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  1. Hey can you change both of my names to babbleking (just like that, no spaces/capitals). Thank you!
  2. So I was browsing Amazon for Dragon Quest shirts, as any nerd is wont to do, and I found what appears to be stolen artwork. It seems to be a picture of Nera (labeled Dancer from Dragon Quest Heroes, so the seller is obviously ill-informed) that I think was done by ProfessorMegaman? I've seen his Nera commission work elsewhere, and I know at least the commissioner is here on the Den. https://www.amazon.com/Dancer-Dragon-Heroes-Quality-Custom/dp/B01CN4D0PC/ref=sr_1_158?ie=UTF8&qid=1467853018&sr=8-158&keywords=dragon+quest+shirt It may very well be official art that I hav
  3. I'm trying to enter the portal thing, but I'm only getting this message: Do I need to complete the dwarf seal first bc I haven't done that yet. Okay, so a while back I got this error message while attempting to unlock Item User. Now I'm a happy lv. 43 item user, and I just got the same message. I know I have v2 installed, and I've tried all sorts of tweaks, but it still won't let me in. Any ideas?
  4. What's the deal with the puklipo at the dress up shop who sells flowers? She's charging something for them...but it's not gold?
  5. How does the dress up shop work? I managed to do the quest to unlock it, but it still won't let me dye my clothes.
  6. Another alt because I can't stick to one character to save my life: ID: DT274-435 Name: エアリス (Earisu in romani, Aerith in what I call her) Never mind, I deleted that file. I can't find the "delete post" button, so sorry for double posting.
  7. So, I know there are quite a few of us playing X now. I know I got through the 1.0 story with a lot of help from you guys and a Japanese play guide, translated horribly through Google. The thing is, Google Translate is, well, horrible. I was thinking it might be a cool project to compile an English play guide on Blogspot or something for new players. With enough collaboration from the Den, I think it might be very plausible. Thoughts?
  8. So, long story short, I'm writing an essay about Prince Harry for school. We're doing Henry IV, and I thought adaptations of his character in the media would be a suitable excuse to talk about Dragon Quest

    1. jay


      Just remember to spell it right. It's 'Arry, with an 'aich

  9. idk if anyone's going to Anime Boston this weekend, but I'll be there.

  10. Okay, so I'm not 100% sure if this belongs here, but I was wondering if it would be against the Den rules to start up a love life/dating service thread. For people to share their woes and (perhaps) meet someone else on the Den who might be interested in them...? I couldn't help but notice a lot of people talk about that kind of thing here (and, honestly, I'd appreciate something along those lines as well). I just don't know if that could be dangerous because Internet safety or w/e.
  11. Is there an official rules page/thread here? I don't think I read it when I joined, and I'd like to check again to make sure.

    1. SlimeVagrant


      I could've sworn I read one when I joined, but I can't seem to find it.

    2. SlimeVagrant


      Found it, it's a tiny little link in the lower right corner of any page on the forums.

    3. momoslime


      Thank you! Man, that thing's hidden lol

  12. I've been looking for that song everywhere! Which version did you find? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Never mind, I got it. It was Sunset lol.
  14. Hey I need help with the hair dye quests. I've looked them up on Google Translate, and there seem to be several different quests for different hair colors. There's one I've been seeing on players that I specifically want, but I don't know which of the quests it is. Here's a picture of a player I saw with said hair color (the one in the top left corner, not the one standing next to me): Could someone tell me which hair color name that is (I guessed Strawberry, but I didn't want to guess wrong and do the whole quest for nothing)?
  15. I've been using SoftEther for my VPN, but it occasionally crashes on me. When it does, DQX logs me out and shows me an error message. As of recent, when my VPN appears to be working fine, I get the same error message upon logging in. Did I get banned or something, or is there just something wonky going on with the servers?
  16. All right, it says to kill Gachakokko and Sukarugaru. Which monsters are those?
  17. Thank you! Do you know how to complete the quest? It's Quest #303, if that helps.
  18. I'm trying to enter the portal thing, but I'm only getting this message: Do I need to complete the dwarf seal first bc I haven't done that yet.
  19. Thanks for the link, Ashes! Also, I want to unlock Item User...I've unlocked class changes and I have v2, but for some reason the dwarf npc won't offer me a quest. Do I have the right npc (screenshot below)? If you need more information, I can PM you the rest of the message.
  20. Hey I asked this in-game the other day but I could never find it...where is the place to get your hair cut? I was told it was in the Puklipo town but I've been searching all over to no avail. Also, how do you complete the quest required?
  21. How do you disable viewing helmets on the online menu? I was able to figure it out offline, but the menu for the online mode is different.
  22. Am I the only one getting an error message when I try to login to DQX?

    1. Ashes


      You should post a screenshot of the error in the question and answers thread.

    2. momoslime


      Thank you! It fixed itself, the servers were just slow lol

    3. Ashes


      Glad it worked out. Lol

  23. Did you send the invite to my second character because I haven't received it yet...? I don't know if it was a typo or if it timed out or what, but I've reloaded a couple times and I still haven't gotten it. Thanks again!
  24. Hey, sorry to do this again, but could you change both of my usernames to cannockprincex? No rush, and thank you!
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