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  1. If anything like they did with FFXI I found using a keyboard to play harder as it was made really for a controller so I would hope the same with DQX but still want one for typing of course While I think going to be low odds making it over seas due its fees vs the growing Free To Play/Buy Game no Sub system alot MMOs doing. I sadly think one things that didn't help FF14 while I don't feel Subscriptions are dead I think its really hard for new MMOs to pull off a Subscriptions only system now and days I mean hell even Wow has a smalllllllllll free to play system....vary small. Everquest
  2. I was more sad that creater of D, D-2, Enemy Zero died that day
  3. 99% Of Japan if you was around in early years of PS1 were like that but USA didn't like it so after that most games get those two buttons changed MGS is one few games come to mind that refused to change. If you play imports its something you really have to get use to with the PS family. Near the end of and got copy Class Of Heroes and been trying that out while I do my editing
  4. I have it never got around to playing it I remember we had topic on it long time ago one of the users talked about it way way WAY back when talking about Kings Field before
  5. I can't really think 20 hour PS1/2 RPG..... shame didn't have Wii The Last Story fits the bill
  6. They was able to reach over there goal atm there doing cover voting
  7. gauntlet+pokemon=skylanders I like the game haven't really cared to get any the other ones aside from starter ones tho I can see why kids love it as a former pokemon nut as a child its just random gauntlet to me "Gill Grunt Shot The Potion"
  8. So in case didn't know there was a kickstarter to have Working Designs like edition of this game and didn't meet its goal when they did it. Last weekend tho all the backers got a email about there seeing how many ppl would like get normal UMD copy of the game. Basicly if they get at least 2500 signups *in link below give email, name, # copys then click the email you get and to note *from site itself* "YOU ARE NOT SIGNED UP UNTIL YOU CLICK THE LINK ON THE VERIFICATION "Subscribe to Mailing List" EMAIL SENT TO YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS" http://www.gaijinworks.com/ This will be the only Eng
  9. Just got my copy today I had the DS copy for about 5 months and it was vary enjoyable but the plots *tho start out the same* at some point split into another story to my understanding can't wait try it out this weekend
  10. Got about 4 hours into nowFinished FFXIII tracks in Started Pokemon Pearl and Dragon Ball Z Attack Of The Saiyans
  11. Started The Last Story today :)

    1. Mou-rie-SHOU-rie


      in what chapter are u right now?

    2. Atticus
  12. Oddly Chocobo's Dungeon 1 is vastly odd due it uses ATB system of FF4 in battle o.o ANYWAY! Finished & I started The Last Story and enjoying that atm
  13. That is super cool you ever going host it for ppl?
  14. Oh wow did the old topic finally get so big it blown a hole in time and space and Doctor Who had to fix it? <,< xD Anyway I been vary slowly geting done At the end of (Cheep ass Final Boss....) Working on geting done Finished the boss off but still got loads Dark Notes to do in Finished was last game I got done with
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