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  1. Hi everyone.... Just happened to drop by after a long while Just got DQ Heroes I and II taking advantage of Black Friday Haven't played DQ Builders yet
  2. i haven't finished Dragon Quest VI one of these days i'll continue it
  3. I have the original NES cart but what Wonderslime and me were talking about was the DQIV version for the playstation. which we are currently playing...
  4. Ahem... I like DW IV because it gets you involved in the game very much plus the fact that you join with all the characters from previos chapters at the end is very cool
  5. Its a cool avatar and thanx for liking mine
  6. Which means Anime style and not any real looking dragons am i right MC..
  7. I still have my original DW1 Cart in a hard plastic covering protecting it from all the dust One of the Best out there It Truly is
  8. they are practicly giving DW3 away but i don't have to worry about it because I OWNZ them ALL muahahahaha
  9. The DW game that i have played the most is DW IV i love it a lot And then theres DW II i took me a looong time to level up that i only played it once.
  10. I like those kind of avatars where they show a person face like most of us have on now.
  11. it shows that i have to start playing star ocean...
  12. I could help but i have only one question: WHO is Leon Geeste
  13. the only BOF i have played is IV for the PSX and it was really easy the graphics looked to cartoon like to me...
  14. I happen to agree with you Wonderslime i usually talk about games with my friends and they all now Final Fantasy but when i mention Dragon Quest or Dragon Warrior they go and some even tell me if thats a new game out in the market, make you want to beat them senseless
  15. I plainly just dont understand the people at Enix they took out DW/DQ 1 and had Square FF for competition. they both came out with 2 and 3. When FF 4 came out it was for the SNES Enix should have done the same. Then they went silent and Square took control of the market and flooded it with games. Imagen if they would have continued to compete we would be enjoying DW/DQ 11 or 12 by now
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