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  1. I beat Romancing SaGa today. The final battle was quite diffuclt. It took me three tries in order to win, but I did win. The Moonstone was incredibly good for this fight. I'm either going to play through the game again with another character or play another game
  2. Hey Saul, out of curiosity, which character are you playing as? I'm playing as Albert, though if I do play through the game again, I definitely want to try Jamil or Claudia. I've been using Claudia in my team for a while now, and she kicks major ass.
  3. I've been playing a game called Romancing SaGa lately. It's a very unique game from Square-Enix. The game is completely non-linear and extremely addicting. I'm nearing hte end of the game right now with four Fatestones in my posession. The game is cool the way game time goes by. It goes by depending on how many battles you fight, so it actually pays off to avoid as many fights as you can. It's an extremely fun game.
  4. I'm playing Star Ocean: The Second Story. It's very good so far. I'm working on heading to the Lacour Continent, then I can get to the El continent. It's a great game.
  5. I've picked up Dragon Warrior 7 again, to get in the mood for the DQVIII mania that will be sweeping everyone in two weeks. I just turned the mechs into scrap metal, so I'm preparing for my next grand adventure into the past.
  6. I agree that Star Ocean 3 does start off boring, but it picks up very quickly and becomes a fantastic game, one of my all-time favorites I picked up Suikoden 3 today, since I love the first one, but I'm dissapointed. I literally fell asleep during a battle! This does not bode well >_>
  7. Congrats Platty! Your next goal is the #1 position!
  8. I just beat Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. I'm now customizing some weaponry for Fayt, Maria, and Cliff. I'm going back to tackle some more of the Maze of Tribulations after customization or I run out of my Fol
  9. Where are you at right now in ToP? I've found some parts of that game to be damn frustrating. It's still stuck in the horrid ice cave, with a save state I don't even want to open. Stupid ninja enemies
  10. That's a wierd conicidence, Thorr. I just found my Tales of Phantasia ROM today, and I figured to give it a shot for old times' sakes. I forgot how much fun the game was. I'm almost at the end of the game, I just have to fetch 3 things and then I can enter the final dungeon. Maybe I'll give Tales of Symphonia a whirl once I finish Tales of Phantasia.
  11. I finally got off my lazy ass and started playing Dragon Warrior VII. I just arrived at the volcano place, and this game is already fascinating me. I'm looking foward to the game's big plot twists.
  12. Great choice,starting Terranigma. I just beat it for the second time just recently, and I still love it. Easily one of my favorite games ever.
  13. It gets better. The big plot twist nearly sent my jaw dropping to the floor. By the way, am I the only one that like Lufia 1's battle music?
  14. I've been playing Star Ocean: Till the End of Time lately. Pretty fun game so far. I just got Maria in my team and I'm looking into the whole ODA-thing the Vendeeni are after. Seems like fun. Out of curiosity, how much more time will I have left on Elicoor 2? I'm getting real sick of this place...
  15. Beat Deathtamoor in DQ6 at long last. I did not enjoy DQ6 as much overall as the others. I'm going for Dragon Warrior 7 once I'm done with the games I'm currently playing. I love Grandia 2, it's easily got one of the best battle systems I've ever played. I'm nearing the end of the game. I'm at Valmar's Moon. I love this game. I can't wait for Grandia 3.
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