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  1. If they add any dq characters to smash i will buy a nintendo switch just for that reason.
  2. Wow, your White Mage has an unusually high amount of HP. And as far as difficulty goes, the GBA version of 1 was a joke. I found the Playstation version to be pretty easy also. The bosses were all pretty pathetic, and aside from some of the encounters in the final dungeon I never had any trouble at all. I didn't even have a White mage with me ( I can't stand healers! They're so boring.) The monks in that game became pretty overpowered later on. It was only slightly more difficult than FF2 for me, which was ridiculously easy with blood sword against bosses.
  3. I've been playing Tales of the Abyss as well recently. I really love it, one of the best stories I've seen in an RPG in a while. The only other Tales of anything game that I ever played was Tales of Legendia... I'd say I like Tales of the abyss a lot better. And speaking of the pokemon, I remember I had my Gold version in pokemon up to 120 hours almost. When I think back on it , I'm not even sure why I played it so much. I wasn't even trying to catch any of the other pokemon, I just kept fighting the elite four over and over.
  4. Armageddon was a very nice move, it really saved me several times. One of my favorite quotes from that game was something Hect said when she would cast a large wind spell like Howlnado. "Look the wind wants to play with you." Pokemon, hehe good memories. I remember when I had only one pokemon left alive and it was poisoned, I would walk 3 steps, save, then reload and walk 3 more, repeating that until I got to the poke-center. Of course that was when my pokemon were still really small. I was using pokemon like Charmander and Spearow at that time. Anyway, good luck with your Grandia III, and your Pokemon.
  5. Ouch, you spent long enough at the arrange dice to get 4 million medals?!! Even before I knew there was a limit to 1 Master book I had decided to stick around only long enough for that one. I didn't want to deal with that game anymore than I needed to. I remember it liked to do 3 VI's in a row then a VII, and a IV or V a lot. I can't even imagine how long it must have taken to get 4 million in that game.
  6. Congrats on beating Atelier Iris. 36 hours?! I think it took me about 50 hours to beat the game, and I ended with a little over 70 to finish the rest of the bonus stuff in it. Yeah after Lita and Klein walk out it did freeze for you probably, it did the first time I beat it as well. The game is supposed to finish playing the credits and such afterward. The weapons in that game were my biggest problem with it. Most of the weapons you just found lying around were better than anything you could make. I actually liked how the weapon synthesis in that game worked, but problem was most couldn't be altered. The ones that could were all low level weapons and so weak on attack power and such that the regular ones you could find were better. Luckily most of their "Ultimate weapons" were alterable, but most of those were found in the bonus dungeon after beating the game anyway. I've been seriously considering buying AI2, since overall I liked the first one, but never gotten around to it still. Good luck with that Pokedex. I never really bothered trying to gather all the pokemon with my versions, but I had a friend who managed to complete it for the yellow version. It gave him a certificate he could look at in game anytime that basically said "Congratulations", it could also be printed with one of those gameboy printer things. Of course that was with Yellow version by now the pokemon games must be up to like 300+ different pokemon.
  7. I originally started Terranigma on a different computer of mine. I think I was just about to get to the real world area, don't think I was very far. I really should hook that computer back up sometime and continue working on it, it was a good game, and I loved the other two in the series (Illusion of Gaia, and Soulblazer) or at least I think they were the same series. Onto subject of what I'm currently playing... I found a new version of Star Ocean:Till end the of time for $20 and picked it up. So now I'm playing it again, I actually beat it a couple days ago, now I'm working on the cave of trials.
