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  1. Thanks for submitting the Avatars and the videos! I very much enjoy your Dragon Quest art! Keep up the smashingly delicious work!

  2. Don't know if anybody is still looking for anything or whatnot, but these are my extras: Ragnar, Alena, Brey, and Cristo. I'm mainly looking for Mara and Hero. PM me since I haven't been active lately.
  3. Still playing Advance Wars DS (and loving Kindle more and more every time I use her). I am also playing FFIII(JPN) for the NES since I thought the DS version was going to come out later, but I guessed wrong. Anyway here is a snap of my current stats:
  4. Still playing Advance Wars DS, now with 204 medals, as well as leveling up my capture team in Pokémon for D/P (now with game/reality show names like Survivor (Zangoose), 1 Vs 100 (Cradilly), and DealNoDeal (Wobbuffet)).
  5. Still playing Advance Wars DS and I have 153 medals so far. Kindle is awesome and is now in second place on my list of favorite COs (love her alternate costume), bumping Sensei out of the #2 spot (I don't think anybody will bump Grit out of first place ).
  6. Playing Advance Wars DS right now and just got to mission 27. They weakened Sensei a little too much for me, but at least they made it up by making Grit stronger. Can't wait to play with Kindle (love her Urban Blight).
  7. That makes me sad, especially since my millions of Casino Coins will now go to waste since I thought they might put something special in the Casino after beating the game and opening some places that weren't open before. Still slowly working on my Pokémon Capture Team and getting it ready for Diamond/Pearl (which I found out that you will transfer you monsters to D/P and then you have to capture them in a special park (which you will have to buy the balls, but they have a 100% catch rate), the problem lies with how rare the pokemon you transfered (the rarer = more harder to find in the pa
  8. Finally beat Grandia III, it was fun beating the last boss with everyone having Crystal Wall on. The "I hate love" thing would work better with a humanoid than some interdimensional being (I started to call its grab move "Chaos Dimension" after Shuma's move). Also the ending seemed to have cut kinda quickly to the opening, was this supposed to happen or is there some kind of save that was supposed to happen so I can save and play a Bonus Dungeon?
  9. Finally got Hect PSPRP on all of her moves, time to go get Schmidty's Snow Plane. Some things to say about Grandia III that I don't think I have talked about yet: I wished I would have equipped The Gambler earlier, it has really been a help to me. Berserker and Legendary Thief are awsome skills (thanks to Legendary Thief, almost every monster now drops an item and barely any money). Berserker + Flash = Fun (+16 Air Combo). Berserker + Flash + The Gambler = Super Fun. Air Combos are fun. The select button is my best friend. Each member in my Pokémon Capture Team is at least Level
  10. Finally moved on with Grandia III again after getting 9 Lucky Books total and 4 Warp Boots. I have Hect now and I won't be moving with the game for a while until I get PSPRP for her moves as well (already have Armaggedon at PSPR). Didn't realize it until some time ago that my Pokémon Capture team does not have Cut, so I have to take out Shuckle for Sableye (Cut, Flash, Recover, Night Shade). I aslo made some move adjustments to the team, but I don't remember them at the moment.
  11. Heh, no problem. My relationship with Grandia III has now increased a lot since I made it feel like I was playing Xtreme again by letting everyone have the Legendary Thief Skill. Even if the monsters don't drop really nice items like they did in Xtreme (with weapons that range from +200 to +700), it does feel nice to have it (even though some of them aren't to useful like giving Ulf +0 Attack and +150 Magic since he has berserk and is mainly a physical attacker, but the +160 Attack for Alfina is nice). I am glad that I decided to go back to the save before beating Emelious and taking the
  12. What Leon Geeste said about Breath of Fire I & II is true and sadly funny . I liked Gobi and his ability to open that "shop" at the underwater town (a few good items appear when you do that, just wished I remember what - I think it was something that cost 20K and 60K). Fused Karn was crazy when I got him and did make the other members completely useless like Leon Geeste said. At least they gave some abilities to the other characters in II and the power to make them into something more powerful (Holy Knight Jean was a fun one to use). The fishing, the music, looking for rare items/monsters
  13. The HMs are there so that they can travel anywhere without bringing an extra Pokémon with me to travel to certain locations (and saves me time going in and out of the PC). I don't need Illuminate when I go out looking for them unless I need a lot of a certain kind (and I would go with Starmie with Illuminate since I can recover with it).
  14. With Diamond and Pearl coming out, I decided to finally start training my "Capture" team for probably anything out there. Decided to use these: Cradilly (Recover, Confuse Ray, Strength, Ancient Power) Suction Cups to help against Whirlwind/Roar. Exploud (Hyper Voice, Rock Smash, Rest, Astonish) Soundproof to help against Roar/Perish Song. Quagsire (Surf, Dive, Waterfall, Amnesia) Damp to help against Selfdestruct and Explosion. Zangoose (False Swipe, Double Team, Thief, Rest) False Swipe to 1 HP. Shuckle (Rest, Wrap, Double Team, Flash) Wall so I can throw some Balls. Crobat (Fly,
  15. No problem and have fun! Decided to go back to the save before I fought Emelious and went back to see if I missed some things (1 revival gem) and decided to extract the skills from the Luck Book. Used the skill to get 2 more Luck Books from "Big Red" and "Lucky O' Hare" and will probably go back to them after visiting other areas with my new found skill. Also, I might try to see what the Godkiller will do if I let it go all the way and when everybody has Crystal Wall up. During other times, I'll be trying to beat each game that the Angry Nintendo Nerd has reviewed.
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