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  1. I chalk VII's faults up to the fact that many RPGs from this era were long just for the sake of being long. There's a reason you don't see a lot of these sort of 80-hour marathon RPGs anymore and DQ7 is, in a way, a relic of a bygone era.
  2. So I guess the moral here is to not use Maribel in my endgame party until they fix this. That's a shame :/
  3. This is just speculation, but I feel like the menu lag and overall sluggishness of the text may be a result of the way non-Japanese text renders. It's likely that the game was never coded to handle any other language besides Japanese and they had to re-engineer some of the code to get other languages to work (which generally have more characters to render than Japanese). The Mother 3 fan translation team ran into similar problems.
  4. I don't know about you guys but I don't miss the half-hour boss fights one bit.
  5. Overall, I mostly like the boss nerfs. A lot of the fights in the original were just repetitive marathon fights against bosses with a few moves and tons of HP. I think the new boss fights are a lot less tedious... although Hanlon critting the Golem for 170 damage ended that fight before it even began.
  6. Part of the reason for the decrease in difficulty is because the game tends to force you into combat more often than the PS1 version did, so you're generally a higher level. In the original, you pretty much had to go out of your way to grind because playing straight through the dungeons put you in combat very infrequently. The world map was also tiny and you almost never got into combat on it unless it was intentional. In the original, I was Level 8 when I got to Orph, but in the remake I was well into Level 12.
  7. Good first impressions: + Kiefer and Maribel have a lot more personality than they originally did, and give me of a justification for tagging along with the hero than before. + Splendid array of character models and assets. Everything is beautiful to look at, especially for a 3DS game. + No fane puzzles. + Minor story changes are almost always for the better. Things I'm concerned about. - The major changes made to the prologue don't quite set the mood like the original did. - Menu input isn't very smooth. There seems to be a 1/5 second delay with each menu input, which is a little frustrating when the DS games' menu navigation was seamless and blazing fast.
  8. I thought it was odd, too. But I think SE is trying to grab a wider audience with Builders than with VII, so I think they're going for two different audiences at once.
  9. I am 99% certain that the OST change was due to space limitations. They're fitting FIVE localizations of DQ7's massive script on one cartridge, and the orchestrated OST's file size is likely very large. So that means they likely had to choose between compressing the existing OST or using smaller MIDI files to fit on the 2GB cartridge. Now you might wonder: "But 3DS has 4GB carts available! Why not use those?" And the answer for that is that it's not cost efficient to upgrade from a 2GB to a 4GB cart when you only need the extra space for the spill-over. Using 2.3 GB out of 4, for example, is a huge waste. The only other option would have been to not have a physical version at all, and have the game available digitally with the original OST to save costs. And then we'd be having an entirely different argument. I could see them upgrading the carts if this was expected to be a multi-million unit seller. But with a game that they may just barely break even on the investment, this is a safe move. You guys may not like it on a personal level, but that's just business unfortunately.
  10. Pilchard is another word for Sardine, and rhymes somewhat with Filcher. Likely just a coincidence.
  11. As one of the rare few who prefered DQ8's original OST over the symphonic version we got in the west, I doubt that DQ7 change is going to bother me much at all.
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