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  1. Well...this is awkward.

    That's me.  Well, a second account I made a few months ago.  I know you're not supposed to have multiple accounts, but I was going through some gender stuff, and I didn't know how you folks here would react to a gender/username change.  It was much easier to start over completely than change my entire online image.

    However, I realized as of late that I am not, in fact, transgender.  It wasn't not being a girl that I disliked, it was all the issues that come along with being a girl, especially in the gaming community.  I don't like dealing with creepy guys hitting on me, being denounced as a "fake geek girl", etc.  Being a guy seemed like an easy option, but not the best one for me in the long run.  I don't need to be a boy to be happy; I can find happiness in other ways: in games, friends, and (hopefully) this community right here.

    Therefore, I would like to request deletion of my Space Case account.  I'm done hiding behind a male persona now; this is me.

  2. I'll be starting up the first Mass Effect as soon as my computer gets back from the shop.  As someone who's only played turn-based JRPGs before, this will be an...experience.  I have horrible reflexes and such, so I'll be screaming and jumping and dying a lot.  Maybe I'll take video for the Internet's amusement.

  3. Wow, this is all really old.  Better post some new art (I've improved, I promise).


    Prince of Cannock again (he's my favorite; can you tell?)


    Princess Simona (left the sketch on there for some reason)


    And last, but not least, Hootingham-Gore from IX.  One of my better pieces, in my humble opinion.

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  4. I've seen people dressed up like Alena, Barbara, etc. and I was wondering where they got the equipment.  Is it part of an event or something, or do you need to buy them with real money, etc.?

  5. You can leave your team from your team menu.


    From your main menu, choose the bottom right option.


    On the next window, choose the top right option.


    This is the team menu and you should see your team name and logo in the window.


    The 3rd option from the bottom is the one to leave your team.


    Once you've left your current team, I can send you an invitation for the Den team.

    All done!  Thanks!

  6. It is not allowing me to send you an invitation.  Are you already a member of a different team?  You can't be on more than one team at a time.

    I got my ID wrong; it's TS503-354.  And I am on another team; how do I leave it?

  7. Not sure if this is the right topic, but do you know where I could find a Puklipo walkthrough?  I'm trying to get through the main story, but it's difficult (and I don't want to be that guy who asks a question about every cutscene).

  8. So I played through the tutorial on my PC and am able to connect to the online mode.  However, when I try to load my sibling's game file for the extended offline campaign, I get the following error message:



    Could someone translate it for me?

  9. Any thoughts on whether you want to try emulating?

    I've already emulated a bunch of other games (mostly Pokemon, since I don't want to delete my saves).  I've used VisualBoy Advance and DesMuMe, so I've got a little experience.


    I'm looking for a good emulator so I can play DQ8 without a PlayStation 2 (my parents won't let me get one :P)  However, I'm worried about getting junk on my computer.  Does anyone know (preferably from experience) of a safe-ish emulator and DQ8 rom?  Thanks.

    They won't let you get one? What is the $40 to them, a years savings? 


    It's not the money.  They don't want me getting "another device" even though I try to tell them it would be attached to the TV, yada yada yada...

  11. I'm looking for a good emulator so I can play DQ8 without a PlayStation 2 (my parents won't let me get one :P)  However, I'm worried about getting junk on my computer.  Does anyone know (preferably from experience) of a safe-ish emulator and DQ8 rom?  Thanks.

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  12. If Nera/Flora is so willing to marry you and move away, I think you have to question Crispen as a husband. What's he done that she'd be willing to walk away from him? I think there's some domestic violence issue going on somewhere in that town.

    He wasn't her husband at the time you marry her.  At that point, he was only her childhood friend.  I interpreted it as Nera being too dense to notice his feelings for her, or he felt he had to do something special to win her over.  Or maybe her parents didn't approve.  In any case, when you go back, she thanks you for allowing her to marry her "true love", so I believe they were meant to be <3

  13. For personal entertainment/out of boredom, I made transparent PNGs of art from the Caravan Heart Manual (the PDF you have on the main site).  I did all the character art, plus the slime, but I could easily do the other monsters, too.  Would you be interested in having a "concept art" section, and/or can I have permission to use these on outside websites (mainly my blog)?  Thanks!



    P.S. I will post the art if you guys want me to/give me permission.  The PDF file belongs to the Dragon's Den, so I didn't want to accidentally rip someone off.

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