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  1. 99% Of Japan if you was around in early years of PS1 were like that but USA didn't like it so after that most games get those two buttons changed MGS is one few games come to mind that refused to change. If you play imports its something you really have to get use to with the PS family. Near the end of and got copy Class Of Heroes and been trying that out while I do my editing
  2. Just got my copy today I had the DS copy for about 5 months and it was vary enjoyable but the plots *tho start out the same* at some point split into another story to my understanding can't wait try it out this weekend
  3. Got about 4 hours into nowFinished FFXIII tracks in Started Pokemon Pearl and Dragon Ball Z Attack Of The Saiyans
  4. Started The Last Story today :)

    1. Mou-rie-SHOU-rie


      in what chapter are u right now?

    2. Atticus
  5. Oddly Chocobo's Dungeon 1 is vastly odd due it uses ATB system of FF4 in battle o.o ANYWAY! Finished & I started The Last Story and enjoying that atm
  6. That is super cool you ever going host it for ppl?
  7. Oh wow did the old topic finally get so big it blown a hole in time and space and Doctor Who had to fix it? <,< xD Anyway I been vary slowly geting done At the end of (Cheep ass Final Boss....) Working on geting done Finished the boss off but still got loads Dark Notes to do in Finished was last game I got done with
  8. The Feeling Other Ppl See Whats In My Head....

    1. mdb510


      I'm always afraid whatever I'm thinking is totally obvious by my expression...

  9. A vary lovely topic here its nice to see Dragon Den still full lovely and helpfull ppl even tho I been gone for years Its also nice see one the members is doing a Let's Play makes me feel more hype about geting the game
  10. Tryed out The New 360 Arcade title Limbo that stired alot Buzz at E3 its intresting looking but So far I find it easy and my 1st siting got 46% it done *and to my understanding ends abit past 80% rest % is doing achvments* so seem like going be really short too for $15
  11. Ahh the old topi still lives huh? xD anyway This greatly intrested me I just went downloaded it now xD $1 what can really say for nice old rpg? xD As for what been playing DQ9 FFXI WofG/Aby add on Borderlands The Last Guy Nier 3rd Play *4 endings ;p* Breath of Death 7 Now Lol Need get back 3D Dot Game Heroes that Bet # ps3 Owners here goten xD Edit on Breath of Death 7 Jokes! CV:SofN "What is an undead man? A miserable little pile of secrets! ... and bones!" RE4 "Welcome, Strangah! What'cha buyin?" TOT "Here lies Dem Master of not beating the game, Vanquisher of nothing, Champion of LV6, Winner of 0 points in score attack, Learner of 1 unite tec, Hoarder of 282 gold"
  12. I dont see why people made a huge fuss over the idea that you use the Wiimote to kill people. RE4 for the Wii is the same concept. Everygame has violence, at least the popular ones. I dont see these types of games effecting people. Anyhow, playing EarthBound again. I must say EarthBound is my favorite RPG of all time. RE4 was done vary well on Wii =p But ya Am past like 1/2 and I dont see big deal I think GTA:SD Was worse if going be debate on horrored content Bet game going sell loads just due to stupid news it had I goten copy Castlevania The Dracula X Chronicles *am I only one thinks that "the" kind doesnt sound right there?* I goten to 4th stage and haveing few problems with part were stupid floting undead things keep comeing after you why you try back jump upward >,<
  13. I got Manhunt 2 For my Wii due my Poor Wii been roting on the shelf I think said that there was so much news for this shity game I sorry anyone likes it but this just doesnt stand right even on PS2 AI being worse thing in game I had enemy run right past me only to Die + I get loads headshots if I can get them to hallish area and as they pop in door Bam groups gone MGS 1 had better AI this This game also has problem Red Steel has where aiming spins around to fast *tho for good bit guns dont show up* Along with game looking like N64 game or GTA3 Over all only thing am glad about is that Rockstar didnt over price the thing I dont really see big deal eather alot Jack Tomhole groups like thinking this was going show us how kill and we become monsters rawwwwr At most you eather be Aiming and hiting B Or just swinging your Wiimote alot Did abit training in Mother 3 and thats it for today
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