have such a huge lack of resource to help us get ideas for programming towards such, but I mean, atleast all of our icons are done and we have maps built, even if no
  9. Well, I will certainly contribute what I can considering my current projects and lifestyle. I too could contribe art related material, I have the DQ4 remake sprites pre-made in BYOND form. So if you also wanted to use them, I could throw them in. Of course I'd be interested in moderation, I have a high experience with this type of area. I've had many private servers before and almost everything I've ever played a piece in, I have been somewhere in a leadership position. I have amazing administrative skills, from running servers, teams, guilds, and really I could handle just about any
  10. I just saw the videos and I must say I'm impressed with what I have seen so far, alot of the existing DQ BYOND games are crap. I mean they are good, but it always seemed due to BYOND limitations that you can only get so close to the real deal... This is the closest I've seen so far. If I can help in any way, you let me know because I can program in BYOND as well, however just not as experienced in such. This would be something I'd support.
  11. Well, I would have to say Neil_ would need to know this one because I have no clue what your talking about. The only thing I know of a cheat in DW7 is the debug menu. WHICH Neil_ needs to finish that FAQ thing he was working on.
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