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  1. Let's see... PC: Bioshock Infinite Crysis 3 Dead Space 3 Assassin's Creed 3 Nintendo 3DS: Dragon Quest VII Pokemon X or Y Kingdom Hearts 3D Animal Crossing: New Leaf Some of those, I'll want more than the others but the list will probably build up a bit as time passes on. I don't expect to get all of them this year, however.
  2. I feel ashamed now. I started DWVII (on my PSP) almost six years ago and I've YET to finish it. It's not that the game itself is too hard, just that I keep putting off. Then after I feel like I don't remember everything that I've done in the game so far after a long while, I start a new game. This has been done a couple times in the past already and I'm hoping to finish it now before the 3DS remake is officially released here. I was excited to see the offcial trailer video on SE's Youtube page last night.
  3. Yeah. It's been a long while since I've last played it. Good game despite all the negative reviews people seem to give it.
  4. Same as cprmauldin. There's just lots to do in the game.
  5. Digimon Tamers in japanese with english subs, FLCL, and later on 'Magical Girl Madoka Magica' just to see what all those memes back then were on about. Among many others. I've got a huge backlog I'll need to catch up on eventually.
  6. Trying to keep up with the latest episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's and already finished watching over 120 episodes within the past couple months. Also keeping along with another series still airing in Japan called Ore no Imouto. I'd practically get shot around here for the suspicion of getting into "lolicon" or whatnot for watching this, but it's the humor and related slice-of-life occurrences which draw me to the show. Though I blame my friend who introduced me to this anime...
  7. I'm in. Got mine on release day. Just now remembered to get a pic up for the contest.
  8. Not saying the Dragonball series is bad in general. Just that I was expecting a bit of bashing for taking interest in (re)watching a "ridiculously overrated" show, in terms of some people out there. GT, I didn't think it was THAT bad. Mainly, the one thing that bugged me was Goku's child form lasting the entire season.
  9. Recently bought an R4 flash cart for my DS and downloaded a variety of games for it. Currently playing the Phoenix Wright series and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon mainly, amongst other titles I've yet to play. Been spending more time on the DS than any other platforms lately.
  10. Thanks a lot for the rips/upload. I've been looking for the IV and V DS OSTs for a while now.
  11. Just bought several Xbox 360 games from a friend of mine for 100$. I think a couple of them are RPGs, but during this week, I'll be busy playing Infinite Undiscovery and Eternal Sonata. Later on, I'll be moving onto Heroes of Mana on the Nintendo DS and see if I can finish up the extra downloadable missions.
  12. Permission to change avatar to this...?
  13. Currently been getting into the Klonoa franchise. I've beaten Door to Phantomile weeks ago and Empire of Dreams last week. Then went onto Klonoa 2 for the PS2, beat it but haven't totally completed it 100% yet. Now proceeding into Dream Champ Tournament. These games are pretty easy but they get more difficult as you progress and they feel rewarding once you've unlocked everything even after you've finished through the last boss.
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