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  1. So many!!!

    1. Columba from DQIX.  She was a really well-written character, and I wish she could have stuck around longer.

    2. Nevan (DQVI).  Honestly, I just wish they had written more about him.  He had a lot of potential.

    3. This is a more general one, but I wish the Briscoletti sisters from DQV had more to do with the story.  I hate it when video games force a love interest on you, especially when you're supposed to choose your own. *cough*Sumia*cough*

  2. I agree.  I was going to marry Nera, but then I realized if I married her, I would make two people unhappy: Crispin (obviously) and Bianca, who has loved me all this time.  I think it would be easy enough, given her dialogue, for Debora to "get over" me, but Bianca would be crushed (not to mention Crispin!).  Basically, marrying Nera makes everyone else unhappy.

  3. Funny, I actually love the newer translations.  I think part of what makes Dragon Quest great is the Americanized humor and weird spell names.  It really sets it apart from other JRPGs, which (in my opinion) are a little too...J.


    I know, I know, it's silly for me to claim a Japanese game is too Japanese.  I just like being able to play a turn-based game without prior knowledge of Japanese culture.  (I also love the Pokemon anime English dub for the same reasons)

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  4. I am not denying that most of Tumblr is extremely stupid.  I joined solely to promote my artwork, but I found that there really is a part of Tumblr for pretty much everyone (even if you have to go through a lot of crap to find it).  And, for the record, the Dragon Quest tag is pretty porn-free these days.

  5. This is a thread for Tumblr users to share their urls, find people they've met on Tumblr here, or find people they've met here on tumblr, etc.


    You see, the Dragon Quest Tumblr community, though active, is very small.  I was wondering if there are any Dragon Quest blogs I've overlooked, or anyone in the Dragon Quest fandom who's been meaning to get a Tumblr, etc.  Basically, I want more people to talk DQ with on Tumblr.

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  6. Thought I'd start up an official thread for my DQ fanart (not sure if it's deserving of one yet, but *gulp*)


    Here's a realistic-style Tara from Dragon Warrior Monsters 2:


    And my monster team from said game:


    Urgh!  How do I resize images?  This is way too big!


    Anyway, here's Stella from DQ9 in an anime-ish style:



    Plus a crossover of Stella with Rempo from Avalon Code, another RPG I play (but suck at):



    And finally, the trio from Dragon Warrior II.  I've posted them before, but I added a while background so you can see them better.





    Thanks for visiting!  If you'd like to see more of my artwork, check out my deviantART page: http://pokefan-girl.deviantart.com/.


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  7. I'm looking for a new RPG to play and was hoping for suggestions.  I play Japanese games pretty much exclusively.


    Systems I own:


    DS Lite



    Games I've played (only got partway through most of these, but still):

    Pretty much all the Pokemon games.

    Dragon Quest IX

    Dragon Quest VI

    Dragon Quest Swords

    Magical Starsign

    Avalon Code

    Harvest Moon: A Tale of Two Towns

    Rune Factory 1

    Atelier Annie: Alchemists of Sera Island

    A Witch's Tale


    I'd like it if there was a female main character/gender option, but that's low priority.

  8. Well, it's more of a strip than a full-on comic.  If you want an example, check out Order of the Stick:


    Basically, writing means you'd be coming up with a character and controlling what that character does in the comic (almost like an RP).  Since continuity in webcomics is generally minimal, you could send me ideas for strips if you felt like it.


    Also: I edited the first post a bit.  I decided to restrict characters to DQIX vocations and focus the comic on DQIX rather than the entire series.  And my character is different now.

  9. I am considering setting up an Order of the Stick-style webcomic based on Dragon Quest IX. I am looking for a few devoted fans who would be willing to act as co-writers. The comic focuses on a party of characters as they go grott-hunting and take on a lot of side quests.  As a co-writer, you would have a permanent character/party member in the comic and help come up with ideas for the story line (though the story will be minimal due to the nature of webcomics in general). I would be doing the actual art.


    If you are interested, please fill out the character application below and PM it to me. 


    Name: Emma

    Gender: Female

    Vocation: Paladin

    Appearance: Note: Appearance does not have to fall within the guidelines of the DQIX character creator.  My character has strawberry-blonde hair and freckles.  Picture here:


    Personality: (Short and sweet, please. This is a humorous comic, not a drama.) Emma is tough, headstong and likes to lead. She says whatever is on her mind, and does not have much appreciation for humor.


    Just so you know, I'm looking for people who are committed and creative, and are online at least once a day.  Thanks for reading and look forward to a DQ comic relatively soon!

  10. Well, it's a little late to be posting this (I joined the site a few months ago).  Still, I thought I'd say a hello to everyone at the Den.  I'm Cannock Princess and I like to draw.  I'm a total DQ fanatic, so it's about time I joined this website.  :3

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  11. Now that you mention it, the leveling is pretty extremely slow.  I remember how long it took me to beat Corvus my first run...


    That sounds like it'd be more irritating than hard, especially if it was a late-game death and you'd have to go through the motions of leveling up a character from scratch. And then THEY died during that, probably to something lame, too, like a crit or instant-death attack during an ambush.

    IX is really a game where you make the difficulty yourself, so if one wants it to be 'hard' they just have to limit what they do. Minimal leveling, using subpar equipment, not having a full team, etc, etc. Punishing yourself for a character death feels like it'd be taking things too far, though, more so when considering that getting owned is something that's apparently supposed to happen frequently in these games (heck, I think IX has accolades for how many times you had to be brought back at the church).

  12. If you are a Pokemon fan, you have probably heard of the Nuzlocke Challenge.  If not, here are the rules:


    1. If a Pokemon faints, release it.

    2. Catch the first Pokemon in each area, and nothing else.


    So I was thinking: What would happen if I applied the same rules to Dragon Quest IX?  I came up with this:


    1. If a party member (besides the hero) dies, remove them from your team.

    2. When creating a new party member, roll a 6-sided die.  1=Warrior, 2=Martial Artist, etc.  Duplicates can be re-rolled.


    Thanks for reading!  Never give up, never forget, and grind like hell (Nuzlocke reference).

  13. My DQIX couples:


    Erinn and Ivor

    Aquila and Columba

    Serena and Corvus


    And I'm kind of considering Stella and Sterling...not sure if that crosses the "messed up" line. As for couples in the other games, I like to pretend my protag is female and ship Hero and Anlace/Angelo/Terry. I'm also a big fan of Kiryl and Alena.

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