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  1. Welcome, welcome, welcome to the Dragon's Den, and may you lower your unearthly blade upon the cruel fiend who would steal the light of hope from Alefgard! ^_^
  2. Well, well; I'm currently replaying Mazes of Fate for the Gameboy advance, a wonderfully lesser known title which is a unique combination of 1st person dungeon crawling and dungeons and dragons-esque roleplaying mechanics! It's also unique in that it was developed by an Argentinian game studio. ^_^
  3. Zoma has made off with all of my light fixtures! Now, I'm living in a dark world!

  4. Hmm~ veeeeeery interesting! I'm ever so curious as to how it may turn out... exciting!!! That's the word! A blank slate of an adventure is like a shopping spree of the creative mind! Yours truly is always brewing up new concepts as I struggle through the creation of my own magnum opus: a fantasy manga, and I'd be more than happy to contribute ideas and concepts which may aid in your endeavors, should you will it so, Sword of Dusk! ^_^
  5. Welcome! My best advice is to push for equal representation of both the male and female Loto's, for despite both being *technically* present since the original nes installment, female Loto has been unfairly ignored in wiki's, faq's and official texts, depictions, and product endorsements since the game was originally released. SACRELIGE!!! So, please mind those pronouns, my good Marandahir! ^_^
  6. And remember; falling isn't nearly as painful as surviving the fall! An angel once taught me that... ^_^
  7. Dead? "Hope never dies!" That's what my Captain Brenner always used to say! ^_^ If anyone is interested, Ruin Explorers is my favorite fantasy anime of all time, and a few other excellent fantasy titles that were not mentioned previously are: Phantom Quest Corp. Master of Mosquiton Weathering Continent Tweeny Witches Maze Devil Hunter Yohko Princess Minerva Spectral Force Now and Then, Here and There Battle Royal Highschool All very different tastes, all rare gems. Some of those titles are for older teens and above only, mind.
  8. I can't really speak for Symphonic Suites, but Dragon Quest V, despite being only my 6th favorite main series title as of right now, has always had the best overall soundtrack in my opinion. It's a relatively small soundtrack, compared to say IV, VI, VII, IX or X, but each tune (with the exception of Nizmo's battle music) is pleasing to me- and that is a rare feet, considering that I normally find some songs great in an ost, and some not so. Take Dragon Quest II; I like the prologue, castle theme, town theme, lonely youth overworld, dungeon song, shrine, sailing theme, and sorrow theme. I disl
  9. Between Dragon Quest I through IX, Dragon Quest V is roughly my 6th favorite of 9, so while I love it greatly, it's a far cry from my ideal. Still, none the less (in my humble opinion) Dragon Quest V has the best "overall" soundtrack of any main dragon quest title (in gross; all Dragon Quests possess excellent music), just barely beating out IV and VII in the sound department. It most certainly has ONE of the best overall story lines of any of the main series titles (only VII easily surpasses it in my eyes), rivaling III, IV, VIII, and IX, which also possess tales much to my liking. There's ju
  10. I love so many of the dragon quest beasties, that it's truly hard to choose only one or two. I love Slimes, with Metal slimes being my absolute favorite sub category of monsters. My top 5 slimes are: 1. Metal King 2. Metabble 3. Metaly 4. CureKing 5. GoldSlime Material monsters, however, tend to be my favorite family in general, with my top 5 being: 1. Revirock (DQVII) 2. Bombcrag 3. MadPot (DQVII) 4. EvilPot 5. Goldman I also love the major boss monsters (or demon lords, as it were), and my top 5 are: 1. Deathmore (final form) 2. Zoma 3. Pizzaro 4. Baramos 5. Mirudraas (Transformed) Howev
  11. At long last, quest fans; I have returned. 10,000 pardons to all 18 of the contestants who participated in the "Ultimate Dragon's Den Giveaway" who were expecting the results to have been announced so long ago on May the 1st, 2014; those who had poured their hearts and souls into expressing, rather movingly, their love for this our most venerated of fantasy franchises. 10,000 pardons to Chichi and Koko, who's grand legacy I have no doubt tainted ever so slightly through this misdemeanor of wasted years, and 10,000 pardons to the great Woodus, and his magnificent Dragon's Den, which I did littl
  12. Mmm.... in hindsight, perhaps the word "giveaway" was a poor choice on mine own verbosity. Ahem! Such is life, I suppose. Never the less, the important idea to convey is that anyone who entered CAN win, even if judging entries... is the general procedure.
