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  1. Has anyone had any success with the 3ds rom, in regards to exporting the retro monster sprites?
  2. Not sure if this has been posted yet, new info regarding the use of giant monsters with a video to go along with it. http://gematsu.com/2016/05/dragon-quest-heroes-ii-details-giant-monster-battle-four-devas
  3. Mine is 703 140 831 Name is KHEG because cybersavior is too long Initially put my invite code in place instead of my id number,Thanks to Platty for pointing that out
  4. You likely spent the night at Beran, now the Prince is sick in the Beran Inn and needs a yggdrasil leaf to get better.
  5. Right now at (http://www.bundlestars.com/) Rpg Maker VX Ace is going for $10.49 Rpg Maker XP is $3.75 Killer deals if anyone want to buy them, go to that site check it out.
  6. So is it true that there is no Pachisi/Tnt boards?
  7. Inventory space poses a problem though 10 slots and with 4 being equipment, then there is the flute, lyre, magic keys and sunstone, rain staff, token and love from gwaelin. So hold off until you are strong enough to do the whole quest line and combine 3 of them into the rainbow drop. My advice is not to get any story items until late in the game when you absoutely need them, so you don't have to leave dungeons prematurely because of constantly filling up your inventory. but wait I forgot, this version has the vault.... I still think its best to wait though.
  8. Is boom Town/Pioneer Town included? I didn't see anything about it in the ios or android page. I know that this mode supported tagging on DS, and would hate to see that Pioneer/Boom Town was removed just because one small part of it (connectivity) was not possible,
  9. Get Fantasy Life when it comes out in the fall for 3DS, Its made by level 5. Think a touch of DQ9 mixed with some Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing with the goofy but cute Art Style of Professor Layton. The combat is not much different than what was originally intended for DQ9, (real time action RPG combat)
  10. I sometimes have a nostalgic kick for Willow, and Legend Loved those movies.
  11. You need not worry, as I don't feel you were ranting, you have a viewpoint based on your experience and I feel you got your point across in a very tactful fashion. Myself, I've spent extensive time with all the makers since 2000 (except regular VX, which I feel is garbage due to its limitations, feels like rpgmaker lite) and have come to fully understand how to utilize what is included to make complex events, the script editing used in the later makers though is still something I am still learning, and I still find myself favoring certain things about each of the makers, and wished over the years and new releases, that things were only gained with nothing being lost. It has been a truly frustrating journey, with trial and error and using workarounds, trying to stay true to my vision. The one thing I am most certain of in all this that i cannot afford to migrate my project again, its already happened twice before. I loved DQ3 sfc the best and as such am modelling my game around that game with as much content from across the series as I can cram in, while ensuring that the game not only looks and sounds like Dragon Quest, but feels as much like it as possible. I will share some of the frustratiions that I have had happen to me over the years I have worked with Rpg maker 2000 and 2003 far more in the past than any of the other makers (due to the fact that no others were out until later), but over the years the inability to resolve the issues below were dealbreakers for me. 1.I found is that when it comes to processing multiple things at once or even having too many events on screen(even if they are activate on touch) it doesn't chug along very well at all, even when using short waits and such to assist with smoothing out processing as well as the use of workarounds.(the use of numerous events on a screen is required for my tnt boards, lags them terribly, 2k3 not as badly though) 2. It also isn't possible to make some of the more complex skills/abilites used in the series. Such as the cover-like abilities and the numerous random multiple hit abilities and many of the other more complex abilities from the series. 3. No matter how the exp curve sliders are edited for 2k and 2k3 one cannot mimc how it was done in Dragon Quest as it does not allow for the compounding to increases by percent, but only by a repeating incremental change. 4. The ability to only have one drop per creature in RPGmaker 2k/3 without extensive modification, which when dealing with over 1000 monsters would require building an event for each monster to give additional drops is a bit much. 5. The inability to resolve damage mitigation and formula's correctly and make them like Dragon Quest was the last straw for me. I was using a workaround for this which needed a lot of content embedded into each monster group, but it was a processing nightmare and would occasionally cause major slowdown, and sometimes even crash because of insufficient memory. RMVX Ace has alleviated each and every one of the above concerns, and is allowing me to go forward, The game has being on a long hiatus, for not wanting to fill up the database once more and redo all my maps. For me these sacrifices I could not live with, as I felt they would force me to deviate too much from what I feel Dragon Quest represents and how it is played. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As far as RMVX Ace is concerned, the only thing thing that I really don't like about RM VX Ace are the use of Regions instead of Areas and only giving us 64 Regions (that is far too low for an overworld map) as picking different biomes within an area to have different mobs would require hundreds of different region tile types, I am working on fixing that with help from some analysis of community scripts relating to regions. Recently there was one thing in particular that I found in the scripting community which I loved was when I stumbled upon a couple scripts that allowed to slightly randomized attributes for weapons. So you could make it so that any weapon or armor you found could have a variance with its main attribute (ie in my game, if you found Erdrick's sword, its atk could range anywhere from 140-160, or even have a random bonus to another stat such as luck or elemental attack of defense if you like) the script could be edited so that the equipments stat or property of your choice can be randomized upon acquisition through the use of templates and made permanent. This process is being utilized for all random drops and equipment procured from chests in my game. Multiple unique instances of the same equipment is something I loved about Diablo, and I have always wanted to be in some version of my game, and I feel that its something that should have been utilized in DQ9, perhaps making the "Grotto Grinding" sessions more exciting and less repetitive.
  12. After doing a lot of work for my RpgMaker 2k3 game, I encountered a major roadblock with rm 2k3's limited damage formulas, as they cannot be made to emulate properly emulate the Dragon Quest damage formulas especially when regarding metals as well as critical hits working properly. With all the workarounds I had in place, the game would practically crawl because of all the events being processed in battles. Needless to say I have been moving my game to VX Ace, and here is one of my overworld maps (I am doubling the size of all the overworld maps except 1 and will be adding towns towers caves and such to them making sure there is not too much space without something) Here is my map of Dragon Quest 2 using the SFC Dragon Quest 3 tileset I edited and made. I have not added anything new to it except slime island so far, there was a little modification to the over world (doubling the size made it possible for me to include the original dragon quest map at full scale from DQ1 within it, replacing the tiny half size DQ1 map that was part of DQ2 initially. I had to move a couple islands around and trim some coastlines from a few DQ2 areas to ensure it fit.) I will be releasing the incomplete Dragon Quest rm2k3 project i was working on previous as is and it will be sometime this week, and will likely modify a tiny bit for the community to use as a base for making their own DQ game, as long as credit is given.
  13. I wouldn't worry too much about the comment
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