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  1. Has anyone had any success with the 3ds rom, in regards to exporting the retro monster sprites?
  2. Not sure if this has been posted yet, new info regarding the use of giant monsters with a video to go along with it. http://gematsu.com/2016/05/dragon-quest-heroes-ii-details-giant-monster-battle-four-devas
  3. Mine is 703 140 831 Name is KHEG because cybersavior is too long Initially put my invite code in place instead of my id number,Thanks to Platty for pointing that out
  4. You likely spent the night at Beran, now the Prince is sick in the Beran Inn and needs a yggdrasil leaf to get better.
  5. Right now at (http://www.bundlestars.com/) Rpg Maker VX Ace is going for $10.49 Rpg Maker XP is $3.75 Killer deals if anyone want to buy them, go to that site check it out.
  6. Inventory space poses a problem though 10 slots and with 4 being equipment, then there is the flute, lyre, magic keys and sunstone, rain staff, token and love from gwaelin. So hold off until you are strong enough to do the whole quest line and combine 3 of them into the rainbow drop. My advice is not to get any story items until late in the game when you absoutely need them, so you don't have to leave dungeons prematurely because of constantly filling up your inventory. but wait I forgot, this version has the vault.... I still think its best to wait though.
  7. Is boom Town/Pioneer Town included? I didn't see anything about it in the ios or android page. I know that this mode supported tagging on DS, and would hate to see that Pioneer/Boom Town was removed just because one small part of it (connectivity) was not possible,
  8. Get Fantasy Life when it comes out in the fall for 3DS, Its made by level 5. Think a touch of DQ9 mixed with some Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing with the goofy but cute Art Style of Professor Layton. The combat is not much different than what was originally intended for DQ9, (real time action RPG combat)
  9. I sometimes have a nostalgic kick for Willow, and Legend Loved those movies.
  10. You need not worry, as I don't feel you were ranting, you have a viewpoint based on your experience and I feel you got your point across in a very tactful fashion. Myself, I've spent extensive time with all the makers since 2000 (except regular VX, which I feel is garbage due to its limitations, feels like rpgmaker lite) and have come to fully understand how to utilize what is included to make complex events, the script editing used in the later makers though is still something I am still learning, and I still find myself favoring certain things about each of the makers, and wished over th
  11. After doing a lot of work for my RpgMaker 2k3 game, I encountered a major roadblock with rm 2k3's limited damage formulas, as they cannot be made to emulate properly emulate the Dragon Quest damage formulas especially when regarding metals as well as critical hits working properly. With all the workarounds I had in place, the game would practically crawl because of all the events being processed in battles. Needless to say I have been moving my game to VX Ace, and here is one of my overworld maps (I am doubling the size of all the overworld maps except 1 and will be adding towns tower
  12. I wouldn't worry too much about the comment
  13. Due to the recent announcement made by Square-Enix, I have decided to give my take on a few things. I felt that there was a good chance we would get 2 DQ's this year even before these announcements, as Square-Enix doesn't really have anything slated for RPG's for the 3rd and 4th quarter of the year, and that doesn't make any sense. Here is a list of their North American Internally Developed RPG's from 2012 forward (perhaps I have missed some, but I doubt many) -------------------2012-------------------------------------------------- Final Fantasy 13-2 (January 2012) Final Fantasy
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