  13. Actually, it is a contest; but it's also a giveaway, because... the prizes are without cost... and contests can in theory have no judgmental criteria . Eh... that is to say, each entry will be judged, but there will still be... a random element to the selection process. Hmm.... today would appear to be May 1st! Today is... the contest/giveaway deadline, so one has until midnight tonight to post. ^_^ There have already been so many wonderful thoughts shared by our fellow den brothers and sisters, and it would be nice to give something to everyone... but such an idea is unfeasible. It is therefo
  14. Any soul found who has the intestinal fortitude NOT to cast a vote for she our Tsarevna, can expect a nasty talking-to from her wizard and bodyguard. No BUTTS about it, good sirs. :3
  15. Everyone who has already entered, my good bloke, is eligible for any of the aforementioned prizes from previous updates, as well as these 2 prizes, as well. It just took so bloody long to acquire a few of these cards, that I decided to extend the deadline... because a contest's grand prize should be made known prior to it's closure...
  16. Do not mention BIG around Alena... (we don't want a scene!)
  17. So, that's 200 dragon quest ccg cards, including: princes of lorasia and cannock, heroes male and female of dragon quest III and IV, everyone from IV save for Boyra and Torneko, Hero and Bianca from V, all of the fellows from VI, the entire cast of VII, both of dracolord's forms, esterk, Mudou, Deathmore's second form, etc, etc. Oh, but there's also a secret mystery prize, for whichever winner may DARE TO CHOOSE IT! ^_^
  18. At long last, the final Ultimate Dragon's Den prize update... the deadline for submitting is May 1st, by the by. http://youtu.be/-IvPW2FKHlk
  19. Well, if it comes down to Jess vs. Deb, than the right proper Ms. Jessica already has Deborah licked; that glorified beast of a Maribel clone can only get so far whipping her way through the hearts of men. I, however, am personally hoping for an Alena upset: they're currently tied, but her fiery, little highness is bound to land a critical hit eventually...
  20. Mmm... here's the way that this humble drak interprets this somewhat predictable turn of events: Bianca is very popular among elitist dragon quest fans... er, that is to say: she's sort of the ultimate artistic choice, if you will. Since many dedicated to the quest fandom are so very emotionally attached to the utopian image of dragon quest V's iconic family, as well as the game itself being hailed as the creator's personal favorite, she's always towards the head of the fabulous female flock, as well as being familiar, likeable, and not too girly. However, when it comes down to brass tacks, se
  21. Actually, ko-gal is the term, I believe. Stella is a trendy fairy that's based off the young japanese ladies what who wear gaudy nails, glitter, fashionable decor, and that get tanned until thoroughly cooked. Most rpg fans also don't take too kindly to the chatterbox-fairy variety, causing stella to join the ranks of Navi from the zelda series, as well as the little cockney racoon from Sonic Rush Adventures.
  22. I say; it seems as though Kyril and Boyra have stuffed the ballot box. Jolly good show, Alena! ^_^
  23. Yes, Final Fantasy IX was too amazing to believe. It's my personal favorite; and I, too, have yet to play an entry since leaving at X. Well said, Dawn! ^_^
  24. Stella is doing frighteningly well, considering that most of ye olde fan base claims to find her irritating for one reason or another... I'm quite pleased for her, actually.
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