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  1. Can barely believe my profile is still on here. Member of the old posting his face.
  2. 11 hours in? You mean into the cutscenes? Theres only about 5 hours of gameplay in MGS4. Beat Magical Vacation last night and was dragged back into WoW.
  3. Never played Shining Force, but the original Phantasy Star games are really good for back in the old days. Phantasy Star dungeons are first person 3D view where you have to draw a map yourself to navigate(thats if you dont have FAQs or some kind of map already). I suggest getting the collection for your PS3, it should last you a while.
  4. Playing Duke Nukum 3D since I just saw the gameplay footage of Duke Nukem forever. A next gen render of the Ripper was more then enough for me to bump all games I was looking forward to and place them behind Duke's fist. Currently on the 6th level.
  5. I bought Final Fantasy Tactics for the PSP today. I've been looking for it since last summer and was told only a limited amounts of copies where shipped out to gaming stores or electronics stores. I found a last copy at Best Buy for $20.
  6. SoM is bad ass! One of my favorite SNES games (loved the soundtrack, as well). After you have played that one play Secret of Evermore and Seiken Densetsu 3 (Secret of Mana 2; you can find it fully translated on the web)... that is, if you never played those games before. Both SoE and SD3 are fantastic games, that shouldn't be missed. I've beat SD3 and have to say it has one of the most badass soundtracks to date. I'm going to buy Evermore in a few weeks, I've heard the amazing soundtrack and everyone I know recommends it to my slowely growing snes collection. I just beat SoM and have to play it again, it was way too much fun. Easily one of the Snes games I'd take with me to a far away planet. Currently sunk back into Diablo 2 making a new summoning Druid. If anyone wants to join by all means PM me, partying with a good set of mates is always a blast.
  7. Just started playing Secret of Mana this afternoon. Never played it before but so far its badass.
  8. Maxed out my stats on Zelda 2. Now all I have to do is endure the caves leading to the Great Temple then its clear sailing from there.
  9. Playing Zelda 2 The Adventure of Link again. Finished the first temple last night with level 4 sword, level 1 magic, level 1 health.
  10. I don't really see how P3 was emo. And "pop"? You mean that it had J-pop in the soundtrack? I find that a pretty weird thing to complain about. It's like saying that all games of the 16-bit era and before were bad because of "that repetitive midi $#!&". J-pop (as well as the other musical genres such as rock and hip-hop) really suit Persona 3 because it's set in modern day Japan, just like using classical music suits DQ because it's set in an Old European setting (though to be honest, it'd be more like lyres and things like that, rather than fully blown orchestras). As for the emo thing; the storyline is less emo than, say, Saro deciding to KILL EVERYTHING because BAAAWWW a girl I met a few times was killed by those humans WHO JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND ME! See, you can make anything into emo; admittedly, it doesn't take a lot of effort to do that to a white-haired bishounen elf-boy who has decided to hate an entire civilisation - no, planet - because a girl he liked got killed. The only things that could be considered emo about P3 are stylistic things; the main character's haircut and the way in which they summon the persona. SMT designs have often looked emo, though. Look at the characters from DDS or SMT3. Anyway, to answer your question: Yes, P4 is a lot better than P3, especially from what appears to be your point of view. The hero does not have hair over one eye and no one puts guns to their head to summon the persona. Worried Mothers Of America, rejoice. From most peoples' point of view, the improvements include such things as, well... Everything. The S.Links have been overhauled and made a lot less linear, there are now several dungeons rather than just one massive one, the plot isn't based on moon cycles so it flows more naturally and less predictably, the hero has a family now which gives a good emotional basis to the game, the other characters seem to have more to do in life than just stand around in the lobby of a tower block, it's more down-to-earth in the sense that they're countryside school kids rather than part of some elite special agency... There's also more to do with your time, such as take part-time jobs, some of which lead to S.Links, and there's a fishing minigame which can get you some very rare items. I haven't played Persona 1 or 2 but I am looking forward to playing them. You probably know that Persona 2 came in two parts but only one part was released in America (and then quite laughably localised; e.g. they coloured in one of the characters brown and changed his dialogue to be stereotypically African-American...) The other part was only ever released in Japan but a translation patch for it has been released so now us English-speaking folk can play it. If you didn't know that, here you are - Happy Christmas: http://tsumi.wordpress.com/ Yeah, I've found translated roms for the earlier Personas on a PSX emulator. Check them out when you can. I couldn't get the feel for Persona 3. I don't like J-Pop and the whole putting a gun to your head made my friends and I laugh. Not all games are meant for everyone, so I hope your not upset by my comment. But man, from what you just told me, Persona 4 sounds mondo cool. I guess I'll pick it up sometime this week when stores Re-open. I'm running out of things to play and a new SMT game definitely needs to sit on my shelf. Devil Summoner was my last game I beat and continue to wait patiently for any other games to be announced.
  11. Is Persona 4 better then 3? I sold 3 once I realized it was some pop/emo garbage. Totally turned me off considering both Personas 1 and 2 are god damn awesome. Just beat Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. I think I'm going to play the Golden Sun games again since well.... doesn't sound like theres a 3 coming out.
  12. Bought Final Fantasy Mystic Quest for $7 today. I'm about 5 hours in and man... for a cheaply made game this is fun.
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