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  1. Haven't been on here in a while...wow, my old posts are so awful. I'd like to apolgize on behalf of the person I am now for the person I once was.

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    2. ignasia


      Don't worry about your earlier actions. The best thing always is to realize where you've done wrong, recognize the behaviour, and move on as a better, wiser person.


      Heck, I'm 32 and I make mistakes, get unnerved, act out, and can be terribly rude and forceful at times. So we all have something to work on. I guess it's just what life is all about. So don't hold onto things...plus i've seen a few of your earlier posts, and I can't think of anything I...

    3. ignasia


      ...I've read from your past I'd call anything close to "awful". I would consider your earlier contributions intelligent and thoughtful. I suppose in that sense we're our own worst critics, no?

    4. solo


      Forget the past and continue looking foward

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