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  1. Just for the record, the person that gave those numbers was a respected GAF member and in some way works with the NPD group via a 3rd party, etc. She doesn't provide HW numbers anymore, due to other circumstances, but she'll provide physical sales numbers for some games if you ask her. Based on that fact, It seems that DQVII sold poorly physically here, but who knows digitally. SE or Nintendo will never release a statement of how well or poor the game did saleswise, but I think we can voice our concern to SE and Nintendo on why the game doesn't catch on out West, etc. I have faith DQVIII will do better saleswise, but DQXI or DQXII will depend on maybe bringing it over digital only.
  2. Heard on GAF that somebody on the NPD thread stated physical sales were below 40K. Thats still a big ouch, but hoping that digital sales helped get the overalll sales to 100K. Which I hope is considered a mild success, as other than us fans here and in other forums, we are the only DQ fans in the US. I hope Nintendo gives DQVIII more marekting as that DQ was more popular among casual fans that played it in the PS2 era.
  3. I hope SE does do a Western release of the DQ Monsters, however, the monsters games are more for the hardcore DQ fans out West. The only way I see the Monsters games getting localized is getting the Pokemon fans to give it a chance. The Monsters games are geared towards the Pokemon fanboys moreso than DQ fanboys.
  4. Well that settles it for me. From here on, out gonna import DQVII and DQVIII 3DS Japanese versions. With thr region free unlocking hack that somebody got, u can play any 3DS game on it
  5. Firstly, I wanna say how come there's no major thread discussin the awesome OST music of the DQ games. Secondly, how come nobody at woodus never stated that you could order tHE OST soundtracks via amazon.co.jp and get them shipped stateside. i learned that you could order them and get it shipped stateside from reading a youtube comment on buying DQ CD's. Since then, I bought the first 8 OST's and I've been listening to them non-stop over the last 3 days. I can't believe I never thought to try amazon as I thought SE shipped these. They'rw abouy 20-30 bucks per CD and Now I'm in heaven with DQ music. Gonna turn them to mp3 files to listen on my way to work
  6. You make it sound like we haven't seen a new Dragon Quest game since 1990. Where have you been? So the release of Dragon Quest Monsters 1 and 2, the Game Boy remakes, Dragon Quests 7, 8, and 9, the DS remakes, Jokers 1 & 2, and the mobile ports didn't happen. I'm sorry, but I have to call BS.Honestly, its be what 6 years since we've seen a last DQ game released out West?? Lets see since 1992, tilll 2001, FF VI, VII, VIII and IX were making Squaresoft millions, while Enix were rueing in there failure to release V, VI and DQ I, 2 and 3 SNES remakes. I honestly have no idea why Enix wanted to release VII out West, when the PS2 was being released, bit glad it got released woth the GBa games too, but then SE had merged and no DQ localization news until DQIV DS news in 2007. Seems it takes Enix 7-8 years to retry to kickstart the series out West and we the fans suffer for it, becauae rhey can't be happy that 100K sales for DQ would be considered great for Xseed, NISA, and Atlus type games. Edit: I'm 30% hopeful that the series is being developed in English, for all we know this could be NOE leadinf the charge for publishing and not NOA or SE NA. Until I see a more official statement then I'll be somewhat pessimist.
  7. Enix never made an official announcement on DQIV on PS1. All we got was a page in the back of the DQVII instruction booklet saying DQIV PS1 coming soon. Don't recall NOB or Enix ever giving us a timeline.
  8. I'd like to believe but being burned thr last 25 years with no DQ out West and then coming back and then leaving, kinda will accept an official trailer or statement from SE. If it does come out West, great news, Horii convinced SE rathet than SE wanting to spend more money trying yo make DQ popular out West again. Hope we also get DQ Slime 3 and Tara and Terrys wonderland. At least throw us more bones SE.
  9. We'll ageee to disagree. I think DQ on 3DS or Vita is better suited than IOS. Doesn't mean I hate mobile. Have tons of games on mobile but DQ doesn't feel right to me on IOS. In the end, learning Japanese is better for myself and maybe some DQ fans tired of waiting for a western release. SE will always give the series the best visuals on dedicated handheld whether it be Nintendo or Sony in Japan.
  10. Not buying cause its not on a plantform you perfer is not helping us get more DQ games localized out west. It is what it is if its mobile only, then there is nothing any of us can do about it. I bought wvery DQ game simce its been released out West. I tried playing the 3-D Ones on IOs and just couldn't get into it. Buying DQ on mobile won't help either as SE will always give us half assed version of the game. Juat because Japan gets preferwntial treatment and better visuals, doesn't mean we should be grateful of getting an inferior product.
  11. Thanks guys for all your efforts. I think the translation should've been kept quiet as it seems SE lurks the DQ shrine and hears our pleas and does $&@$" all releasing the game out West. If its an IOS game coming out West, I won't buy it, I'll stick to learning Japanese on the 3DS, so I can also play more obscure JRPGs on the Vita so win-win.
  12. As I stated on rhe DQVII thread, we have to now as niche fans import the Japanese games and translate it ourselves. I think this DQ non-west release will be here to stay. Don't think because we'll buy DQ Heroes, SE might reconsider, no, they'll think Musuo DQ is want western fans want and release sequels of that. I think SE has now forever burned the bridges of there small and hardcore fanbase. It was understandable in the NES era why Enix abandoned us, but in this day and age of tge internet, globalization, region unlocking, we shouldn't have to "beg" for DQ games. I'm just ordered 5 Japanese DQ games and soon a 3DS. I may not know the language as well, but willing to learn now. SE, particularly Enix has pissed me off for the last time.
  13. I think we all know where DQ is on the localization priority. I'm not gonna bother hoping and praying from here on out. Gonna buy 5 DQ Japanese 3DS games soon and a Japanese 3DS. If somebody is also willing to translate, we can help out internally among the dragon's den for donations. I think we all wanted to believe but I think this dark age of DQ out West will be longer and worse when enix gave up after DQIV NES
  14. I was on GAF recently and always on the lookout for DQ tbreads?? What happened that it involved mass bannings?? I know Aeana is one of the biggest fans there, and she bans justily not trigger happy like other mods. I know talking localization can sometimes ignite into a flame war, but SE hasn't given a damn about the series out West in along time. They keep sayin they tried, but im reality they should let the Atlus, NIS od the world take a shot at localization.
  15. Here's a DQVIII direct video that cuts out the Nintendo Direct items for those that dont' want to forward the direct. I'm on the fence, on the way they treated this poorly. Graphics I don't care about, but still looks like a meh port. I expected it to me closer to PS2 capability, rather than worse than IOS. but whatever, we know the port isn't coming west, so all criticism is moot. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2s6v9p
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