  8. Good ol' Pokemon I originally beat Red, Blue, Yellow and Gold versions about 5 years ago. They were nice little ... sort of RPG's... when I played them. What version are they up to now? I completely lost track of them all after that one that was supposed to have a female character, Crystal or something like that was it? Anyway have fun with that, pokemon's a nice little series for gameboy. Beat tales of Legendia recently, game was a lot longer than I expected it to be. Now I'm thinking of finally buying another copy of Star ocean: Till end of the time so I can finish that one up. I originally started it a little over a year ago, got all the way to sphere company, and realized it was a bad disc. I managed to get my game in a place where I can't even continue it at all because the disc read error will come up immediately. Also been considering Atelier Iris 2, enjoyed the first one, and from the looks of it the 2nd is a complete improvement. Then around the time Tales of the Abyss comes out I'm gonna pick that one up as well, and that'll be my last Ps2 title I get. Once I've finished that one I'll have to find other things to pass the time, I'm not getting any of those next-gen systems. Not sure on all that yet though, gonna see what my wallet has to say about it
  9. They had weapon synthesis in the first one as well, just most weapons couldn't be synthesized. How is the character customization in it as compared to the first one? Like the skill system they had in AI was decent, just a lot of the skills were useless. So how is it in the second one, or is it even still there? I've been thinking about getting AI:2 , but I'm really big on customizing my own characters, so I'm going to wait to find out a little more about it first.
  10. I finally went in and finished Grandia3. I had been saved at the last battle for awhile, but didn't bother to take the time to actually beat it and see the ending. Now that I have I honestly think I was better off having been saved at the end without beating it. I was honestly so dissapointed by the game that I had considered emailing Square-Enix, but that would do me no good. Don't wanna give any spoilers here but... take 2 minutes to look through someone's family photo album, and you have just seen the G3 ending basically Sorry don't wanna be too harsh, or turn anyone away from it, but the ending was definitely a disapointment. Play it for the battle system, ignore the story On other games news, I haven't played any more Romancing saga recently, but plan on beating it soon one of these days. Edit: I have that one although didn't play it too much since I wasn't fond of the weapons durability system, and no way to repair or buy new ones. It's a prequel to the Shadow hearts series or something like I think, right?
  11. Right now I'm pretty much at the end it seems of Romancing saga. At 80 hours into it now, I'm just working on getting different classes and equipment for my group. My game I started with Jamil, and my current team is now: Jamil Dowd Aisha Barbara Diana I wanted to get Claudia originally but by the time I had found her, I had just gotten Diana. Since the rest of my team had been with me for awhile I wanted to keep them, and I really liked Diana she's too cool to let go , so I'm sticking with my current group. But on my next playthrough I was considering playing Albert or Claudia, either way I'm going to try to make sure to get her in my group next time. A little piece of advice for anyone playing it, the "Legendary" classes aren't really that great. They can be decent but there are other regular classes available with bonuses that can be a lot more useful.
  12. Yeah, the new Romancing Saga for PS2 is a remake of the one for SNES called Romancing saga,Minstrels song. I've also been playing Dragon Warrior IV Renaiassance lately. I'm liking it so far, anyone who hasn't played it should check it out.
  13. Lately I have been playing a lot of Romancing sagaon and off(one that got released for PS2 awhile back). The game has some really nice customizing to it, having lots of different weapon options for each character. The game seems to get kinda tough in some cases since monsters really like to cheat it seems, but for the most part it's fairly decent overall. Fair warning to anyone considering this game... alot of the game will almost seem like your just wandering around without any real purpose... or that's how it felt to me for awhile. On another note, I've been looking at that Tales of Phantasia myself a bit, been thinking of looking to get another game for my GBA. How've you been liking it so far Shadownite?
  14. I thought Oblivion had already come out. I'm pretty sure I remember seeing it at EB few days ago, maybe I was just seeing one of those "Coming soon..." things though.
  15. I started playing Grandia III as well. Like 2 hours into the game so far... working on getting Alfina higher level than Yuki, and then I'll work on getting her higher attack power. I haven't payed much attention to the story too much, but being 2 hours in it doesn't really matter yet I'd suppose. The thing about Yuki and his mom is kinda cool I guess... but almost a little bit disturbing. Good luck with your Atelier Iris, I thought it was a pretty good game overall, it had some really nice customizing options to it. Lack of synthesizable weapons was a bit of a problem though.
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