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  1. Zoma has made off with all of my light fixtures! Now, I'm living in a dark world!

  2. At long last, the prize lots of the third dragon quest card contest have been sent to their rightful recipients: plattym, kawaii_koneko, ryu, and chancicleer hedgemony... only a month late of course. Their projected delivery date is friday the 4th. :D

    1. Kawaii_koneko


      thank you once again

    2. Chanticleer Hegemony

      Chanticleer Hegemony


      Oh, and by the way:


  3. I've a few last minute prizes coming from japan in the next few weeks, so the ultimate contest will be slightly delayed in the interest of growing the pot. So, if I may ask, who will be administering my lashes? :D

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. robotnikthedrak


      Hmm... like a naughty pain sandwich lacking in the tastiness... could you pull that off, old boy?

    3. robotnikthedrak


      Actually, having said that, I think I'd rather be beaten senseless by a tomboy princess instead. :3

    4. RyuKisargi


      She'd dress you in one of her outfits afterward, though.

  4. Greetings, my fellow dennites! ^_^ It's time for the Ultimate Dragon's Den Giveway! You see, 8 months ago, to foil my contsest which mocked him, Mudou trapped me in the dream world as way of revenge! However, just yesterday, upon eve of my first joining the den, was I able to escape the grasp of the fat, foppish fiend! Now, I've stolen treasures galore from his castle, and along with Chichi, will be awarding them to the lucky winners of our fourth contest! Stay...

    1. robotnikthedrak


      ...tuned for more details AND prizes! ^_^

  5. Mudo is on the rampage, but you can aid in his pitiful defeat by entering Chichi's Dragon Quest Monsters card contest, located in the general dragon quest discussions. ^_^ 2 winners will be chosen: 1 will recieve a dqm lot featuring warabou, cobi, golem, etc- and 1 will recieve a dq VI lot including mudo, terry, battlerex, etc.

  6. Dracolord draws near, and he's brought an army of minions to join him in a dragon quest I+II card lot for the next Chichi's dq ccg card contest! ^_^ To enter in a chance to win, look under dragon quest general discussions and check out Dracolord dq ccg contest! Only you can stop this fiend in his tracks and add him to your ccg collection! : )

    1. robotnikthedrak


      I encourage all dennites to participate, including everyone that which entered the last contest! Even the previous winners would benefit from the possibility of making their collection ever larger! Exp. is a wonderful thing, you know. ^_^

  7. And now... an update, if you will, in regards to chichi and koko's dragon quest ccg website contest (located within the general dragon quest section): 4 more dragon quest V cards have been added to the grand prize lot. Also, a second place prize is being offered as well: a top secret dragon quest V item for the runner up! ^_^ That is correct, friends: don't forget to drop in on the DQ CCG site today, for all of your dragon quest ccg news and information, for a chance to level up t...

  8. Greetings, dennites! I'm quite proud to bring to your attention that Chichi and Koko have finally done it: they've created a dragon quest ccg website everyone of the 800+ cards scanned, and I just happen to have a contest in it's honor! ^_^ Simply go to 'Chichi's DQ CCG card contest', under general dragon quest discussions, for the details and a chance to win a ccg card lot! Chichi and Koko have worked tremendously hard for us, so let's check it out the...

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