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  1. It says "In order to start a new Adventure Log, you need to begin with Offline Mode. *You can skip the initial scenario."
  2. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The beta test is only open during limited hours. From Monday to Thursday it's running 12pm-6pm (Japanese time), and Friday to Sunday from 12pm-12am. Source Also, I found that on the official site it says that "Phase 1.0" of the beta test goes from 10pm June 22 until 6pm July 10, and then "Phase 1.1" is planned to run from late July to early August. It notes that there may be interruptions during the beta test for fine tuning / updating based on user feedback and any bugs that may be found. Finally, it points out that any characters created during the
  3. The error message says that the beta test is not currently running, please wait a while and try again later. Everyone's getting the same message. Hopefully it'll be back up soon!
  4. Well I still haven't gotten around to finishing FF4 yet, but I had a wonderful afternoon of Ys III: Wanderers from Ys the other day (yes, it's that short, that my first time playing it consisted of about 5 hours beginning to end).
  5. Grand Fantasia (PC) - I have a Lv 26 mage and a Lv 16 fighter at the moment. Cool game. I've never really played an MMORPG before, but I'm enjoying this one quite a bit. Tales of Phantasia: Full Voice Edition (PSP) - It's phantastic. The voice acting is really good, and it's giving me a linguistic workout. I like the way it plays. I have the Super Famicom version, and I've played a little bit of the PlayStation remake, but this version feels the most complete, with a few kinks worked out to boot. Final Fantasy IV Advance (GBA) - Sort of on hold. I got to the ... I won't post spoilers,
  6. Not sure if you were directing that at me, but I certainly plan to! Maybe not immediately, but in the near future. I've played a bit of V and VI back when the PS2 first came out and I picked up FF Anthology (I never had a PS1), but only a wee bit into each, really. They both seemed like pretty great games, though!
  7. I have played a lot of the Final Fantasy games, but I haven't finished many of them. I really did enjoy FF I & II: Dawn of Souls on the GBA. I love FFI anyway, and the added dungeons made it that much more fun. FF2 wasn't quite as good, but all in all not a bad game. As long as you don't choose to exploit the leveling system, it works okay. And the added epilogue was top notch. Then there was FFIII. I got the DS version, and boy was I disappointed. Sure, it looks great. But the story was practically non-existent and the characters were cookie-cutters. Plus the fact that they weren'
  8. I'm just playing FFIV for the first time now, albeit the GBA version. I'm about 6 hours in and, so far, I'm very impressed. The story is great and keeps moving along with significant plot points relatively close together. The characters have been pretty good, especially Cecil. I like how the dialogue really makes you feel their motivation, their pain, their confusion, whatever. My only real complaint (besides the glitches) is that the monster sets have no variety. There are some places where you will literally only encounter 1 group of enemies, over and over again. Had there been some variety
  9. Actually, it's "over 500 monsters" total. All those in the original DQM, all those in DQM:J2P, and some unspecified number of new ones. This is why you can't rely on a machine translation. The one offered here is absolutely terrible. I see where you got the 500 new, original monsters from based on the automated translation, but what the Japanese actually says is that with the original DQM:TW and Joker 2 Pro monsters, along with the new monsters, there are over 500 monsters appearing in this game. It's perfectly clear in the original text.
  10. Kanji are not "barely used" at all, in fact they're very common. Historically, Japanese was only a spoken and not a written language. They saw how useful writing was in China, and so they started writing as well, but they would write in classical Chinese. Eventually they realized they wanted to be able to write their own language, so the system was adapted over a long period of time. Kanji are still used to this day to represent most nouns and verb roots (the part that doesn't change when you conjugate it), among other things. However, several dozen kanji were also simplified in two differ
  11. Wow, thanks for the scan! The following is confirmed in this article: - Takes place in the "Taiju Kingdom", the same as the original. - It uses a new scouting system, which takes advantage of both scout attacks and monster meat. - Random dungeons are back. There will be different themed ones including underground labyrinths and wooded plains. - Battles are up to 4 versus 4. - Over 500 types of monsters. - Scheduled for release in 2012 (in Japan, of course). And for the record, the Demon-at-Arms lookalike there is called "gaikotsu kenshi", which literally means "skeleton swords
  12. Really?? Do you remember where you read this? I just bought a 3DS this past weekend, and I do like to import a few titles, so this is of particular interest to me! Oh I do hope this comes true.
  13. Cool, that makes the emulating experience much more real. I did that with DW2-4 back before I had the carts, and it was so much nicer than just playing on a computer screen. Still continuing with Dragon Quest IX, and boy it's getting exciting. I'm at 64 hours now (Sandy keeps bugging me about taking too long.. ) and I just got to Domiiru village (the one at the volcano, no idea what they called it in the English version). Finally got to fight Green Dragons! I was kind of hoping they'd be more of a threat, but oh well.
  14. I'm playing Dragon Quest IX (Japanese version), and I'm 43 hours in so far. I had no access to wireless internet where I was living until a couple days ago when I moved, so now I'm starting to explore the wi-fi features. I don't know anyone else with the game, so multiplayer is impossible, and I highly doubt I'd find any tags around here. But it sure was nice to see "the guests" in the rooms at the Sentoshutain Inn!
  15. Hmm, I'm curious, which other ones have you got?
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