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  1. Name: ノア (Noa) ID: VZ124-354 Sorry for all the alts, I deleted one of my characters so I thiiiiiink it evens out!
  2. Name: Wicks/U~ikkusu (ウィックス) ID: AC993-622 Sorry for all the alts, if only the game would let us change race permanently...
  3. So I've been playing a lot of DnD (5th edition) lately and had a thought. What if I could homebrew my way into creating a Dragon Quest campaign setting? So far, I've mostly been working on races, but I'll be making tweaks to some of the classes to add a more Dragon Quest-y flair (and monsters, though I'm procrastinating doing that for now). I'm dropping the Google Drive link to what I have so far here, so if anyone familar with DnD could take a look. Most of the ideas are taken from the Zenithian Trilogy, which is what I'll mostly be working off of. I also added in a "Monsterborn" race be
  4. Can I have both my display name and login name as momoslime (all lowercase)? Thank you!
  5. Name: モモ (Momo) ID: ME409-004 Thank you!
  6. wait, people use the term "waifu" unironically?
  7. Time to bring this back (he's gotten better, but my point still stands).
  8. Aand gonna need another one, sorry. Same name, ID: KD343-326. Thank you so much!
  9. Remade my alt again, so could you add her? Her name is Momo (ã‚‚ã‚‚) and her ID is FI626-201!
  10. Name: ウィックス (Wicks, or according to Google Translate "U~ikkusu") ID: QR790-055 ...I really need to stop wasting my money on the hair stylist shop. I went and deleted my character again after a particularly bad hairstyle change wiped what I had left (impulsive, I know).
  11. I'm writing an essay for school about video game localization, and naturally I decided to focus mainly on Dragon Quest (though I'm probably going to have to mention Fire Emblem Fates at least once ). I've done a bit of research already, without much luck, and with my teacher's permission I'm headed over here to ask for some opinions! Please answer the poll I added, and feel free to expand on your opinions in the thread! And, while I'm at it, if anyone has some good DQ-specific articles/interviews on localization, I'd love to see them...
  12. ok well i'd like to be babbleking again (login and display.) thank you @ woodus for putting up with my flightiness lol
  13. love those curly hair problems that's why i keep mine short lol same if we're being honest...like i said i was gay in my post but girls are cute, too
  14. Oh man, yeah, I love non-Pokemon nuzlockes! Currently working on one for DQV!
  15. Thanks! I'm a master at manipulating angles and lighting to make it appear that way
  16. Well, my girlfriend broke up with me and I'm 90% sure she's dating this other, better looking guy. She showed up to class wearing his hoodie And to top it all off, I just walked to the grocery in the rain only to find they were out of milk. Don't go to college, kids.
  17. Is there a thread for sharing alternate contact info (skype, steam, discord, etc)

    1. Fates


      Nope. You could start one up though if you want, might be a cool idea.

  18. I've seen a lot of Pokemon topics up in here, so I thought I'd start one for my pet challenge run style. Does anyone here play Nuzlockes, and if so what rules do you use? (check here if you don't know what a Nuzlocke is)
  19. If you like Persona, go for Persona 3 Portable! The female route has completely different social links, so it's a fresh look at the game even if you're a guy (and, yes, I know Minako isn't canon, but I will pretend she is until my dying breath).
  20. Tuppence - Love him! I mean, I have a terrible tendency to get attached to minor characters, plus I've warped his character in my head to the point where he's basically my OC, but he's got a lot of potential as a character. Too bad he sucks in-battle... Sancho - Not one of my favorites, but I think he serves his purpose. I like to think of him as my hero's adoptive dad after *spoiler* Saber - Best girl 10/10...wait, this is Dragon Quest?
  21. This is a semi-dead topic, but I'm always up for a chance to show off my slightly-below-average face. birthdate: June 20, 1997 age: 19 height: 5'6" (I'm short, I know...) weight: 110 pounds on a good day...I'm severely underweight so...that's a thing ethnicity: I read this in a comic once: "if all the white countries got together and had an orgy". pretty much describes me lol hair color/style: it changes all the time, but currently pink and short. what can i say, I'm devoted to that art school aesthetic eye color: depends on the day/what I'm wearing, but I will always insist that they're
  22. yooooo is there a discord chat and/or should we make one

    1. KibaTheBarbarian


      i have a discord working on a minecraft dragon quest mod pack

  23. is anyone here familiar with rom hacking? i've been trying to make a hack for dqix and i need some help

  24. why can't i get under the barrel in frobisher?

    1. jay


      you gotta talk tovthe little girl first, than keep whacking at it from different angles

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